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Deltares flyer

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Deltares flyer

  1. 1. A Dutch independent research institute for water, soil and subsurface issues Deltares supplies state-of-the-art consultancy and expertise about water, soil and the subsurface. We are a leader in the development, diffusion and application of knowledge for the sustainable planning and management of vulnerable deltas, coastal areas and river basins. Our professionals engage in practical research and Where a lot of people live, levels of development and provide specialist advice – in the Netherlands and activity are intense, and the infrastructure network throughout the world – for clients who want the latest becomes intricate. Safety, transport, nature and living developments to be implemented in practice. We are combined in densely-populated delta areas. So advise governments and other clients in the search for managing the delta is a complex business. In this solutions that are rooted in society as a whole. dynamic environment, achieving a sound balance We develop knowledge in partnerships with universities, between the various interests is a major technological other knowledge institutions and the business sector, feat. Before we can put technological solutions into not only in government research programmes but also place, we need to look at societal considerations, in contract research. Deltares has 900 employees, and taking into account all the spatial, economic it is based in Delft and Utrecht. and administrative consequences of the use and management of water and soil. Throughout the world, more and more people are settling in opportunity-rich, but vulnerable, deltas, coastal areas and river basins. Delta areas have major economic potential because of their strategic location close to the sea and waterways. The ground is fertile and rich in minerals and raw materials. But these low- lying areas are also vulnerable. That vulnerability is being spotlighted because of rising sea levels, extreme river levels, subsiding soft soils, and increasing pressure on space and the environment. ‘Enabling Delta Life’ Climate change, subsidence, population expansion and environmental pressure mean that traditional solutions are no longer adequate. The intensification of pressure on scarce space is forcing people to move out increasingly to areas that are less suitable as places to live. At the same time, society as a whole is granting higher priority to the quality of the living environment. We all want safe, clean and sustainable places to live, locations that are easily accessible, where we can live pleasantly, protected from the effects of the climate.
  2. 2. The Dutch know how to make the most of the available look not only at rivers in isolation but at complete river space in low-lying areas with soft soils and, at the same systems. time, how to provide protection against the dangers of Questions about water and the subsurface involve not the water. Their knowledge and experience make Dutch only technological issues, but also natural processes, experts very much in demand, both at home and far spatial planning and administrative/legal processes. beyond their own borders. We apply the knowledge about those processes in There is increasing global demand for that expertise. integrated ways. Sophisticated combinations of Deltares provides innovative solutions that make living measures result in more sustainable, liveable, and and working in deltas, coastal areas and river basins often more economic solutions. We call this integrated safe, clean and sustainable, putting into practice our approach ‘delta technology’. strategic principle: ‘Enabling Delta Life’. Widely applicable specialist consultancy and Delta technology research The Netherlands has the knowledge and the resources Deltares stands for a good balance between specialist needed to tackle these issues in a new, integrated consultancy and applied research at both the national way. Water and the subsurface in deltas cannot be and international levels. Water and subsurface issues viewed separately. Extreme fluctuations in water levels, are global issues. However, climate, social structures, subsidence and rising sea levels require us to focus ecosystems, land use and the subsurface can be very more on management and safety. We tackle safety different from the Netherlands. International activities issues by assessing risks in advance, using models and give Deltares the opportunity to extend and deepen its other research methods. And to reduce uncertainty, we knowledge, keeping our work at the cutting edge. Deltares is the Dutch institute for national and international water, soil and subsurface issues Deltares expertise: Urban water management Integrated coastal zone management Integrated water resources management Climate change Flood risk analysis and flood risk management Operational warning and management systems Water and soil quality Flood risk engineering and management Hydraulic engineering Offshore info@deltares.nl Intake and outfall systems www.deltares.nl Spatial planning and ecology Linear infrastructure Innovation management Strategic studies 2009/05