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Do You Still Know Anything About Marketing



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Do You Still Know Anything About Marketing

  1. test do you still know anything about marketing? powered by the lovely This material has been conceived / elaborated / created by Gringo. This document is protected by Copyright laws and may not be copied, published, or used for any means other than those intended or expressly authorized by Gringo.
  2. english page 3 português página 30 powered by the lovely
  3. “The message of the brand is sustained throughout the year through cyclic campaigns.” right wrong powered by the lovely
  4. wrong. Marketing has gone away from the cyclic campaign boost in favour of active relationships. We cannot interrupt our dialog with consumers along time. Today, communication is fragmented, surgical, and constant. campaign interest year before campaign plataform / service interest year today social media base powered by the lovely
  5. “Visual style, tone of communication and advertising content are the message. The vehicles are the paid channels that help us take this message to the consumer." right wrong powered by the lovely
  6. wrong. Today the message is the content of your services. The media is your very consumers. The new branding is characterized by social engagement. the content or carries the through the platform message of the consumer service brand reliable media powered by the lovely
  7. “Digital may not be the centre of my campaign, but it's an increasingly important point of contact.” right wrong powered by the lovely
  8. wrong. It can and must be the centre of a campaign because it's the only media that is flexible, reliable, unifying, relevant, interactive, and personal, in which a message becomes a reliable exchange to the consumer. digital radio open tv radio online driven tv ooh cable tv ooh offline supported mensagem cinema mensagem pop cinema digital pop newspaper magazine newspaper magazine guerilla sponsorship guerilla sponsorship interruptive propagation digital interaction decentralized centralized before today powered by the lovely
  9. besides... Growth, penetration and affinity of digital medias have already outranked many traditional medias, and it will keep growing until it soon becomes number one. 100% 20h/week open tv fm radio internet internet ooh 15 magazine newspaper open tv 10 cable tv cinema 5 am radio 0h/week 0% AS /ABC AS /AB MM / ABC HH / ABC HH / AB HH / AB MM / AB MM / AB 18+ 18+ 18/49 18/49 10/24 18/24 10/24 18/24 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 internet penetration internet frequency Brasil today Europe tomorrow source: Ipsos Marplan 2008 consolidate source: “Europe Logs On” - 2009 Microsoft study powered by the lovely
  10. “Production cannot consume so much of my budget to the point of affecting my media budget allocation." right wrong powered by the lovely
  11. wrong. When you produce content that is worth discussing with, this well-spent money is directly converted into "earned" media which is spontaneous, dependable, and engaging. interruption media interaction media before today powered by the lovely
  12. for example, Check some of these successful projects and understand the media mix. 500,000,000 + visits 23,000,000 + views 2,000,000 + users subservient chicken “dance” flash mob nike + community Burger King T-Mobile Nike visit now visit now visit now powered by the lovely
  13. “Gringo thinks all is different now, but my brand still works in a different way and with good results.” right wrong powered by the lovely
  14. right. So nice to know your results are good! Have you thought your results could be better? The Brazilian structure focuses on the media bonuses and that is the agency’s largest revenue. Why change? e ort e ort e ort production delivers planning and media planning, execution and concept buy follow-up what your agency delivers (!!!) M $ so owned bought earned what your delicious! agency gets ($$$) earnings earnings earnings 15-20% over vendor 12-20% media buy 15-20% over vendor +internal production fee + 8-12% volume +internal production bonus powered by the lovely
  15. “Obviously, I guide my strategies using the marketing funnel. Everybody does that. It still works fine.” right wrong powered by the lovely
  16. wrong. Today the consumer (and not the brand) controls what is sais and heard about your brand. They have an active voice in the engagement process, which makes it a nonlinear process. opinions on blogs alternat. compet. know buy consider propose prefer contribute buy created fan content restart friends recomm. when brand dictated the when consumer process dictates the message before today powered by the lovely
  17. How many right answers? 1 to 2 My god, you're stuck in time! You probably graduated in 1975 and have never used computers, don't have kids and haven't left your house (only to go to work) since 1993, right? 3 to 4 You think you're doing everything right, but the results are still disappointing. We know what that’s like. Don't feel bad. According to our statistics, 96% of Brazilian brands are going through that. 5 to 6 Congratulations! You've just created an even bigger problem for yourself: you know where to go and what will give you the best results, but you're struggling to bring the entire company on board, huh? powered by the lovely
