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Pitch Like a Pro: Learn to Pitch Startup Ideas to the World

  1. Pitch Like a Pro Melissa Sassi Chief Penguin Entrepreneur & Student Experience, IBMZ CEO & Founder, MentorNations CEO & Founder, XTP Hustle @mentorafrika
  2. Melissa Sassi Chief Penguin @mentorafrika Today's Speaker
  3. Use it with EVEYONE You'll use it during face-to-face meetings, online, and with potential investors, customers, partners, and co- founders. Share the ingredients to your secret sauce You'll use it as a brief presentation to give your audience insight into your business. Make it engaging You'll use it as a visual prompt to pitch your business. DECK
  4. Problem Statement What's the big, wicked problem you're trying to solve?
  5. Include data Make sure it's measurable by throwing out some stats to demonstrate the size of the problem in percentages, numbers, or financials. Be concise. Be concise and specific, and ensure you are only demonstrating one problem at a time. Make people understand easily. Persuade & influence your audience Tie it to a real person or scenario to demonstrate the impact it has on the community or the world.
  6. 01 03 05 02 04 WHAT? What's the problem exactly? WHERE? Where exactly does the problem exist? HOW? How exactly does this problem impact others? WHO? Who exactly has the problem? WHEN? When exactly does the problem come to life? Do this in one or two sentences
  7. Base Everything off Solid Evidence To demonstrate your problem, you need solid evidence that one exists. Be Data- Driven Remember the Source of the Data Always check the source of the data to avoid getting caught up in conspiracy. Reputable, Credible & Reliable Data Make sure you leverage solid data that's reliable, credible, and reputable. Don't Get Caught up in Fake News Do not get caught up in media misinformation or disinformation.
  8. Motivation Do you have a personal story that connects you to this problem? Now is your time to emotionally connect your audience to the problem and why your team is THE ONLY TEAM to solve it.
  9. The Team Different Backgrounds Countries, languages, ethnicities Different Levels of Experience Youth, juniors, managers, executives, seniors Different Genders Male, female, nonconforming Different Abilities Inclusion of people with disabilities (better known as different abilities)
  10. What's your management structure? What are the key roles and responsibilities of your team? Have anyshort bios? What about your advisory board? Inclusivity is Key Be reflective of your customer demographics
  11. Product or Service Introduce your solution and your company as THE ONLY ONE to solve the problem.
  12. Showcase your tech chops Know your audience and do not get into too much technical depth if you are with tech newbies. Be prepared to dive into your architectural diagram and your tech roadmap. Do not forget the importance of regulations, data protection, privacy, and security. Focus on the 1st 6-12 Months Describe your solution, product, and/or services with specific details, but do not get into the weeds too much and lose your audience. Demonstrate the unique features and benefits of your secret sauce. Highlight what's coming in V2. If you are at idea stage, talk about your road to MVP. If you are already at GA, talk about what's coming next.
  13. Feel the Product Give people an opportunity to feel and see your product. Add pictures, do a quick demo if you have time, or add a video.
  14. Product Market Fit Tie your solution to the problem statement and ensure there is true product-market fit. Does your solution ACTUALLY solve the problem and are people ready for your solution?
  15. Competition What other solutions exist?
  16. Indirect Competitors Direct Competitors
  17. Competitive Insights How will you approach each of these and your competitors? How will your approach vary? Competitive Landscape Don't forget that competitors can also be partners. Competitive Insights How did they fail or what are they missing? Where are they succeeding? Competitive Advantage How is your solution a better product-market fit for your audience?
  18. Incorporate Design Thinking If you aren't a design thinking practitioner, become one. Be audience centered in all you do. Understand them, talk to them, know them, empathize with them. Create Buyer Personas for Each of your Target Markets How does your solution address their wants, needs, aspirations, and frustrations
  19. Showcase the Market Size & Bring your Customer to Live What's the total available market, serviceable market, and serviceable obtainable market while highlighting who your customer is exactly. Demographics Tell us about your customer! Geography(ies) Where are you focused? Deals in Place Do you have deals in place already? Tell us! Customer Testimonials Already have paying customers. Get some quotes. Add a picture or video.
  20. Be specific. Not all marketing tactics will be relevant for your audience. Include your approach and your strategy for each tactic. Marketing Tactics How will you reach your customers?
  21. Social Media Influencers Word of Mouth Print Events Affiliates Ads Email Marketing Tactics
  22. Describe how you are pricing your solution. Include one time and recurring costs. Include your revenue stream, both primary and secondary. Outline your ongoing costs. Business Model How are you going to make money? Showcase your revenue model using a graph that includes sales, income, and growth projections. Be realistic!
  23. Investment What do you need to get started or move to the next level? Are you ready if somone writes you a check today? Where do you think you can get funding? Don't be afraid to go big, yet be realisitc.
  24. Step 1 Q4 2020 Step 4 Q3 2021 Step 3 Q2 2021 Step 2 Q1 2021 Future Roadmap Think 6-12 months out. Only include key milestones but think about everything step-by-ste- behind the scenes. Prioritize. You cannot solve everything with V1. Do not try to do too much at once or you will spin and never create anything.
  25. Captivate your audience with your close. People remember how you start and end. Reemphasize your key points. Summarize your pitch consicely and in one minute. Open the floor for questions.
  26. Melissa Sassi Chief Penguin @mentorafrika Now, go off & rock your pitch!