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Building an IoT Ecosystem for the Next Generation-IoT

  1. favoriot Building an IoT Ecosystem for the Next Generation IoT Dr. Mazlan Abbas CEO - favoriot Email: IoT4U 29 Oct. 2021 favoriot
  2. favoriot Become a Producer Nation #ProducerNation
  3. favoriot Malaysia as a Producer Nation University Industry Market R&D Product (Roadmap) Commercialise Maintain Loyalty Output Share Industry problems Sell Understanding Roles and Responsibilities • Publications • Knowledge • Time-to-market • Revenue • Solve their problems YouTube Video Prototype (Alpha) Prototype (Beta) Copyright: Dr. Mazlan Abbas (2020)
  4. favoriot 4 Main Ecosystem Players of IoT 01 02 03 04 Digital Sensors – Temp, humidity, pressure, gas, etc Fixed or wireless Platform that aggregate heterogeneous devices with different protocols Workflow, analytics and insights Sensors & Actuators Connectivity IoT Middleware Applications & Analytics favoriot
  5. favoriot Malaysia IoT Association (MyIOTA) favoriot
  6. favoriot Why Use an IoT Platform? • It reduce development time for your IoT project by providing ready-made, reusable technology stack • It helps you validate your business case early • It helps you to go to market quickly • It provides features that could be essential for your project – ease of onboarding, integration with 3rd party software, device management, user management, push notifications • It reduces your risks and costs
  7. favoriot favoriot IoT Middleware “Create your IoT vertical solutions rapidly”
  8. favoriot FAVORIOT – Platform-as-a-Service favoriot
  9. favoriot Categorization of IoT Platforms Publicly Traded Open Source End-to-End Connectivity Developer Friendly Platforms developed and maintained by large traded companies Platforms that provide data management services under open licenses Platforms designed based on supplied hardware and required solution Platforms can be easily integrated with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc favoriot
  10. favoriot Solving University IoT Project Challenges 1. An incomplete IoT Lab which only focuses on either standalone Arduino or Raspberry Pi devices without connecting to an IoT platform 2. Students have to do their own research on hundreds of IoT middleware before choosing one for their Final Year projects. 3. Many IoT projects cannot complete on time because students are busy either developing their own “middleware” or server or busy in troubleshooting the connectivity between the sensor device and the server. 4. In search for suitable Database to store sensor data and Display Result with Dashboard
  11. favoriot Gateway 3G/Ethernet/Wi-Fi/LPWAN IOT Devices IOT Devices 3G/Ethernet/Wi-Fi HTTPS Push/Pull Service Social Media Integration DEVICE CONNECTIVITY (REST, MQTT) APPLICATION INTEGRATION DATA MANAGEMENT DATA STORE BUSINESS LOGIC NOTIFICATION ENGINE REST API IoT Analytics SECURITY BIG DATA TOOLS Application Development AUTHENTICATION 3rd party Data Analytics VALUE PROPOSITION CoAP REST To ”IoTise” Every Business
  12. favoriot Key Features of FAVORIOT IoT Platform • Rapid Development • User-friendly APIs • Ease of onboarding IoT Devices • Scalable platform • Notification Engine – Email and SMS • IoT Support Forum Discussion Board – Building Community • Examples – Videos and Sample Source Codes • Many new and enhanced features in Version 3.3 FREE Subscription
  13. favoriot FAVORIOT Hierarchy Project Application 1 Group 1 Device 1 Device n Group n Device 1 Device Application n Group 1 Device 1 Device n Group n Device 1 Device n
  14. favoriot FAVORIOT Hierarchy Project (Smart City) Smart Water Monitoring River Quality Device 1 Device n Lake Quality Device 1 Device Smart Parking Parking Bay A Device 1 Device n Parking Bay B Device 1 Device n Example • Dissolved Oxygen • pH • Temperature • Turbidity Example • Infra red • Ferromagnetic • Camera
  15. favoriot
  16. favoriot Developer Dashboard
  17. favoriot Real Time Data Streams
  18. favoriot Visualisation Made Easy
  19. favoriot Create Custom Dashboard
  20. favoriot Choice of Widgets
  21. favoriot Public Dashboard Made Easy
  22. favoriot Public Dashboard
  23. favoriot Visualisation Options Favoriot Dashboard Export to .csv or json
  24. favoriot Visualisation Options Android App Inventor React & Plotly.js Vue & Chart.js favoriot Step-by-Step Tutorials
  25. favoriot Opportunity to Match with Clients
  26. favoriot
  27. favoriot Generation-IoT Community Tutorial
  28. favoriot Favoriot IoT Tutorial - YouTube
  29. favoriot Simple Steps to Start Your IoT Journey favoriot (1) Sensor (2) Connectivity (3) Platform (4) Application Scan for Free IoT Resources (Tips, Tutorials and Projects)
  30. favoriot Favoriot IoT Platform Users by Countries SCAN ME Join the Generation-IoT As of October 29, 2021
  31. favoriot IoT Training with FAVORIOT IoT Platform Fundamentals Specialist Advanced Option: Professional Certificates with Exam
  32. favoriot Start Your IoT Journey with IoT Training
  33. favoriot LIMITED OFFER Voucher Code: IOT4U2021 Valid Period: 29 Oct - 5 November 2021 Number of Vouchers Available: Only 50 Instructions (Link - ): • Register as FREE Plan User • User Voucher Code to upgrade to 1-Year Beginner Plan YouTube Instruction Video How-To Register and Redeem Voucher
  34. favoriot favoriot favoriot favoriot favoriot favoriot