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Really Want Someone's Attention? Buy It From Them

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AdWallet is a disruptive new digital media network that enables consumers to finally become direct participants in the high-stakes value exchange for their verified attention to a brand or service.

AdWallet enables advertisers to circumvent publishing and instead buy a targeted consumer's attention directly from the consumer personally. For consumers, this new process instantly turns the act of receiving an ad from an unwanted interruption -- into a welcomed opportunity.

By enabling a true partnership between a brand and its customer, AdWallet is able to deliver a wide range of KPI’s as CPA’s previously thought not possible. After two years of beta testing AdWallet in select areas, the system is preparing to launch Nationwide in 2020.

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Really Want Someone's Attention? Buy It From Them

  1. 1. “Google Digital Analytics 2019“ GO COMPLETELY UNSEEN. 50% OF ALL ADS 3
  2. 2. $65 BILLION “Google Digital Analytics 2019“4 A YEAR.
  3. 3. We all struggle with “ad-avoidance”.
  4. 4. Cord Cutting Ad Blocking Bots/Fraud 61MM homes (59%) “cut-the-cord”. “Cord-Cutting Keeps Churning: U.S. Pay-TV Cancelers to Hit 33 Million” (Study) Variety, Jan , 18 2018 47% of internet users employ “ad-blocking” ““Global Ad-Blocking Behaviors in 2019” Digital Information World 4/1/19 $19-billion lost in 2018 to ad-fraud “Digital AdFraud 2019” eMarketer 2/6/2019 “Ad Avoidance” is Pervasive and Increasing 6
  5. 5. Wait? Do you mean PAY people to watch ads?!
  6. 6. How do you effectively reward someone for their verified attention? (Without making it a game.)
  7. 7. What if an ad wasn’t an interruption, but an invite?
  8. 8. Ad Wallet welcome screenMembers download the AdWallet app or connect via the web.
  9. 9. Ad Wallet welcome screen They create a 150-point personal profile.
  10. 10. Ad Wallet welcome screen They are sent a text notification when there’s an ad to view.
  11. 11. A link within a text message opens the member’s AdWallet. They have 3 days to view the targeted ad.
  12. 12. The member watches the 45< second commercial.
  13. 13. The member must correctly answer a question at the end to VERIFY comprehension of the message.
  14. 14. The member is asked to “rate” the ad.
  15. 15. The member is asked to define their intent to engage further with the brand.
  16. 16. The member is asked if they’d like to download an offer from the advertiser.
  17. 17. The member can be given the opportunity to share the ad on their social media channels. Would you like to share this ad?
  18. 18. In-Room Purchases Love this! (They also have the best breakfasts!) Get the Choice Hotels App for the best deals Once shared, the ad appears in the member’s social feed as a third-party endorsement of the brand.
  19. 19. The member has the option to reveal their (verified) email to the advertiser for additional funds.
  20. 20. Members can be prompted to take an additional 18 question brand survey for additional funds in their AdWallet.
  21. 21. In-Room Purchases X The downloaded offer remains in the member’s AdWallet until they can engage with it.
  22. 22. In-Room Purchases The member is automatically redirected to your website.
  23. 23. Once the member earns $10, they can “cash out” in a variety of ways.
  24. 24. What happens when you reward your customer, for their attention? Rather than rewarding a publisher for running an ad? 29
  25. 25. Cost Per Click $1 - $50 • A targeted member views 1:00 video • Proves comprehension of content • Rates the ad for likability • Identifies their intent to purchase • Shares the ad on their social media • Downloads an exclusive offer from
 the advertiser that can be redeemed 
 online or in-store • Shares their verified email with 
 the advertiser • Completes an 18 question survey • Visits the advertiser’s website Cost Per Engagement $1 - $3 30 Reward the Publisher Reward the Consumer • A targeted consumer visits the website.
  26. 26. 1st Party Data Targeting 100% Viewed Thru 100% Comprehension AdWallet Provides Unmatched Brand Engagement 31 3rd Party Data Targeting 100% Intent Capture 8-15% Viewed Thru 0% Comprehension 0% Intent Capture Industry Avg.
  27. 27. 39% Share to Social AdWallet Provides Unmatched Brand Engagement 32 N/A 7% Survey Completion 34% Emails Shared 98% Survey Completion Industry 92% ClickThru Rate 1% ClickThru Rate N/A
  28. 28. AD TITLE: ABQ Democracy Dollars: A Democracy for Everyone! BUDGET: $ 2,500.00 RUN DATES: 10/28/2019-11/04/2019 IO#: C1510 CAMPAIGN RESULTS & INSIGHTS CONTENT FAVORABLITY 37.01% 44.37% 18.62% UNIQUE CONSUMERS BRAND ENGAGEMENTS* OFFER DOWNLOADS CLICKS TO WEBSITE EMAIL LEADS GENERATED 1,743 10,162 625 1,144 733 $ 0.26 CPEngagement 36% Downloaded 66% Clicked 42% Provided Email $ 4.21 CPDownload $ 2.30 CPClick $ 3.59 CPLead 30 DAYS 60 DAYS 90 DAYS 90+ DAYS NEVER CONSUMERS WHO INTEND TO PURCHASE AND/OR ENGAGE 761 114 77 186 593 You have the ability to retarget the audience for up to 60 days. Contact your AdWallet Sales Representative for more information or email your campaign’s IO# to retarget@adwallet.com
  29. 29. 34 Brands Trusting AdWallet
  30. 30. Advertisers buy credits on AdWallet. Credits are then spent as each customer engages. AdWallet profits from credits (50%-66%), and allocates remaining funds for members. Members are paid per engagement and push their funds to a variety of payment options. 35 How Do You Use AdWallet?
  31. 31. Research •Brand/Product Surveys •Consumer Polls 36 Lead Generation •Email Capture Ad Engagements • Long Format Video • Social Media Shares • Impression Magnification • Creative A/B Testing Attribution • Online Sales • Loyalty Programs • Form Fills • Contest Entries What Do You Use it For?
  32. 32. Scaling AdWallet Scale all over the US 2020 Brand/Agency Syndicate
  33. 33. Free Trial $10,000/per brand
  34. 34. $100,000/match per brand 2020
  35. 35. 40 Advertising
  36. 36. Member earns $.50/$2.25 per verified engagement with your brand.