  18. all right then, smart-ass grïngo how can you help then? powered by the lovely
  19. We are so glad you asked! For starters, we won’t have all the right answers alone. client mantra “good” work is not good enough. powered by the lovely
  20. Understand: we are no longer playing bowling, but pinball before now lots of chat and control lots of hard work once the ball rolls, there’s nothing to do but wait for involves constant attention, risk-taking, the pieces to fall. measuring, to try to not let the ball drop. powered by the lovely
  21. Grïngo has changed over the years business is m ys ed al ia an s 8 25 planning 60 h st rc ra ea te s g re y 2006 2007/8 2009/10 international production digital communication agency strategic agency flash sites digital campaigns engagement with digital focus, media-agnostic powered by the lovely
  22. And during these 4 years, Gringo has helped some brands create a more passionate and real conversation with their consumers powered by the lovely
  23. And we've been noticed some times 2008 2007/8 2008/9 2006~9 the one show cyber lions cannes wave festival the fwa 1 silver 1 silver 3 gold 21 site of the day 2 bronze 4 silver 5 bronze powered by the lovely
  24. how is grïngo, physically speaking? powered by the lovely
  25. powered by the lovely
  26. All right - in fact, we're also quite hot We're in São Paulo and Rio Ready to produce with the best handcraft quality 5 4 1 3 57 3 8 32 admin client services BI planning creative production powered by the lovely
  27. All right - in fact, we're also quite hot We're the digital AOD for: And affiliated to the best Support, shared knowledge and international exchange trademark Anador / Pharmaton powered by the lovely
  28. so...to know each other? let's get yes! no thank you for your time! LEGAL WARNING All texts, photographs, images, logos, and sounds found in this presentation are protected by copyright laws or any other intellectual property laws. When using this material, users must respect all intellectual and industrial rights laws and those related to trademark protection , as well as all other laws concerning third parties which eventually are or will be available on the slides. Mere access to this content does not grant users with any rights to use names, titles, words, sentences, and trademarks, among others, available in this material. Reproduction, distribution, transmission, exhibition, publication or advertising, whether total or partial, of texts, images, graphics and other content mentioned before and comprising the present material, is expressly prohibited without previous and express consent from its owner. Printed copies for personal files are allowed provided that all parts are kept together as a whole to maintain the original and actual meaning and purpose of the content. In no circumstances is the user entitled to any rights over the materials. User takes complete responsibility and liability, civil and/or criminal, for the wrongful use of information, texts, graphics, trademarks, among others, that disrespect any intellectual or powered by laws protecting this material. industrial rights the lovely
  29. powered by the lovely
  30. teste você ainda entende alguma coisa de marketing? powered by the lovely Material elaborado pela Agência Gringo. Este documento está protegido pelas leis de Direito Autoral e não deve ser copiado, divulgado ou utilizado para outros fins que não os pretendidos pelo Agência ou por ela expressamente autorizados. Aviso Legal no ultimo slide
  31. “A mensagem da marca se sustenta ao longo do ano através de campanhas cíclicas.” certo errado powered by the lovely
  32. errado. O marketing saiu do boost cíclico de campanhas para relacionamentos ativos. Não podemos parar nosso diálogo com consumidores ao longo do ano. A comunicação hoje é fragmentada, cirúrgica, e contínua. campanha interesse ano antes campanha plataforma / serviço interesse ano hoje base mídia social powered by the lovely
  33. “Estilo visual, tom da comunicação e conteúdo publicitário são a mensagem. Os veículos são os canais pagos que nos ajudam a levar esta mensagem até o consumidor.” certo errado powered by the lovely
  34. errado. A mensagem hoje é o conteúdo dos seus serviços. As mídias são os próprios consumidores. O novo branding é marcado pelo engajamento social. o conteúdo ou carrega a através do próprio plataforma mensagem da consumidor serviço marca mídia confiável powered by the lovely
  35. “Digital não pode ser o centro da minha campanha, mas segue como um ponto de contato com crescente importância.” certo errado powered by the lovely
  36. errado. Ele pode e deve ser o centro de uma campanha porque ele é o único meio flexível, confiável, agregador, relevante, interativo e pessoal, por onde uma mensagem se transforma numa troca confiável para o consumidor. digital rádio tv aberta rádio online driven tv ooh tv assin. offline ooh supported mensagem cinema mensagem pop cinema digital pop jornal revista jornal revista guerrilha patrocínio guerrilha patrocínio propagação interruptiva interação digital descentralizada centralizada antes hoje powered by the lovely
