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Presentation: The Past, Present and Future of Mobile for CPG Marketers

There are a myriad of ways CPG marketers are using mobile to varying degrees of success. Speaking about Hillshire, and other CPGs, we will explore both the evolving role of mobile and the move toward the future state. What is driving the slow adoption of mobile in this category? What is the roadmap for the future of the channel within the context of CPG and Hillshire marketing?

David Ervin, Director, Integrated Marketing, Hillshire Farms
Liz Ross, President, BPN North America

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Presentation: The Past, Present and Future of Mobile for CPG Marketers

  1. 1. The Past Present and Future of Mobile for CPG
  2. 2. Managing Risk
  3. 3. “In this very real world, good doesn't drive out evil. Evil doesn't drive out good. But the energetic displaces the passive.” -Bill Bernbach
  4. 4. The Past Scale + Mass Message = Success
  5. 5. The Present Scale + Mass Message = Success
  6. 6. 89% of grocery shoppers use their smartphone to help them make decisions in store
  7. 7. The App-o-sphere ⌃ ⌃
  8. 8. Location is king
  9. 9. Geo-Fencing
  10. 10. Great Opportunity means Great Responsibility
  11. 11. Mobile is the most HUMAN of all media.
  12. 12. Innovation is everything • Rethink what is conventional • Take calculated risks • Relevance is critically important • Every technology has value – QSR to NFC – Euclid – Everything in between… 14