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REDtone IOT Smart City Solution - Citisense Brochure

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Are you tired of complaining and not seeing enough result?
We can take charge and jointly be responsible to make our city and our world a better place.
Now our voice about crime, rubbish issues, illegal parking, pot holes and so forth will be seen and heard by relevant parties and everyone transparently.
Take action and be CitiAct heroes.
Download the free CitiAct App from
1) Android Play Store ( https://goo.gl/hnJ0gy ) or
2) Apple App Store ( https://itunes.apple.com/app/apple-store/id1017202739?pt=117828473&ct=Mazlan_Others&mt=8 )
to participate today.
Use the CitiAct to snap a picture of the situation and upload automatically to win great prizes worth total RM100,000 with top range Huawei smart phones.
Visit our contest site at http://citisense.com/citiactionheroes/ to track your status.
You can also track the status of your reports at http://citisense.com/.
Be a CitiAction Hero for a Better City, Better World.

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REDtone IOT Smart City Solution - Citisense Brochure

  1. 1. tOll€ IOT Empowering Citizens in a Smart City Better City - Better World
  2. 2. WHAT IS A SMART CITY? A Smart City is defined as a city that is liveable, safe and sustainable. Building and maintaining a Smart City requires a long term and continuous relationship between the citizens and the Government. The bridge that allows these two parties to interact with each other efficiently is technology. To ensure seamless engagement, a good platform is required so that the Government can improve services rendered and elevate efficiency. This is where REDtone IOT comes in. REDtone IOT pairs creativity, innovation and knowledge with the right technology. This has resulted in a citizen engagement application called CitiAct. This application enables citizens to report and track issues, while the local councils are able to respond to the reports in a more timely manner. 2:: 3 1 iv} an SMART CITYAPPLICATIONS Public Police CityCouncils UrbanPlanner NationalSecurity Council ‘ Will be available in the near future A. ,,, .!i’2.'. l.. ns w w _ City Waste City cltl Ct City Pori<ing* Monogement* City Street Lights‘ Tronsportcition* Smart City Hub Social Media Open Data Parking Garbage Lighting Public Smartphones Collection Transport Users 4" tla4ssIta“ll'aEl REDtone has developed an IOT middleware that serves as a Smart City Hub called CitiSense. It is capable of: - Connecting, aggregating and storing various sensor data. - Providing "Sensing—as—a—Service" to anyone who would like better insights into their connected assets, business or environment.
  3. 3. ISSUES WE ARE FACING TODAY To be successful, a Smart City requires constant citizen participation. However, there are inherent challenges with existing channels of communication such as: - Call centres that frustrate citizens due to long waiting time, multiple redirects, and dropped calls. 0 Online portals with terrible processes and tracking ability that deter citizens from reporting. 0 Reports management with inconsistent formats and missing information that prevent automation of prioritisation and deter detection of correlation for issues. Serious issues can also cause unplanned surge of calls that overload the call centre. - Manual tracking of work distribution to the relevant service delivery teams is tedious. Plus, it is not monitored properly most of the time. - Social media tracking and retrieval of complaint cases via city councils’ Facebook or Twitter is chaotic, ad—hoc and unsystematic. - Newspaper and television are a final resort due to on—going frustrations. 0 Additionalservices such as the provision of external information leg. the weather} through a single portal should be dissemi- nated by city councils. THE SOLUTION - CitiAct CitiAct is a mobile application developed by a team of experienced R&D engineers from REDtone IOT. It empowers citizens to perform their own reporting of issues in just a few taps. No waiting time on the phone and no long queues at call centres. The application will reduce the average duration required to resolve issues as the necessary information will be directed to the relevant service delivery teams. Citizens can also get feedback in real—time. The data collected will provide valuable information for the city councils to improve the quality of life, and ensure a better city and better world for all. 4 SOLUTION MODULES CITIACT MOBILE APPLICATION Enables citizens to report issues to city councils. Reports contain information such as photo, location, and description of issues. Reports are routed to the relevant city councils for further processing. Users can view cases reported and status of each case. 0000900? 0 l CITISENSE PORTAL Public portal with all reported cases. Citizens view specific types of reports by selecting categories. Users can select a particular region to generate a list of reported cases. All reports are tracked and status is updated in real time. Environmental data such as Air Quality Index readings, rain data, and others are available. Leaderboard for gamification encourages citizens to use the mobile application regularly. CITIACT CASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - Comprehensive management system for stakeholders. I Allows administratorto acknowledge reports received, assign them to relevant service delivery teams and update the status. - Administrator generates cumulative report of cases for further action. - Reports are categorised as "Reported", "Acknowledged", "Resolved" and "False Report". CITIACT DASHBOARD Comprehensive dashboard and reports that detail the performance of local authority management. Provides feedback to management for performance improvements and focus on criticalareas. Greater insights allow for more effective use of resources and more accurate planning and budgeting.
  4. 4. RED REDtone IOT Sdn Bhd (iii7s4i—v> Suites 22-30, 5th Floor, IOI Business Park, 471 O0 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia. Tel: +603 8073 2288 Fax: +603 8073 2178 J3 www. redtone. com 0 Sales Hotlinez 1800 87 7770