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Mayankho @Measurecamp - Integrate customer feedback data with webanalytics data

In this short presentation we share the way Mayankho was born as a web analytics solution at Volkswagen Netherlands to collect customer feedback data and easily integrate it with our behavioral data in Google Universal Analytics through our tag management solution Tealium.

We also give a first general outline on how Mayankho works. We also ask for your feedback to develop the solution further to match your particular needs in the future.

Learn more at our website: http://www.mayankho.com

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Mayankho @Measurecamp - Integrate customer feedback data with webanalytics data

  1. 1. Mayankho.com | @Mayankho | mail@mayankho.com Integrating customer feedback data with web analytics data
  2. 2. 1. UNDERSTANDING VISITOR INTENT The road to building our own feedback solution
  3. 3. This is where we used to work We sold cars in the Netherlands.
  4. 4. Visitors came to Volkswagen.nl for many reasons, and we had to figure out which reason it was…. ▷ Buy a new car ▷ Buy an occasion car ▷ Find a nearby dealership ▷ Get new windscreen whipers ▷ Learn about navigation systems ▷ Just because they love cars ▷ etc... ...and we also had to figure out if they were successful during their visit
  5. 5. “We have to figure out visitor intent (why), analyze behaviour based on intent and understand when a website visitor is happy with their experience.
  6. 6. Getting a full customer view What? Who? Why? Webanalytics data CRM Data Customer feedback data
  7. 7. Here’s what we concluded ▷ Behavioral data wasn’t enough to get all of our answers ▷ We need to integrate attitudinal and intent data with our current behavioral data ▷ We need to do this on a shoestring budget ▷ We need to consider brand design ▷ We need a flexible way to change the questions and answers ▷ ...and we would like to use the technologies we already have implemented.
  8. 8. 2. HERE’S WHAT WE CAME UP WITH The road to building our own feedback solution
  9. 9. Tuncay starts doing his programming magic Building an extension in Tealium (our TMS) to integrate the code with our GA implementation and build us a simple feedback form
  10. 10. This was the form that fired when you exit the website (Tuncay built smart loadrules too!) ▷ Don’t get the form after you have used it before ▷ Only fire it on a certain % of visitors ▷ only fire on certain pages ▷ etc.
  11. 11. We integrate the data with our GA implementation Based on events we could gather attitudinal data in GA and analyze behaviour based on specific intent too!
  12. 12. Why stop there? It is now easy to use this solution for other purposes too! ▷ Use it on other websites ▷ Ask different questions ▷ Retarget visitors based on specific answers (TMS variable delight) ▷ Don’t ask questions, but use the popin logic to popup an iFrame with a form or other page based on pretty complex logic ▷ etc.
  13. 13. 3. BUILDING A SOLUTION FOR OTHERS TO USE TOO The road to building our own feedback solution
  14. 14. Mayankho was born... Check out Mayankho.com to get early access
  15. 15. How does Mayankho work? A few simple steps in a wizard 1. Select the type of content in the popup you would like a. Survey b. HTML content c. Iframe 2. Give the popin a title 3. Select the way you want to collect the data and implement the code 4. Create the loadrules to determine when the popin should fire 5. If you have a survey, setup the questions 6. Give the popin a design (or use our nice built in template) 7. Grab the code snippet and paste it into your TMS or in your source code 8. Done! Check out Mayankho.com to get early access
  16. 16. The Mayankho setup wizard
  17. 17. Main features Exit Survey Popin Gain insights in the attitude of your website users. Why are they on your website and are they successful? Proactive popin Use pro-active popins to bring valuable offers or information to the attention of your users. Simple or complex loadrules Leverage our advanced popin logic for your loadrules to run the right popin, for the right users, at the perfect moment. An easy to use wizard There are just a few simple steps you have to go through to setup the popin Data integration You can use the data through your tag management system to get it in your web analytics solution, or paste code into your source code to send data to your tools Flexibility in design Use our built-in template or customize the template t find your brand. Check out Mayankho.com to get early access
  18. 18. Current integrations
  19. 19. Our subscription model Simple Cool Awesome Yearly fee for setting up forms ? ? ? Domain restricted 1 1 unlimited Number of forms you can create 5 unlimited unlimited Unlimited time to run forms (even after subscription is passed)
  20. 20. We would love your feedback Score of total 100 points Great design flexibility in popin More ways to show the popin More data integrations / other tools Optimizing the code for best performance Complexity of loadrules Build the perfect setup wizard Can we get in touch with you to ask you a few additional questions? Name: Email/ Twitter: Would you be interested in getting early access? YES NO
  21. 21. Thanks! Any questions? You can find us at: Mayankho.com @mayankhorocks mail@mayankho.com