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Kids America Sports Complex - Monthly Newsletter

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Kids America Sports Complex - Monthly Newsletter

  1. 1. Kids America Summer Camps Quickly Approaching Kids America Sports Complex - Monthly Newsletter Make 2007 a summer to re- member for your children at Kids America. Registrations are still being accepted now for all summer camps and activities at Kids America. Summer Camps for soccer, Upcoming Events • May 11th - Walking Club Awards Ceremony. • May 12th - Spring Shorties Soccer Begins. • June 2nd - Summer Kickoff Party, spon- sored Time Warner Cable Digital Phone. • June 8th - Shorties Track & Field Day. • June 11th - Interna- tional Xtreme Soccer Camp Begins. • June 22nd - Shorties Track & Field Day. 1600 Otsego Ave * P.O. Box 1177 * Coshocton, OH * 43812 * www.kids-america.org May 2007 Monthly Newsletter basketball, volleyball, cheer- leading, Kids American Idol Camp and the Summer Ad- ventures Day Camp will be here soon. Call 740.622.6657 to register by phone or visit www.kids- america.org for more details. The International Xtreme Soc- cer Camp will once again bring an international atmos- phere to Kids America June 11- 15. Led by Joe Raduka and Gordon Hill of Manchester United, this camp will feature advanced footskills, premier passing drills, teamwork, and a small- sided game soccer tourna- ment. All participants will also have their choice of a replica jersey from one of several teams. Learn, Play, and Have Fun at the International Xtreme Soc- cer Camp. Visit www.kids-america.org for complete details on our upcoming Summer Camps for kids! At the peak of his professional soccer career, Gordon Hill played for Manches- ter United. Hill was born in Surrey, England and began his professional ca- reer with Millwall. Following his transfer Manchester United, Hill scored 57 goals while playing three years for the world famous club. Hill gained notoriety for his in- credible shooting and drib- bling. He also played pro- fessionally with the Montreal Manic and Chicago Sting. As a coach, Hill is currently the manager of United FC, a youth soccer club based in McKinney, Texas. International Xtreme Soccer Camp at KA Manchester United’s Gordon Hill coming to Xtreme Soccer Camp.
  2. 2. Happy Birthday Bill! Lace up the running shoes and break out the Frisbee! Kids America will host a pair of track & field day events for kids ages 3 to 7. Shorties Track & Field Days will take place on Friday, June 8th and Friday, June 22nd at 10am. Both events are open to boys and girls. Children can choose to compete on one day or both at Kids America. Children will compete in four events including a 40 meter dash, 200 meter run, Frisbee toss, and softball throw. Registration is $10.00 per child with a $5.00 discount to members of Kids America. For more information, contact Sue Renner at Kids America at 740.622.6657 or visit www.kids-america.org. Shorties Track & Field Days Coming in June Page 2Kids America Monthly Newsletter May 2007 2007 Summer Kickoff Party - June 2nd at KA Members of the Kids America Walking Club will be honored for their achieve- ments at the club's monthly awards ceremony on May 11th at 9:30 am in the Austin Meeting Room at Kids America. Individuals to be recognized for their walking achievements include: Esmond Taylor, Kay Fox (2500 Mile Club), Alice Rodgers (750), John Husted, Marjorie Tidrick, Victor Veigle (500), Dana Kit- tell, Bob Domer (150), Dottie Owens (100), Betty Bratton, and Sandy Durbin (50). The awards ceremony is free and open to the public. For more information, contact Casey Claxon at 740.622.6657. The Kids America walking club is free to members and only $5.00 per year for non-members to be eligible for walking club awards and prizes. Bill Stanton Walking Club to honor walkers on May 11th Kids America's Bill Stanton celebrated his 80th birthday on Friday, May 4th. The leader of Senior Coffee Walk & Talk spent the morning with fellow members, senior citizens, and guests. Bill was even treated to the singing of "Happy Birthday" by the students of Early Advantage Pre-school. Happy Birthday Bill from everyone at Kids America! Kickoff the summer in style at Kids America on Saturday, June 2nd from 10am to 1pm. Come to Kids America and play on inflatable rides, bounce houses, play games, enjoy free popcorn and more. This free event, sponsored by Time Warner Cable Digital Phone, is also a great time to learn more about all the summer events, activities, and camps taking place at Kids America. Call Kids America at 740.622.6657 for more information. A Summer Kickoff flyer is also available on the internet at kids-america.org/summerkickoff.pdf. Esmond Taylor & Kay Fox Kids America Summer Camp registration is going on now! Get compete details online at www.kids-america.org.
