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Virtual Security Lab Setup - OWASP Broken Web Apps, Webgoat, & ZAP

These slides provide instructions on how to setup a virtual security training lab that uses OWASP Broken Web Apps, OWASP WebGoat, and OWASP ZAP running on top of Virtual Box.

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Virtual Security Lab Setup - OWASP Broken Web Apps, Webgoat, & ZAP

  1. 1. Virtual Security Training Lab Setup OWASP BWA & OWASP ZAP ! Michael Coates @_mwc michael-coates.blogspot.com
  2. 2. Software • Vulnerable Server: OWASP’s Webgoat • Proxy Tool - OWASP’s ZAP (Zed Attack Proxy) • Browser • Virtual Machine: OWASP Broken Web App VM
  3. 3. Setup Virtual Environment Part 1: Setup Virtual Environment • Open Virtual Box & import OWASP BWA • Select “New”, Type “Linux”, Version “Ubuntu” • Memory Size: >512MB • Hard Drive: Use existing virtual hard drive file • Navigate to the downloaded OWASP BWA and select “OWASP Broken Web Apps-cl1.vmdk”
  4. 4. Setup Virtual Environment Click on the preferences for Virtual Box (not the settings of a VM) • Click on Network, click the tab “Host-only Networks” • Click the green plus • “vboxnet0” should now appear • Click on and exit this preference menu
  5. 5. Setup Virtual Environment Right click on OWASP-BWA in the left pane of the Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager App and select "Settings" (also available via menu Machine->Settings) • Go to Settings->Network->Adapter 1. • Make sure the checkmark for enabled is checked. • Change "Attached to:" from "NAT: to "HostOnly Adapter" ← This is important to ensure the vulnerable web application is isolated from any other devices. • Click OK
  6. 6. Start Up Virtual Machine • Right click on OWASP-BWA in the left pane of the Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager App and hit "Start" • The OWASP-BWA login page will provide the following message • You can access the web apps at (or whatever ip is displayed) • Note: You don't need to login or interact with the virtual machine after it is running. The webserver starts up when the virtual server is booted.
  7. 7. Test Connectivity to VM 1.Open Browser 2.Browse to your VM ip (listed in VM login page) • e.g. 3.Should see OWASP BWA welcome page 4.Error? Check ip address of VM
  8. 8. WebGoat • Click First Link - OWASP WebGoat version 5.3.x • Username / Password is guest / guest
  9. 9. Understanding the Proxy • Proxy is middle-man between browser and web server • Assists with traffic manipulation & inspection Attacker’s Browser Web Proxy Web Server
  10. 10. Understanding the Proxy Primary OS Browser Web Proxy Your Computer VM Web Server
  11. 11. Next Steps 1.Open ZAP - no changes needed 2.Configure Firefox to use proxy 3.Resend Request if browser 4.Confirm received by proxy 5.Forward to web server (vm)
  12. 12. Set Firefox Proxy • Set Firefox proxy to 8080 • Preferences 
 -> Advanced 
 -> Network 
 -> Settings • Set HTTP Proxy • Important - clear 
 “No Proxy for” line
  13. 13. ZAP Proxy - Default 8080 • ZAP - Configure to listen on 8080
  14. 14. Confirm Setup Works • Refresh Web Browser • Go to ZAP • See site in left-hand column
  15. 15. Intercepting Traffic • Add a “breakpoint” by right clicking on the page and choosing “Break...” ! ! ! ! • Refresh the webpage - it will hang • Modify the request as needed, then press the “Continue” button
  16. 16. “Hello World” of Proxies • Lesson: General->Http Basic • Objective: • Enter your name into text box • Intercept with proxy & change entered name to different value • Receive response & observe modified value is reversed Joe Sue euS Attacker’s euS Web Proxy Browser Web Server
  17. 17. Additional Information • http://code.google.com/p/zaproxy/wiki/ Introduction • https://www.owasp.org/index.php/ OWASP_Broken_Web_Applications_Project