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How to use ux thinking to generate meaningful marketing insights v0101d

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The most stellar B2B companies offer a personalised, mobile-first user experience that’s built upon an integrated, automated and insightful tech-stack. Beginning with the end in mind and through UX thinking, Danny from Cyber-Duck, the leading digital transformation agency explores how marketers can use service design generate data driven products and insights that improve the customer experience (CX) whilst leverage new tech like AI, automation and personalisation.

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How to use ux thinking to generate meaningful marketing insights v0101d

  1. 1. Talk for B2B Ignite, Tuesday 9 July 2019 | Insights stream HOW TO USE UX THINKING TO GENERATE MEANINGFUL MARKETING INSIGHTS
  2. 2. 1. How is data impacting us? 2. Should we be completely data driven? 3. How does UX help us? 4. What innovative tech is out there? @danny_bluestone QUESTIONS WE WILL ANSWER
  3. 3. About me Introduction Methodology Service design Innovation Conclusion @danny_bluestone OUR TALK TODAY
  4. 4. HELLO. I AM DANNY. @danny_bluestone
  5. 5. A digital agency focused on digital transformation through UX and technology @danny_bluestone
  6. 6. We deliver digital transformation powered by user-centred design and creative web technology Our accredited approach delivers brand, websites, systems and campaigns that perform for your business. We become an extension of your team – that’s our promise. ISO accredited approach to UCD, quality & security 14 YEARS creative, technical & branding experience 50+ talented UX, design & marketing experts TOP 5 agency for client
 satisfaction in the UK
  7. 7. @danny_bluestone INTRODUCTION
  8. 8. Data meltdowns can equal death When migrating data or developing new platforms, data is your oil. Don’t let it flow incorrectly or spill. @danny_bluestone
  9. 9. The top reason startups fail is down to not understanding their market well enough @danny_bluestone Out of 20 reasons according to CBI Insights
  10. 10. Unlike oil, data is infinite @danny_bluestone
  11. 11. https://www.visualcapitalist.com/how-much-data-is-generated-each-day/
  12. 12. @danny_bluestone Data is not just an output, it is the product and service.
  13. 13. @danny_bluestone Data as input Too much data causes analysis paralysis
  14. 14. @danny_bluestone Data as output Incorrect data design will kill products and services
  15. 15. @danny_bluestone The winners will use data not only for insights but will build better products
  16. 16. @danny_bluestone METHODOLOGY
  17. 17. @danny_bluestone WHERE DO WE START MARKETING Strategy, analytics and optimisation BRAND STRATEGY Vision and platform development TECHNOLOGY Progressive web applications and system development PROCESS Project management and agile operations USER CENTRED DESIGN User experience research, architecture and design CULTURE People focused performance DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION
  18. 18. @danny_bluestone QUANTITATIVE DATA VS QUALITATIVE DATA The why or how. Can lack a holistic view. The who, what, and where. Impersonal. QUANTITATIVE QUALITATIVE INSIGHTS
  19. 19. @danny_bluestone DATA INFORMED DESIGN Analyse data UCD checking Source / qualify data Cleanse / structure INSIGHTS Business requirements1 2 3 4 5
  20. 20. @danny_bluestone SERVICE DESIGN
  21. 21. Service design is the process of defining the UX, process, back-end, the technology integrations, data insight plan and even who does what and when @danny_bluestone
  22. 22. Scenarios focus on common outcomes Personas are important but scenarios move us beyond the psychographics to activities, stories and tasks @danny_bluestone
  23. 23. @danny_bluestone Home owner M&A Engineer Energy consultant Property developer SME
 Installer ArchitectSupply chain manager HVAC
  24. 24. Blueprints are the gateway to design They map out the user and data journey over all business dependencies, operations and system @danny_bluestone
  25. 25. @danny_bluestone SERVICE DESIGN BLUEPRINTS SUPPORT PROCESS BACK- OFFICE STAFF BRAND FRONT-END USER ACTIONS DATA User Google’s Chiller or AC products User interacts with featured snippet User arrives at product page User attends trade show but forgets brands User interacts with widget and requests more info User is greeted and scanned Optimised FAQ answer appears Optimised content served following snippet Content team analyses and produces snippets A cookie is generated and tagged on GTM. Also tagged on CRM system. A cookie is generated and tagged on GTM Sales analyse opportunity once a week Trade show API sends user ID to CRM End of trade show report generated with follow- ups The team analyses the ongoing performance of FAQs New business case generated on CRM and tagged onto user ID PRODUCT ENQUIRY PURCHASING SUPPORT Automated reminder appears to the user User is presented with bot on second log-in User receives invite to webinar User clicks on email and goes to personalised page User interacts with bot and asks about a webinar
  26. 26. @danny_bluestone INNOVATION
  27. 27. A common AI design mistake focuses on utilising the available data rather than determining what data the system and users actually need @danny_bluestone
  28. 28. Follow three rules for successful AI 1. Logic - AI depends, just like human brains, on combining observation, data, memory, creativity, motor coordination, judgement and wisdom. 2. Ethics - Human supervision of machines and machine supervision of humans. 3. Rules - AI needs to work with rules, like cars need the highway code and motor laws. @danny_bluestone
  29. 29. @danny_bluestone EXAMPLE OF AI
  30. 30. Marketing automation enables identification, scoring, personalisation, targeting and streamlining of interactions to deliver a frequent and tailored user experience @danny_bluestone
  31. 31. @danny_bluestone AUTOMATION WORKFLOW FOR A MEETUP Remind: user about upcoming event User attends event, drop-down in SS User signs up for event Confirm: event tickets and share logistics information Remind: user about upcoming event ‘Sorry we missed you’ with slides and further event information ‘Thanks for coming’ with slides and CTA to rate event One week before One day before One week Newsletter subscription Introduce CD and sell related service with case study CTA User misses event, drop-down in SS Newsletter subscription Introduce CD and sell related service with case study CTA User clicks link User does not click Data removed Email User action Time CD action
  32. 32. 4 principles for marketing automation 1. Identify - You need an email address, CRM entry or unique ID from the start 2. Insights - Learning through data is going to be key 3. Content - The strength of your workflow is only as good as your content 4. Personalisation - Automation works hand-in-glove with personalisation @danny_bluestone
  33. 33. @danny_bluestone PERSONALISE THE DATA EXPERIENCE
  34. 34. @danny_bluestone CONCLUSION
  35. 35. 1. See data as the future of your product / service 2. Qualitative research compliments your data strategy 3. Service design blueprints underpin the CX approach 4. Build scenarios around your personas 5. Use principles for automation, personalisation and AI @danny_bluestone CONCLUSION
  36. 36. ARKETING gy, analytics and optimisation BRAND STRATEGY TECHNOLOGY PROCESS Project manageme agile operatio USER CENTRED DESIGN User experience research, architecture and design CULTURE People focused performance DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION DANNY BLUESTONE // CEO & FOUNDER // CYBER DUCK THANK YOU