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Building Enterprise Products - For Moving Targets of Customer Needs and Outcomes

Building new product is an exciting phase in the career of every Product Manager and each Product Manager would yearn for an opportunity to conceptualize, build and launch new products. The primary goal of every product manager is to ensure the commercial success of new product. Yet, only 50% of new products succeed [1]. New product development is definitely a challenge and Product Manager falters somewhere during the course of building new product. In order to provide some guidance to build new products, I decided to drop my experiences of building new product. Please note that some of the information listed as part of this guide may be biased because of my experiences of building and sustaining B2B HW product of an existing product line.
The primary reason for drafting the guide is to streamline my experiences of building a new product and share actionable points as part of the guide. I have learned about Product Management by reading books, blogs, articles etc and primarily through my role as a Product Manager. The guide is a way of giving back to my fraternity and sharing my experiences. I would be deeply humbled if someone finds the guide helpful and I am open to comments to make it better. The information shared in this guide is already available in my blog @ www.ProductGuy.in. I appreciate if you could visit my blog and drop your thoughts/comments.

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Building Enterprise Products - For Moving Targets of Customer Needs and Outcomes

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