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How to get high pr backlinks free

http://backlinksjuice.com High pr backlinks are important to any seo efforts. Here we outline some of the pros and cons of various techniques to get high pagerank backlinks. We cover forum profiles, directory submissions, blogging, article submission, homepage pagerank backlinks.

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How to get high pr backlinks free

  1. 1. How To Get High PR Backlinks Alan Jurysta
  2. 2. How To Get High PR Backlinks PR = Pagerank = Measure of Relative Importance of a Website http://google.com
  3. 3. Pagerank - Misunderstood Pagerank has no meaning for your websitePagerank has meaning for sites that link to you
  4. 4. High PR Backlinks Directory Submissions Forum Profiles Blogging Article PublishingPagerank Backlink Networks Software Tools Others
  5. 5. Type Effort Pro ConDirectory Submission Major Free Wait Times Traffic Tedious RejectionForum Profiles Minimal Free Spammy PenaltyBlogging / Blog Considerable Free Requires ContentCommenting Traffic Hard To FindArticle Publishing Considerable Free Requires Content Traffic Rejection TechniquesPagerank Backlink Minimal - Subscription Easy High RiskNetworks Google De-Indexing
  6. 6. High PR Backlinks Be patient Avoid bad linking practicesKeep creative juices flowing Seek a reliable pro
  7. 7. Thank You Further informationhttp://backlinksjuice.com