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REDtone IOT (RIOT) Smart City - SmartCitizen Application

SmartCitizen is an IOT application that utilises Crowdsensing method to collect and aggregate data. Local Councils will be able to resolve the issues faced by the citizens. This is a very good citizen engagement that allows both parties to communicate with one another.

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REDtone IOT (RIOT) Smart City - SmartCitizen Application

  1. 1. PIE» tone IOT Empowering Citizens T0 Make Our City Livable, Sustainable And Safer. flnrlii Tkiitflnui S7 îiurln ‘una Lln î I anni» ‘ÎATL Irnk ---- iikmni | “ Î I f, , . . T. 7: i r ‘Avi’? r7 '
  2. 2. ABOUT l‘? REDtone |0T Sdn Bhd was incorporated on November 2014, to focus on providing Internet of Things l|0TI Services and solutions. We are a subsidiary of REDtone International Berhad. I IIÌI: ‘IHIOII à — Ourvision is to transform businesses by connecting, aggregating and providing insights via internet of I Things i| oT]. i h Smart City is one of REDtone's IoT solutions. it helps make cities safer, more efficient and resilient via I smart devices, sensors and software that monitors and improves public services and traffic flow, and ram protects vital infrastructure lsuch as bridges, road highways, and utility installations]. Smart City CityCouncils Urban Planner NationalSecurity Hm dar-i? 1"” . l:7-‘1'iIlIL: Public POVCE Council Smart Smart Waste Smart Smart Smart Parking Management Street Light Transportation Citizen Static Real-Time I Data Storage Data Storage Social Media Open Data Parking Garbage Street Public Smartphones Collection Light Transport Users ‘ i‘ i w Î" ' I —I ‘ 7t: n 2 1 O'O O i 2' —"'i", "l' î» 175i! " ‘— 41.". IIIIHII numi Ìflîhui uylylhmlflun ‘I: un; n' In: anni! Îlîv ‘JLDIPIÎÎIFIÎÎIIIF Iim unnnuwun: dîîhun: u Il» In: I‘I' mm îlîllllnln: I" in’ In: 06v‘: nmllunfll: n lnlglrum: qglnlfiv u‘ m: una gnnvflul: in : mlîu" 11v, In: n! !! I: musuurìauo lnllu 1 nnfll Inuniun Avnlìfllfv HIIiIÎlI fiu-"fldu: P-uun- mltav flhllllnl IIL-mcaicr
  3. 3. vin-i I: l“. The application enables citizens to report local problems such as potholes, illegal trash dumping, faulty street lights, broken tiles on sidewalks, illegal advertising boards and many others. The submitted issues will be displayed on the City's map. Users may add photos and Comments. Moreover, they can suggest solutions for improving the environment of their neighborhood. ‘fili! I: i 111:“ Through the application, local government agencies will enable citizens and locals to take action to improve their neighborhood. Reported cases will then go directly into the City's work-order queue for resolution, and users are informed on how quickiy the Case will be Closed. When cases are resolved, the date and time of the resolution is listed, providing users with the sense that the city is on the job. ‘mi’ ciurma: I" The application was developed by REDtone IOT, with close cooperation with the City's councils and user groups. it is therefore a truly user-centric digital application, which is adapted to answer the needs of the city’s councils and local communities. SMART CITIZEI‘. MOBILE APPLICATION - Enables users to report issues to the City's councils. 0 Users can attach photos or other Contextual information to the report and pinpoint the exact location via integration of Google Maps. i I - Once submitted, the report is routed to the relevant city Council for processing, and it will be allocated to the relevant Service Delivery Team. ‘ SMART CITIZEN PORTAL v Able to display different layers and filter any unnecessary reports. - Filter is based on geographical boundaries of major cities in the world. - Able to traCk the status of the report: reported, viewed, resolution in progress, g, resolved, unresolved. / v Leaderboard for gamification. SMART CITIZEN DASHBOARD 0 Comprehensive dashboards and reports will detail how operational services and local authority management are performing, providing a feedback loop between decision- making and operations. o This gives greater insight into how resources should be utilised and enables more accurate planning and budgeting. SMART CITIZEN CASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM 0 Report management system for local councils. v System allows the administrator to acknowledge the reported cases, assign them to the relevant Service Delivery Team, and update the status. 0 System also allows administrators to generate a cumulative report of cases for further action.
  4. 4. RED REDtone ÌÒT Sdn (iiimiv) Suites 22-30, 5th Floor, IOI Business Park, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Maiaysia. TeI: +603 8073 2288 Fax: +603 8073 2178 “È www. redtone. com O Sales Hotline : 1800 87 7770