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LSP in k 12

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The need for languages for specific purposes at the K-12 level so students are prepared for advanced language for immediate careers or college.

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LSP in k 12

  1. 1. S Meeting Industry Needs Through LSP Innovation in US Schools Cristin Bleess, Castle View H.S., Colorado Janet Graham, CAPS, Kansas Mary Risner, University of Florida Melissa Swarr, Hempsfield School District, Pennsylvania
  2. 2. Overview S NOBLE S Spanish for Leadership S Global Business S Medical Spanish S Q & A
  3. 3. LE………. Network of Business Language Educators…  is a learning community established in 2009  brings together K-16 educators  facilitates connections between foreign language/culture study and the professional schools  promotes real-world connections and innovative teaching and learning approaches
  4. 4. Promoting Articulation… Secondary Foreign Language Post-secondary Professional Schools
  5. 5. Why LSP in K-12? S Motivates students early on through a practical application of language S Encourages real-world connections and communication skills so students see value of language and culture in their lives S Some students may choose career paths that don’t require going to university
  6. 6. Supporting LSP at K-12 S Identifies innovative K-12 teachers interested in LSP S Helps teachers integrate LSP into their courses/schools S Empowers and supports teachers to disseminate their work at conferences and in publications S Builds a network of collaborators to share models and ideas
  7. 7. Expansion of Models S Naples, Orlando S Crystal River S Katrina Beeck S Global Logistics/Career Academies
  8. 8. …………….
  9. 9. www.nble.org @langforcareers