  3. 3. Not all pain relief comes in a bottle. Kids America is hosting a free Arthritis Exercise Class on Tuesday and Thurs- day mornings at 8am. The class is being taught by Becky Beiter, RN with the Coshocton County Kids America Hosting Free Arthritis Exercise Class Page 3Kids America Monthly Newsletter May 2007 Kids America Sports Complex is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. T-Ball a Big Hit at KA General Health District. Funding for the 8-week class was provided through a grant from the CDC Chronic Disease and Health Promotion Program and the Ohio Department of Health Arthritis Pro- gram. Classes continue through June 21st. A Water for the Wise Drink lots of water. That’s what they always say. But how much do you need and how does exercise factor into your need for fluid? Well, I’ve got your an- swers. Two to three liters of fluid will fulfill the average adult’s daily requirements (AFAA and Kleiner 1997; 2007). You may need to increase your intake due to exercise especially if it is intense activity, during warmer conditions, or if you sweat more than average. Here are a few recommendations concern- ing exercise and hydration. Remem- ber that everyone is different and basic guidelines such as these are not meant to be exact. You will know you have met your body’s need for fluid by checking your urine regularly. It should be relatively odorless and clear or pale yellow (Kleiner 2007). BEFORE EXERCISE Consuming 16 ounces of fluid two to three hours prior to your workout fol- lowed by an additional 8 ounces 10 to 20 minutes before is good preparation for exercise (Kleiner 2007). No one performs well dehydrated and it is esti- mated that performance levels can drop roughly 40% or more under these conditions (Kleiner 2007). DURING EXERCISE It is recommended that you consume 3 to 8 ounces of extra fluid every fifteen minutes of exercise (Brooks 2004). En- durance athletes or fitness enthusiasts who exercise for longer than an hour may consider a sports drink to replace glycogen and minerals lost during their workouts. Sports beverages contain calories in the form of sugars that are meant to give you energy to perform well when exercising for long periods of time. Beware of these calories espe- cially if weight loss is one of your goals. If you are trying to lose weight you may want to stick to consuming these drinks during exercise and choose or dilute one with water so that it contains roughly 40 to 80 calories per 8 ounces of liquid (Brooks and Runner’s World 2004). AFTER EXERCISE Weighing yourself after your workout can help indicate if you are consuming adequate fluid during your workout. Hop on the scale before and after your workout. For every pound of weight lost it is suggested that you consume an ad- ditional 2 to 3 cups of fluid after your workout and continue to hydrate for the next four hours comfortably (Kleiner 2007). SOME SIGNS OF DEHYDRATION (Kleiner 2007) Fatigue Headache Light-headedness Dry mouth Difficulty swallowing Painful urination Participants also need not be a mem- ber of Kids America to participate. For more information, contact Becky Beiter at the Coshocton County Health Department at 740.295.7307 or visit www.kids-america.org. “Play ball,” shouts the umpire! And play they did. Shorties Spring T-Ball, played indoors at Kids America, was another huge success. Over 60 children participated in this activity, designed for kids ages 3 to 6. Games continue through May 10th. Registrations are currently being ac- cepted for the summer session of Shor- ties T-Ball. Games begin July 28th at KA. “Batter up!” By Amy J. Duncan ACE-certified personal trainer
  4. 4. Kids America, Inc. Mission Statement The mission of Kids America is to provide the essential services, facilities, and programs necessary for the positive development and well being of the Coshocton community. The goal of Kids America is to: • Give children from Coshocton County, and the surrounding area, a quality indoor sports complex in which to play sports year-round, to maintain their fitness, improve their skills and keep them constructively occupied. • Provide adults of all ages with a quality fitness venue. • Further enhance the quality of life in Coshocton County. Kids America Sports Complex 1600 Otsego Ave. P.O. Box 1177 Coshocton, OH 43812 Phone: 740.622.6657 Fax: 740.623.0500 Website: www.kids-america.org Casey Claxon Executive Director, Newsletter Editor claxon@kids-america.org Sue Renner Activity Director, Membership Coordinator renner@kids-america.org Kids America Board of Directors Paul Bryant Dave Kridler Karen Brown President Vice President Secretary Julie Pepper Paul Prater Dan Truett Treasurer Board Member Board Member Fred Williams Joe Skelton Jim Crawford Board Member Board Member Board Member Available online at www.kids-america.org/newsletter Kids America, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Smiling Faces Make it a Great Day at Kids America!