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Clearwater Analytics - Money Market Fund Reporting Enhancements20091002

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Recent Enhancements to Clearwater Analytics fully integrated investment reporting solution on money market funds.

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Clearwater Analytics - Money Market Fund Reporting Enhancements20091002

  1. 1. ® Money Market Fund Enhancements PIONEERING INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO REPORTING WITH UNPARALLELED TRANSPARENCY “The gap between money fund and traditional portfolio reporting continues to narrow. Clearwater has developed similar enhancements to their state-of-the-art performance and analytics reporting for funds that have been their trademark for the managed portfolio for years. Now, treasurers can perform even more detailed reporting and analytics across the entire cash spectrum at the push of a button. Not only will these enhancements improve efficiency, they also provide instantaneous risk feedback allowing investors to move quickly in an ever-changing market environment.” – Thomas C. Knight, CCM, Senior VP Business Development and Treasurer, ICD Clearwater investors holding money market funds can immediately realize the following benefits: 1. Thirty-four additional fund characteristic ® data points that dramatically improve risk analysis respective to liquidity, duration and performance metrics. 2. New charts and tables to illustrate fund performance and risk characteristics. 3. An aggregated view of fund and separately managed account investments. 4. Ability to monitor compliance with an investment policy for money market fund investments (i.e. whether a fund investment has exceeded a certain percentage threshold of the fund’s total assets). 5. Metrics useful to understand portfolio composition. 6. Daily, weekly or monthly updates to a variety of fund characteristics. Detailed Functionality Unparalleled Transparency Accrued Interest Change: Presented as a column Location: Portfolio Holdings, Tax Lots and Security Detail reports Funds as a Discrete Category Change: Money market fund holdings will be listed separately from cash Location: Portfolio Holdings, Tax Lots and Security Detail reports ® Phone 208.433.1200 Fax 208.343.2244 | www.clearwateranalytics.com
  2. 2. Fund Characteristics Money Market Fund Accruals Change: A new report presenting a day-by-day breakdown of money market Updated Daily, Weekly fund accruals Location: Accounting Money Market Fund Accrual report found or Monthly Thirty-four New Data Points Change: Addition of 34 new data points Location: The Security Detail report 1. Percent Change in Assets, 2. Percent Maturing within 7 Days 3. WAM 4. Daily Mil Rate 5. Charged Expense Ratio 6. 1-Month Performance 7. 3-Month Performance 8. YTD Performance 9. 1-Year Performance Enhanced Security Detail Pop-up 10. 3-Year Performance Change: Addition of Trade History, Recent Performance bar chart, and a Secu- 11. 5-Year Performance rity Type Allocation pie chart ® 12. 10-Year Performance Location: Available from any report by clicking on the money market fund 13. S&P Rating cusip 14. Moody’s Rating 15. Fitch Rating 16. US Treasury Allocation 17. US Other Allocation 18. Repo Allocation 19. Time Deposits Allocation 20. Domestic Bank Allocation 21. Foreign Bank Allocation 22. 1st Tier CP Allocation 23. FRNS Allocation 24. ABCP Allocation 25. Demand Notes Rated Allocation 26. Demand Notes Unrated Allocation 27. General Market Notes Rated Allocation 28. General Market Notes Unrated Allocation 29. CP Allocation Money Market Fund Asset Allocation 30. Put Bonds Under 6 Months Allocation Change: New Money Market Fund Asset Allocation pie chart showing the combined asset allocation of all funds within an account 31. Put Bonds Over 6 Months Allocation Location: Risk Summary report 32. Other Tax Free Allocation 33. AMT Paper Allocation 34. Accrued Interest Immediately available Call for a demonstration. ® Phone 208.433.1200 Fax 208.343.2244 | www.clearwateranalytics.com