  37. além do mais... O crescimento, penetração e afinidade de mídias digitais já supera muitas mídias tradicionais, e vai continuar crescendo até se tornar a primeira em breve. 100% 20 horas tv aberta semana rádio fm internet internet ooh 15 revistas jornal tv aberta 10 tv paga cinema 5 rádio am 0 horas 0% semana AS /ABC AS /AB MM / ABC HH / ABC HH / AB HH / AB MM / AB MM / AB 18+ 18+ 18/49 18/49 10/24 18/24 10/24 18/24 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 penetração internet frequëncia internet Brasil hoje Europa amanhã fonte: consolidada Ipsos Marplan 2008 fonte: “Europe Logs On” - Estudo Microsoft 2009 powered by the lovely
  38. “Produção não pode consumir tanto do meu budget a ponto de impactar minha alocação para compra de mídia.” certo errado powered by the lovely
  39. errado. Assim que você produz algum conteúdo que valha a pena ser visto, esse dinheiro bem gasto em produção reverte diretamente como mídia “conquistada”, espontânea, confiável e engajante. mídia de interrupção mídia de interação antes hoje powered by the lovely
  40. por exemplo, Veja alguns projetos de sucesso e entenda o mix de mídia. 500.000.000 + visitas 23.000.000 + views 2.000.000 + usuários subservient chicken “dance” flash mob comunidade nike + Burger King T-Mobile Nike visite agora visite agora visite agora powered by the lovely
  41. “A Gringo acha que é tudo diferente, mas minha marca ainda funciona de outra maneira, com bons resultados.” certo errado powered by the lovely
  42. certo. Que bom se os resultados são bons! Já pensou que você poderia ter ótimos resultados por menos? O foco da estrutura antiga é no BV de mídia. Por que mudar? esforço esforço esforço produção que planejamento e planejamento, execução o que sua entrega o conceito compra de mídia e acompanhamento agência entrega (!!!) M $ própria comprada conquistada que delícia! o que sua agência ganha ($$$) ganho ganho ganho 5-15% fee terceiros + 5-15% fee compra + 5-15% fee terceiros + produção interna 25% BV produção interna powered by the lovely
  43. “Logicamente eu guio minhas estratégias pelo funil de marketing. Todos fazem isso. Ele ainda funciona bem.” certo errado powered by the lovely
  44. errado. Hoje o consumidor (e não mais a marca) influencia para onde vão seus esforços de comunicação. Ele tem voz ativa no engajamento, tornando o processo não-linear. opiniões blogs alternat. compet. conhecer comprar considerar propor testar contribuir comprometer conteúdo fã criado recomeçar recomen. amigos quando a marca quando o controlava o processo consumidor controla antes hoje powered by the lovely
  45. Quantas respostas corretas? 1a 2 Meu Deus, você parou no tempo! Você provavelmente se graduou em 1975 e não usa computadores, não tem filhos e não sai de casa (só para ir ao trabalho) desde 1993 né? 3a 4 Você acha que está fazendo tudo certo, e os resultados ainda desapontam. Sabemos como é. Não se sinta mal. Pelas nossas estatísticas, 96% das marcas brasileiras estão por aqui. 5a 6 Parabéns! Você acabou de criar um grande problema: você sabe para onde deve ir e o que vai te dar o melhor resultado, mas está catequisando a empresa inteira, e isso dá um trabalhão né? powered by the lovely
  46. ok então, super grïngo como então você pode me ajudar? powered by the lovely
  47. Ficamos felizes que você perguntou! Desde já, não temos todas as respostas sozinhos. cliente mantra “good” work is not good enough. powered by the lovely
  48. Understand: we are no longer playing bowling, but pinball antes agora muito papo e controle trabalho duro e riscos quando a bola é lançada, só nos resta sentar e esperar involve atenção constante, riscos e medições ver quais pinos caem. para fazer com que a bola permaneça em movimento powered by the lovely
  49. A Grïngo mudou durante os anos negócios s m ise íd ál ia an s 8 25 planejamento 60 sa es ui tra sq té pe g ia 2006 2007/8 2009/10 produtora internacional agência de comunicação digital agência estratégica sites flash campanhas digitais engajamento com foco digital, sem restrição a canais powered by the lovely
  50. E durante esses 4 anos, a Grïngo ajudou algumas marcas a criarem um diálogo mais apaixonante e verdadeiro com os consumidores powered by the lovely
  51. E fomos notados algumas vezes 2008 2007/8 2008/9 2006~9 the one show cyber lions cannes wave festival the fwa 1 prata 1 prata 3 ouros 21 site of the day 2 bronze 4 pratas 5 bronze powered by the lovely
  52. como é a grïngo fisicamente? powered by the lovely
  53. powered by the lovely
  54. Tudo bem, também somos gostosos... Estamos em São Paulo & Rio Preparados para produzir com a melhor qualidade do Brasil 5 4 1 3 57 3 8 32 admin client services BI planning creative production powered by the lovely
  55. Somos a agência com as contas digitais de: E afiliados às melhores Suporte, shared knowledge e exchange internacional trademark Anador / Pharmaton powered by the lovely
  56. então... melhor? vamos nos conhecer sim! não powered by the lovely thank you for your time!
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