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  1. 1. Amistad: A Nation at odds Objectives: Students will discuss slavery in the United States and its role in the expansion of the nation Students will analyze the Amistad case to examine portrayal of the enslaved Mende Africans Materials: A History of Us: Liberty for All? 1820-1860 Movie Trailer (shared drive) Education World: The Mende Language John Quincy Adams Speech from Amistad the movie http://www.education-world.com/a_lesson/TM/WS_amistad_language.shtml Procedure: • Warm Up 1: Watch the Amistad trailer. In your Social Studies Notebook respond to the following prompt: Freedom is not given; it is our right, at birth. But there are moments in history when it must be taken. (Students will share this response AFTER reading the story of Amistad) • Using guided reading strategies, the students will read Chapter 32:
  2. 2. Amistad means friendship (p. 171-176) and break for discuss throughout to check for understanding. • Once groups have finished reading (allow 5-8min.) instruct learners to review their responses to the warm up and reflect on their original response. Allow a few minutes for student to change their responses if necessary. • Share responses if time allows • Warm Up 2: Take a Mind walk: Imagine you’re in a foreign country and are taken into custody. You do not speak the language and there is no one there who can understand you. What do you do? How would you try to explain yourself to your captors? • Listen to the story of Josiah Gibbs and John Covey. Was Josiah Gibbs an ordinary hero? Why did these men help “write” history? http://www.education-world.com/a_lesson/TM/WS_amistad_language.shtml • Watch John Quincy Adams speech from the Amistad trial (this is approx. 10 minutes and will need discussion throughout in order to keep focus)
  3. 3. • Discuss Adams motivation for defending the Mende Africans. • Respond to the quote on page 171 by Mamadou Kouyate. In your Social Studies notebook, write a response and make connections between her words and the story of Amistad (complete for homework) • Warm Up 3: Share, in a small group, your responses from last night’s homework assignment (pg. 171 quote). Each small group will share one response with the whole class. • Critical Thinking: The word “amistad” means friendship in Spanish. On a piece of chart paper, write the following question: Do you think Amistad was a good name for the ship that sailed with the Mende Africans? Divide the paper into two columns. One column should be labeled NO and one labeled YES. Have students respond to the question before writing their response on the chart paper. Students will record their responses on the chart paper in the appropriate column. Conduct discussion as responses are being given. Encourage students to support their argument/idea and be accepting of all responses that include those supports.