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20111013 gamification give our kids a voice

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In this presentation you find 5 different proposals about how to mobilize kids to take action in changing our education systems.

It was created by participants of the gamification workshop at StartUP Europe Week 2011.

Spread it, use it and make a change happening.

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20111013 gamification give our kids a voice

  1. 1. Gamification Workshop – the next step.Output of presente! challenge: How to mobilize kids for improving oureducation 10/24/2011
  2. 2. Our presente! challenge.Personal: Choose 1 action that you are doingwithin the next 3 days to improve oureducation system.Group: Create a fun campaign for kids,students and young creative to participate atthe referendum and the discussion for aneducation transformation.Use all your existing knowledge, network andcreate a campaign that is mobilizing the kidsin a fun way.Playground. Education referendum in AustriaTools. Your superpower and network.Mission. Create a gameful campaign and takea concrete action within the next 3 days.Reward. Make it happen. presente! give your voice to the young generations!
  3. 3. Tag your folksWhy?Create awareness to voters and get the bestcontent for the referendumHow?Tag stickers, vote onlineWhat?Take a look at the pictureWho?Alex Napetschnig Alex.napetschnig@alumni.esade.ed uOliver Mack mack@oliver-mack.deFabian Topfstedt fabian@topfstedt.deIra Lee Kuhn Iralee_kuhn@yahoo.dePaola Bortini paola@pameambro.org presente! give your voice to the young generations!
  4. 4. Super KidsWhy?Kids should create the future educationHow?Observe the kids inventing stories about scenesaround fun learningWhat?Take a look at the pictureWho?Christoph Richter christoph@richter.mdeDoris Martinz kiwizimt@gmail.comVincent Wagner Vincent.wgr@gmail.comAlessandro Petrucciani Alessandro.petrucciani@alum ni.easade.eduVurasin Stojkov vstojkov@gmail.com presente! give your voice to the young generations!
  5. 5. Happy KingdomWhy?Give children a voiceHow?Internet Fun Video ContestWhat?• 4 Weeks visual contets• Weekly rewards TV presentation• Team work in classroom• Age categories• Number of impressions within a monthWho?Tudor Tarler tudor@kineters.comAndreas Tischler Andreas.tischler@gmx.atPhilipp Schneider Philipp.schneider@gmx.atArkadiusz Kwasny Kwahus@gmail.comMagnus Sognefors magnus.sognefors@gmail.com presente! give your voice to the young generations!
  6. 6. Dream SchoolWhy?Give children a voice and have influence oneducation systemHow?5 Stage FlowWhat?• Open Space Studio concept 2 express• Playing Rules underlying concepts• Buzz creation• Community info + involvment• Consolidation ReportWho?Curtis Deschambault Curtis.deschambault@gmail.co mLina Ioannou Lina.ioannou@gmail.comAngelika Schanda Angelika.schanda@gmx.netYuki Naruse yukinaruse224@gmail.comPavel Binar info@pavelbinar.cz presente! give your voice to the young generations!
  7. 7. Please fill inWhy? To give kids a positiveperspective about themselvesHow? Explore your superpowersWhat? Play the superhero game.Who?Sandra Miegl Sandra.miegl@gmail.comGrzegorz Rduch grduch@gmail.comMiguel Guiness Miguel@hearingthevoice.comMichaela Trestikova Michaela.trestikova@gmail.comBaris Tamer baristamer1@gmail.com presente! give your voice to the young generations!
  8. 8. The next step. Let‘s make it happen.1 min.Sign in at the Facebook page presente!https://www.facebook.com/pages/presente/1501937517205893 min.Let us know about amazing school projectswww.present-e.org10 min.Tell one friend about this project.33 min.Get in contact with you WS group and mobilize them.33 min. +Contribute to make your idea become reality. Jointhe full game. presente! give your voice to the young generations!