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WAA Finland goes to Sanoma

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Presentation by Petri Mertanen, WAA Finland.

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WAA Finland goes to Sanoma

  1. 2. WAA Finland goes to Sanoma Helsinki 30th March 2011   Presented By: Web Analytics Association Finland chair Sponsored By: Sanoma, Frantic, Snoobi
  2. 3. Question Behavioral Display Advertising is when a visitor sees ads on a website based on their behaviour on other 3rd party websites. Behavioral Display Advertising doesn't appear to break any element of the WAA Code of Ethics but is it an ethical technique? Do you find this smart business practice or a bit creepy? Should it be named as an unethical practice by the WAA? Vote with your mobile phone at: http://waa.infomail.fi
  3. 4. Twitter Hashtag regarding to behavior display advertising: #flashwaw Hashtags for web analytics and web analytics wednesday: #waw #measure Please send us feedback, comments & questions!
  4. 5. Agenda 17.00-17.30 Registration and welcome words 17.30-18.00 Building Sanoma’s Behavioural Targeting Solution: Behind the Scenes Anders Stenbäck, Head of Online Business Development, Sanoma News 18.00-18.30 Break including some snacks 18.30-19.00 Data and context Michael Dlugosch, Analytics Strategist, Frantic Media 19.00-19.30 Making sales and marketing tools smarter with web analytics Pekka Koskinen, Founder, Snoobi Oy 19.30- Drinks and networking at Sports Pub Chelsea
  5. 6. Interested about WAA? Want to ask about membership? Are you interested in working for WAA Finland board of directors? Follow @mertanen Or send email to petri@waafinland.org
  6. 7. Thank you! www.webanalyticsassociation.org