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The Undiet Revolution

  1. The Undiet Revolution
  2. No one wants to be overweight I don’t. Do you?
  3. Why are we overweight? I lead a fast-paced, heavy-travel, regular business dinner lifestyle. I don’t mind working out, but it’s hard to find time to fit it in sometimes. I love food and drink. I hate giving them up. Do you suffer from some of the same problems?
  4. “Conventional” Diets Suck They’re extreme and involve major sacrifices in terms of my routine or preferred foods or extreme amounts of exercise. No fat, no carbs, no booze, run 40 miles a week. Yuk. All of them work to lose the weight. None of them is sustainable, and the weight you lose comes back each time – with a vengeance.
  5. Who Are You To Say? I like food. I like meat, cheese, alcohol, and potatoes in particular. We have now been trained by society to think of all of those food as “generically bad.” That’s actually not true. What is true is that those things, and many others, are “bad if you have too much of them.” Now that, I get. But why not leave it to me to regulate how much of them I eat, rather than tell me to just cut them out?
  6. The Undiet Revolution The Undiet bears little if any resemblance to most conventional diets. It doesn’t proscribe any kind of fixed regime – low this, high that. It doesn’t come with recipes or a cookbook, and it never will. You don’t have to eat frozen meals, drink protein shakes, or go to meetings with strangers. It’s not a diet so much as a way of thinking.
  7. Why is the Undiet Great? I read in some diet book once (I’ve read a lot of them) that “nothing tastes as good as thin feels.” I say that’s a bunch of B.S. Nothing tastes as good as a cheeseburger with fried onions, except for a cheeseburger with fried onions and bacon. And a beer. The Undiet lets you eat and drink as you wish – just not all the time.
  8. The Theory Behind the Revolution The Undiet draws on simple business principles such as budgeting, reporting, simplicity, managing the numbers, and finding a couple of shortcuts to winning.
  9. The Seven Principles Keep score, but don’t count calories 1. 2. Figure out your balance point 3. Track progress vs. a weekly budget Don’t deprive yourself, don’t overdo it 4. 5. Ignore what everyone else tells you 6. Hold yourself accountable 7. Find a trick to win
  10. 1. Keep score, but don’t count calories or grams of anything • -1 point per 30 minutes of exercise • 1 point if a meal is healthy and a normal portion • 1 point per alcoholic beverage • 2 points if a meal is healthy but a large portion; or unhealthy but a normal portion • 3 points if a meal is unhealthy and a large portion • Half points are ok • Max out any meal at 3 (just not too often)
  11. 2. Figure out your balance point How many points per week can you handle without gaining or losing weight? Experiment, and you’ll find it out. For me it’s 42 points of food and 6 of exercise, or net 36 total. If I’m in weight loss mode, 32- 33 does the job.
  12. 3. Track progress vs. a weekly budget What gets measured, gets managed. Keep a running total of points in your head. Make sure you close out each week hitting your budget or beating it. Track it vs. par if you’re a golfer. Do not create a food log unless you consistently miss budget and want to understand why.
  13. 4. Don’t deprive yourself, don’t overdo it Eat and drink as you wish. Just not at every single meal. You’ll have enough yummy food and drink each week, I promise. Regular exercise is important to systemically speed up your metabolism, but you can’t exercise your way out of a hole, and you can eat less to make up for missed exercise once in a while.
  14. 5. Ignore what everyone else tells you “Points? You just made up Weight Watchers for Men.” “You skip breakfast? That’s the most important meal of the day.” “You had three drinks and a cheese steak last night, and you call that a diet?” I’m not a doctor, and if I asked 20 doctors their opinion of the Undiet, I’m sure I’d get 100 reasons why it’s horrible. Did I mention that my cholesterol dropped from 196 to 170 after the first four months of the Undiet and has stayed low? Ignore them all and lose your weight.
  15. 6. Hold yourself accountable If you have half a pizza one night, that’s a 3, you know it’s a 3, so why argue to yourself that it was thin crust, so you only get a 2? Give yourself a 3, take your lumps, have a salad for lunch tomorrow, and move on. As mom says, the only person you’re cheating is yourself.
  16. 7. Find a trick to win Plan out the week ahead of time. Figure out when you will have time to work out and which lunches or dinners are going to be in the “no deprive” zone. Be under par through Tuesday or Wednesday of every week to create slack in the system. Otherwise, you will feel like you’re digging out of a hole as the weekend approaches.
  17. All diets have one thing in common You end up eating fewer calories.
  18. The Undiet does that, too The Undiet is a way of doing that which puts you in control of your program, not a doctor or a nutritionist or a book or a web site or a group of perfect strangers.
  19. Go forth and conquer If your brain has produced a successful career in business, or in any profession that’s goal oriented (including running a family and household), apply those basic principles to your eating, drinking, and exercising with the Undiet. Join the Revolution. The only thing you have to lose is a bunch of weight!