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Are you ready for an EcoSmart Home?

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Are you ready to take #ClimateAction and build a homes that use 10X less energy. The EcoSmart recipe gets us to #NetZero and provides a good Return on Investment!

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Are you ready for an EcoSmart Home?

  1. 1. Are you ready for an EcoSmart Home?
  2. 2. Why EcoSmart?  Committed to building planet friendly NetZero ready homes that are cost competitive.  Like to design attractive unique homes that have a WOW factor and good resale value  We are trustworthy, efficient and deliver on our promises
  3. 3. Why NetZero? There is no Planet B, we need to reduce energy use in buildings by a Factor of 10 to sustain life on this planet. Rob Dumont
  4. 4. The EcoSmart Home Building Recipe was developed by Rob Dumont a building scientist and friend who was a leader in developing practical high performance (Factor 10) residential construction techniques.
  5. 5. The Recipe works as demonstrated on these NetZero targeted homes! Paulo & Adriana Kent &Darcy Murray & Joanne Taylor & Orishia Michael & Joanne
  6. 6. Start with the Right Design • Develop best practice designs • Build on land with good solar access • Build with long side facing east and west
  7. 7. • Build a tight building envelope to minimize leakage • Insulate to high levels: R40 Walls, R80 Roof & R30 Basement slab. • Choose good quality windows and build with mass to limit temperature swings Build for Efficiency & Comfort
  8. 8. • High efficiency lighting & appliances . • Low flow toilets and showers for water efficiency. • Implement temperature setback phantom load & unoccupied mode strategies. Select efficient equipment, systems and strategies
  9. 9. Are PV Panels the right investment for you today or in the future? • 6 kw PV Systems, Current cost is $18,000 • Generates 10 Mwh/yr in Saskatoon • Revenue is $1600 per year @ $0.16 kwh • Simple Payback is 11.25 yrs.
  10. 10. Connect with us @ www.eco-smart.ca