Object Oriented Code RE with HexraysCodeXplorer

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BERserk: New RSA Signature Forgery Attack

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BIOS and Secure Boot Attacks Uncovered

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HexRaysCodeXplorer: object oriented RE for fun and profit

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Bootkits: past, present & future

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HexRaysCodeXplorer: make object-oriented RE easier

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Advanced Evasion Techniques by Win32/Gapz

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Festi botnet analysis and investigation

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Smartcard vulnerabilities in modern banking malware

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Modern malware techniques for attacking RBS systems in Russia

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Win32/Duqu: involution of Stuxnet

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Modern Bootkit Trends: Bypassing Kernel-Mode Signing Policy

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Defeating x64: Modern Trends of Kernel-Mode Rootkits

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Defeating x64: The Evolution of the TDL Rootkit

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Cybercrime in Russia: Trends and Issues

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Stuxnet msu

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