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Maps from IRONSHEEP 2013

  1. What is Iron Sheep? • The event seeks to mimic the format of the “Iron Chef” television series by challenging teams to produce meaningful analysis and fun, evocative mash-ups from the same sets of user- generated, geo-coded data within a four hour time frame. • The goal is to provide a semi-structured environment where participants can socialize, work and learn in a fun yet socially meaningful project.
  2. The Maps!!!
  3. Team Bo Peep: Justin Bieber and p0rn
  4. "@CelebFactstory: Justin Bieber has been caught watching porn by his crew several times!" LOLOLOLOL So… what does he watch? Inspirational Tweet….
  5. Tweets of Mentioning Bieber
  6. Tweets of Bieber and Certain Adult Interests A suspected spatial correlation although one worries about ecological fallacy.
  7. Just found out "MITT ROMNEY AND PAUL RYAN" is an anagram of "MY ULTIMATE AYN RAND PORN." Fuse blown. Goodnight. The greatest tweet to all time.
  8. Team Ewe: Gangs and Gangnam
  9. Team Feta: A Field Guide to Tweets Tweets
  10. ---II. The Hippie--- “someone that uses words like ‘dude, trippin’, and woah’ as part of normal conversation” - Urban Dictionary Habitat: Venice Beach, Culver City
  11. ---V. The Foodie--- “One that uses sea salt. But only if it’s from Nepal. And only if it’s hand-mined by the Tamang People in traditional pans.” - Urban Dictionary Habitat: Silverlake, Hollywood
  12. ---VI. The Pornster-- “Aficionado of online lady pictures” - Urban Dictionary Habitat: See for more detail
  13. Team Ram: Using Argentine Racing Sheep as a Peri-Urban Transport System
  14. Premise • We are exploring the possibility of riding Argentinian Racing Sheep as a means to bypass the gridlocks. The average speed for a Argentinian Racing Sheep is 75 mph according to Yahoo Answers UK and Ireland. This allows for a quick and viable option to pass through Los Angeles freeway’s during rush hour.
  15. Benefits of Sheep Travel - Cheaper than a car - Less c02 emissions - Faster travel time during traffic - Tastier than gasoline - Help maintain Los Angeles County public parks
  16. ResultsPotential ZipSheep Markets Based on Tweets with the term traffic
  17. Team Wool: Hipsters and Lattes
  18. Hipsters and Lattes
  19. Team Mutton: Exploring a Cultural Subgroup: Furries