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Usability and UXd for apps - by Bonolota UXd at Microsoft Bangladesh

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A quick talk about the significance of attention to details; for mobile application development. Inspired by Steve Jobs' one of the principles.

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Usability and UXd for apps - by Bonolota UXd at Microsoft Bangladesh

  1. 1. Usability and UXd for Apps Masrur Hannan and Shadman Rahman, Bonolota UX Designs.
  2. 2. We DESIGN Natural and FUN Experiences for USERS
  3. 3. Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected. said who?
  4. 4. Steve Jobs. As Apple CEO, he cared about a shade of yellow on a Sunday!
  5. 5. what’s does that mean? attention to DETAIL?
  6. 6. examples ? well, instead let’s try some comparisons? !
  7. 7. The Clock.
  8. 8. iPhone clock.
  9. 9. iPhone Calenda r.
  10. 10. android calendar .
  11. 11. Windows 8 phone.
  12. 12. Now … Let’s talk some User Experience DESIGN (UXd).
  13. 13. UI is NOT UX. http://www.helloerik.com/ux-is-not-ui
  14. 14. What is UX, Usability and User Experience Design (UXd)?
  15. 15. * Research * Information design * Prototyping * Heuristic evaluation * Iterative development * User testing * Post-launch yadayada(?) processes of designing “Natural and FUN” Experiences for Users…
  16. 16. Usability and UXd for Mobile Apps.
  17. 17. As few features as possible. limit the features!
  18. 18. Small Screen – Bigger touch targets. click/ press in small screen
  19. 19. Easy to READ. what good is a telephone, if you cannot speak Mr. Anderson?
  20. 20. Easy Interactions so, Mr. Anderson?
  21. 21. Thanks :) Q&A www.Bonolota.com (work in progress) www.fb.com/bonolota