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That’s How You Know When Some One Loves You!

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It is easier to know when you are in love, the sun gets brighter, air gets lighter and your life becomes happier, but how do you know when they love you…? Some say it is in the way they talk while others say it’s in what they do. Sometimes the three magical words aren’t enough and sometimes it is hidden in words like “watch your step or “get some rest”.

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That’s How You Know When Some One Loves You!

  1. 1. That’s How You Know When Some One Loves You! They say with the touch of love, everything changes. Here are a few things people unwittingly do, when they are in true love. These actions of a person differentiate true love from momentary infatuation they feel for someone. Always There For You Whether you want to grab a meal, laugh your heart out or need a shoulder to cry on, the one who loves you truly will be at your side on your one call. Your Suffering Makes Him/Her Sad The one who loves you truly cannot see you unhappy. Your sadness is now not just yours; it makes her feel equally sad and gloomy. Wants to Spend Time With You Investing time in a relationship is an indicator of a long-term intimacy. Someone who loves you always takes out little time out of their busy schedule just to stay with you a bit more. Encourages You To Be A Better Person The one who truly loves you might not be there at your fun times, but he/she is always there to get you through your struggles and success. If they love you, they will encourage you to be better even if it has nothing to do with them. Respects Your Opinion and Value Your Decisions Love is where your opinions; whether it is just about a new shirt he bought or some serious future discussion, they will always ask your opinion because he/she loves you. Puts You First The one who loves you will always put your well being and interests first, even it if it is not the best for them. True love won’t hesitate even if your well being means you’ll be spending some time apart. A true love is unconditional Feelings of love are unconditional; the one who loves you truly will love you no matter you are twenty-three or seventy. Intensity of love will not depend on mood, time or age. There are no terms and conditions when you truly love someone your feelings don’t change for your significant other. Friends Become Friends & Family Becomes Family The one who loves you is not afraid to tell his family and friends what you mean to them. You step out from “Just someone I am dating zone” to “you are family” zone. You Are A Part Of Future Picture Now A true commitment involves planning forever and after with that person if you find them talking how your kids will look like or how your lives will turn out to be after ten years it may be love. I Will Never Give Up On You Last but not the least, the one who truly loves you won’t ever give up on you. They will stick to your side at your darkest days and hold your hands through everything. Their love for you is rooted in commitment and not convenience. If all these points made you think of someone who looks out for you and make you feel like you are the only one in this world, don’t ever let him or her go. Figuring out whether a person truly loves you or not might be a complicated task, but the pleasure of spending a lifetime with your real love worth it all.