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Margot Bloomstein
Congres Web Redactie
November 20, 2014
Social media is an opportunity.
But tools merely empower a
Sorry, Marshall
Medium transmits
demands it, too.
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Gnothi sauton
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Know thyself.
We invest in knowing our users,
but how well do we know our
own brands?
If you don’t know what
you need to communicate,
how will you know if you succeed?
How do you know where to put
resources, ...
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First things first.
Why blog, conduct a content audit, add
video testimonials, Tweet, Instagra...
Tools enable how
we conceive ideas,
perceive our world,
and see ourselves
You cannot not
Paul Watzlawick
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What is content strategy?
Planning for the creation, delivery, and governance
of useful, usab...
If you don’t know what
you need to communicate,
how will you know if you succeed?
How will you know where to invest
your t...
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Steps along the way…
Message architecture
Content audit/inventory
Content model
Editorial sty...
@mbloomstein | #congrescm 14
What’s a message architecture?
A hierarchy of communication goals
that reflects a common voca...
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A little thing with big impact.
How could we prove this is a car not
like anything else out there? It’s a small
car, but it’s premium. You get a Porsche
@mbloomstein | #congrescm 17
A little thing with big impact.
@mbloomstein | #congrescm 18
Message architecture
Premium technology
• Assertive; ready to perform as a driver’s car
• Pro...
@mbloomstein | #congrescm 19
What did the content need to do?
• Offer fast, easy access
• Encourage personalization
• Conv...
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@mbloomstein | #congrescm 21
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If these emails are boring you
and you don’t mind missing out
on all the lip-smackin’ stuff
@mbloomstein | #congrescm 25
Message architecture drives a
consistent user experience
@mbloomstein | #congrescm 26
Photographic angles
Dark backgrounds
Bold headlines
Thick stroke weights
…and design
@mbloomstein | #congrescm 27
Nomenclature and labels
Content types and media
Content elements
Calls to action and instruct...
@mbloomstein | #congrescm 28
Not all channels are right for all goals.
Academic and serious?
• Annual reports
• Articles o...
@mbloomstein | #congrescm 29
Not all channels are right for all goals.
Fun and engaging?
• Annual reports
• Articles on yo...
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@mbloomstein | #congrescm 31
• Lindt embodies quality, in product, marketing, & company interactions
• Approachabl...
@mbloomstein | #congrescm 32
Message architecture drives a
consistent user experience, visually
and verbally.
@mbloomstein | #congrescm 33
@mbloomstein | #congrescm 34
Lush layout and elegant typography
• Spread-to-spread sightlines and flow
• Wider borders
• L...
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@mbloomstein | #congrescm 36
Imagery of individual impact
• People engaged with product and offsite
community service—not ...
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@mbloomstein | #congrescm 38
Accessible, informative copy
• First-person plural
• Frequent rhetorical asides
• Shorter sen...
@mbloomstein | #congrescm 39
@mbloomstein | #congrescm 40
Content types
Content model &
Editorial style
@mbloomstein | #congrescm 41
Editorial calendar:
Schedule topics to manifest
the message architecture
@mbloomstein | #congrescm 42
What are our goals in getting there?
• Engage in a tangible, hands-on way
• Encourage debate ...
@mbloomstein | #congrescm 43
@mbloomstein | #congrescm 44
• Who we are
• Who we’re not
• Who we’d like to be
Go with your gut!
~20 minutes
Step 1
@mbloomstein | #congrescm 45
Who we are  Who we’d like to be
Be aspirational. What needs to change?
Step 2
@mbloomstein | #congrescm 46
• Form groups: what goes together?
• Prioritize the goals or groups
• Tell the story of those...
@mbloomstein | #congrescm 47
Words are valuable,
but meaningless without
context and priority.
@mbloomstein | #congrescm 48
Casual, but not
@mbloomstein | #congrescm 49
Streamlined but
@mbloomstein | #congrescm 50
Traditional, but
@mbloomstein | #congrescm 51
@mbloomstein | #congrescm 52
Why do this?
• Gain standards by which to conduct a qualitative
audit. What is “good” anyway?...
@mbloomstein | #congrescm 53
But first things first:
What are you trying to communicate?
What content do you have and what...
@mbloomstein | #congrescm 54
Thank you.
Margot Bloomstein
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A little thing with big impact.

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