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DATAMAPPER students = Student.all students.each Rails3: Stepping off of the golden path

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students = Student.all
students.each do |student|
student.books.map{|b| b.name}

SELECT quot;idquot;, quot;namequot; FROM quot;studentsquot; ORDER BY quot;idquot;
SELECT quot;idquot;, quot;namequot;, quot;student_idquot; FROM quot;booksquot; WHERE
(quot;student_idquot; IN (1, 2, 3, X)) ORDER BY quot;idquot;

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Publicada em: Tecnologia
  • @guest7136aac I was explaining that with the new potential of Rails3, we can hope for a new generation of desktop application. Imagine a native desktop application written in Ruby with Rails and something like CouchDB embedded. You could develop p2p applications communicating between each others and with a central server.

    Because Rails is now able to be bent in a lot of new interesting ways, we can easily imagine new ways of using this powerful and awesome framework. If you had on top of that the fact that new Ruby implementation seems to improve speed and memory consumption, I think we will discover lots of new interesting way to leverage the Rails power.
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  • This is not the video of the talk, just the slides.
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