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Things I learned the hard way being a freelancer

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I have been a freelancer since 2000, and I made loads of mistakes...
You don't have to!
This presentation talks how I do stuff now, and I wished I knew this before :)

Slide with infographic: credits to Jessica Hische (http://jessicahische.is/awesome)


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Things I learned the hard way being a freelancer

  1. 1. Things I Learned The Hard Way Ine Dehandschutter @matuvu www.matuvu.nu Bizcamp.be 2012 The business adventures of a freelancer
  2. 2. Hi, I’m Ine, a (web)designer & photographer, currently based in Ghent, Belgium. (I’m also lead designer of Emphas.is) I have been a freelancer since 2000. And I made loooooads of mistakes during the years. You don’t have to! Enjoy this presentation. If you do, don’t hesitate to like & share it, @matuvu
  3. 3. because you will. suffer. cry. blood. tears. die. over and over again. Have A Dream To Die For @matuvu
  4. 4. use S.M.A.R.T principle: specific.measurable.achievable.relevant.time framed. Outline Your Plan @matuvu
  5. 5. because if you don’t earn, you have no bread on your table. (define what you need by calculating all your costs) not earning enough? reconsider your business plan! Define Your Wage @matuvu
  6. 6. a good accountant can save you a lot of money, but most of all a good accountant thinks along with you! Get A Good Accountant @matuvu
  7. 7. never. ever. work for free. unless it is for your mom.
 (infographic: jessica hische: http://jessicahische.is/awesome) Don’t Sell Cheap @matuvu
  8. 8. when you can, ditch the friends, family and fools. they’re perfect for starters, but bad for pro’s. Find Real Clients @matuvu
  9. 9. learn from the 20% 80% rule: 20% stand for 80% of your trouble. keep the good clients, ditch the others. Teach Those Clients @matuvu
  10. 10. and follow up your cash flow. don’t play bank to your clients. no money on the bank = no bread on the table. Charge Fast @matuvu
  11. 11. it is the best way to find exiting new clients. or to find new partners. or to do fun stuff. Network @matuvu
  12. 12. the best way to loose your uncertainties is to talk to colleagues. unite with others. (consider co-working, join certain business groups, ...) Surround Yourself @matuvu
  13. 13. measure everything you do. your time, your projects. your profits. learn from your mistakes. and do it better. Measure, Evaluate @matuvu
  14. 14. try it: nononono. it will earn you more. if not in money, in quality. Learn To Say No No @matuvu
  15. 15. don’t spend to ‘save taxes’. if you pay taxes you keep 50%. if you spend you keep nothing. Save For Later @matuvu
  16. 16. make time for your personal life ‘later’ = ‘now’ it is gone before you know. Live The Now @matuvu
  17. 17. be prepared to fail, to change, to adapt. sometimes stuff works, sometimes not. Most Of All Be Flexible @matuvu
  18. 18. It Is A Bumpy But Adventurous Ride @matuvu
  19. 19. Thank You Ine Dehandschutter (web)designer & photographer & talker www.matuvu.nu @matuvu www.linkedin.com/in/matuvu www.slideshare.com/matuvu