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Application Lifecycle Transformation...a DevOps Discussion - By David Miller Director, Cloud Mobile Application Management Services at IBM

  1. ...a DevOps discussion June 15, 2015 Application Lifecycle Transformation
  2. IBM Confidential2 DevOps is the continuous delivery of software-driven innovation Speed: need more frequent releases and functionality refreshed Quality: brand being represented and evaluated constantly Cost: on-going focus, but delivered as a by- product DevOps: §  Addresses all aspects of the Software Delivery Lifecycle §  Does not equal Cloud/Tools, but frequently leverages cloud technology enablers §  Has become a strategic imperative largely due to the fundamentally different SDLC process requirements needed to support Systems of Engagement Continuous Customer Feedback & Optimization Collaborative Development Continuous Release and Deployment Continuous Monitoring Continuous Business Planning Continuous Testing Operate Develop/ Test Deploy Steer DevOps Continuous Feedback People Process Technology
  3. IBM Confidential3 There are 12 key practices that organizations leverage for transformation Planning & Measurement Development & Test Release & Deploy Monitor & Optimize Small Batch Size Agile Development Standardized Platform & Process (Near) Real Time Feedback Loop Dedicated Cross Functional Teams Continuous Integration Automated Environment Provisioning Loose Architecture Coupling Between Applications (APIs) Continuous Planning Test Automation Automated Release & Deploy Quality and Time Metrics DevOps Capability Model
  4. DevOps Application Delivery Pipeline 4
  5. Hybrid DevOps Architecture 5
  6. Idea/Feature/Bug Fix/ Enhancement Production Development Build QA SIT UAT Prod PPM Requirements/ Analyst Developer Customers LOB Build Engineer QA Team Integration Tester User/Tester Operations Deployment Engineer Release Management Deploy Get Feedback Feedback Customer or Customer Surrogate Tasks Artifacts Getting started: map the current software delivery lifecycle to help identify bottlenecks/best entry points for DevOps adoption based on ROI Bottlenecks 6
  7. 7
  8. Selection – Cloud workload analysis helps banks determine cloudable functions and processes High-level representative view of banking functions and processes Bank provides the following inputs §  Servers and Operating systems §  Location distribution §  Overall storage §  Non functional requirements (NFR) §  Application and workload data §  Current costs Cloud service provider can provide the following inputs §  Target cloud configuration §  Target cloud NFR §  Historical data §  Target cloud cost Input/output, disk and utilization mapping NFRs examination Migration difficulty Operating system and software compatibility Cloud workload analysis Strategy & Insight Front office and Channel Management Brand & Product Management Processing / Back office Risk & Financial Management Support Services 8
  9. Strategy & Insight Strategy & Governance Business Strategy & Resource Planning Business & IT Architecture Acquisition & Alliance Planning Strategic Change Governance Public Relations Market Insight Market Research Segment Analysis Customer Insight Customer Analysis & Models Customer Profile Contact / Event History Risk & Financial Management Risk Risk Portfolio Management Lending Policy & Planning Asset / Liability Policy & Planning Compliance Audit/QA/Legal Business Policies & Procedures Finance Financial Control & Consolidation Performance Management & Reporting Finance Policies Fixed Asset Register Accounting / GL Treasury Front office and Channel Management Management Relationship Oversight & Management Channel Operations Distribution Planning Distribution Performance Management Sales & Servicing Customer Information Management Routing & Tracking Sales Servicing Transaction Capture Services Distribution Support Deal Structuring (Securitization / Syndication) Trading Corresponde nt Banking Customer Probity Check Brand & Product Management Marketing Brand & Segment Management Proposition Development Campaign Management Campaign Execution Product Factory Product Development Channel Planning & Development Product Catalogue Product Operations Planning & Development Processing / Back office Common Transactions Specific Application Processing Statements & Correspondence Market Info Document Management Product Accounting Ops Mgmnt Customer Fulfilment Underlying Asset Procurement & Management Complaint & Exception Handling Customer Maint Collections & recovery Transaction Execution Reconciliation Transaction Authorization Cheque Processing Payments Cash Inventory Billing Fraud / AML Detection Card Processing Custody & Other specific processingMerchant Operations Trade Finance specific Processing Treasury back office Clearing & Settlement Cash Managmnt Support Services Systems Development & Operations Helpdesk Services Human Resource Management Facilities Operation & Maintenance Procurement Prioritization – A cloud readiness assessment shows 35% of existing workloads can be moved to cloud More ready for cloud May be ready for cloud Not ready for cloud NOTE: The above is a representative example only