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Research	  –	  Costumes	  and	  Prop	  Ideas	   	                                              	            Marley	  Emeri...
Figure	  3	  -­‐	  http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-­‐26706640/stock-­‐photo-­‐pretty-­‐straw-­‐hat-­‐with-­‐flower-­‐on-­‐...
Figure	  5	  -­‐	  http://danskin-­‐shoes.com/tap-­‐dancing-­‐shoes	  	  	   	                	    	   	     	   	        ...
Props	  –	  	  	  Figure	  7	  	  -­‐	  http://tinysparklythings.blogspot.com/2009/11/diy-­‐how-­‐to-­‐recover-­‐old-­‐umb...
Figure	  8	  -­‐	  http://oil.otago.ac.nz/oil/centraltafe/module1/Know-­‐about-­‐information/Types-­‐of-­‐information/Book...
 Figure	  10	  –	  http://allthingschristmasnigeriainnerpages.blogspot.com/2010/11/hampers.html	  	  	                    ...
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Research – costumes and prop ideas

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Research – costumes and prop ideas

  1. 1. Research  –  Costumes  and  Prop  Ideas       Marley  Emerich       Costumes  –       For  my  first  costume  idea  I  wanted  something   simple  for  the  3  boys.  Although,  they  are   supposed  to  be  a  little  poor  and  neglected  in   the  play.  So  I  wanted  jeans  for  them,  which   seemed  appropriate  but  I  thoughts  that   ripped  jeans  would  give  them  a  more   “neglected”  look.  If  they  had  perfect  and  neat   jeans  it  wouldn’t  look  as  realistic  if  they  had   more  battered  up  jeans.  I  also  didn’t  want   them  to  use  anything  other  then  jeans   because  1,  they  are  easy  to  find  in  “ripped   form”.  2  because  ripped  khakis  or  sweat   pants  are  not  very  attractive  and  it  would  Figure  1  -­  Jeans  -­  http://www.kidsandjeans.com/store/Customize-­Your-­ require  cutting  holes  in  them  Jeans.html   which  no  one  wants  to  do.  So   jeans  it  is.         This  is  the  type  of  dress  I’d  like  to  use  of   Annie.  It’s  a  fun  and  cute  summer  dress,   which  is  both  attractive  and  something  that  a   person  could  be  wearing  on  a  daily  basis.  I   like  this  one  because  of  the  flowers  and  the   detail  and  it  is  also  something  that  s  reliable   for  a  girl  to  have.  Somewhere  (hopefully)  she   should  have  a  little  summer  dress.  This  will   probably  be  her  outfit  the  whole  time.       Figure  2  –     http://www.adverts.ie/dresses/river-­‐island-­‐ floral-­‐summer-­‐dress-­‐size-­‐10/752409  
  2. 2. Figure  3  -­‐  http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-­‐26706640/stock-­‐photo-­‐pretty-­‐straw-­‐hat-­‐with-­‐flower-­‐on-­‐white-­‐background.html    This  is  an  example  of  a  cute  straw   hat  that  would  go  well  with  the   summer  dress  for  Annie.  The  hat   adds  more  to  the  character  because   then  costume  is  a  lot  more  detailed.   With  the  hat  on  it  shows  that  she’s   a  bit  formal  and  she  likes  to  dress   up.  This  simple  hat  can  build  a  lot   of  character.  And  the  more  thought   put  into  the  costume,  the  more  the   audience  appreciates  it,  therefore  it   helps  a  lot  to  have  a  good  costume.      It  also  gives  the  actor,  Annie,  more  character  to  go  off  of  therefore  helping  her  act.        Figure  4  –  http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-­‐30174463/stock-­‐photo-­‐man-­‐with-­‐a-­‐dirty-­‐shirt-­‐towards-­‐white-­‐background.html         This  dirty  shirt  is  ideal  for  the   3  boys  in  my  play  because   they  don’t  get  their  closed   washed  or  have  an  ideal   upbringing.  A  dirty  or   unwashed  shirt  will  show   that  they  are  kind  of   neglected.  This  tells  the   audience  what  kind  of  setting   they  live  in  which  gives  them   a  better  idea  of  the  situation   as  well.  We  don’t  necessarily   have  to  use  a  white  shirt.  They  can  all  have  different  colors  for  their  dirty  shirts.          
  3. 3. Figure  5  -­‐  http://danskin-­‐shoes.com/tap-­‐dancing-­‐shoes                       This  shoe  is  an  example  of  the  style   of  shoe  that  I  think  will  go  really  well   with  Annie’s  costume.  They  are  cute   and  girlie  and  would  complete  the   outfit  that  I  have  planned  for  her.   These  aren’t  the  exact  ones  I  wanted   but  they  look  very  similar  to  the   school-­‐girl  style  that  would  look  well   on  her.                Figure  6  -­‐  http://www.chinatownconnection.com/qi-­‐pao-­‐clothing.htm                 I  thought  than  another  very  good  choice  for   Annie’s  costume  could  be  a  Chinese  qipao.   Considering  the  fact  that  she  is  Chinese  and   we  are  in  China,  I  thought  that  would  be  a   good  idea.  It’s  girly  and  very  elegant,  and  it   would  suit  a  responsible  character  like   Annie’s  character  very  nicely.            
  4. 4. Props  –      Figure  7    -­‐  http://tinysparklythings.blogspot.com/2009/11/diy-­‐how-­‐to-­‐recover-­‐old-­‐umbrella.html                           This  umbrella  is  a  good  prop  for   Annie.  One  reason  is,  this  prop   adds  more  personality  to  her   character  because  she’d  be   carrying  around  an  accessory.  It   could  be  used  in  many  occasions   like  to  pretend  it’s  raining  or  it   could  give  her  something  to  do   while  in  a  scene.  She  could  be   touching  it  or  playing  with  it,   which  ensures  that  she  has   something  to  do  to  just  in  case   she  “wanders.”        Figure  7  -­‐  http://bloesem.blogs.com/bloesem/2008/04/ladak.html     This  blanket  could  be   used  for  Kazuki.  Because   he  is  always  sleeping  or  at   least  trying  to,  it  would  be   fit  for  him  to  carry  around   a  blanket.  This  prop  could   be  a  comedic  and   informative  piece  because   if  he  were  to  lie  down  in   random  places  and  sleep   with  it,  it’d  be  funny.  Also,   it  gives  people  an  idea   that  he  is  related  to  sleep.      
  5. 5. Figure  8  -­‐  http://oil.otago.ac.nz/oil/centraltafe/module1/Know-­‐about-­‐information/Types-­‐of-­‐information/Books.html         This  book  could  be  used  for   Hanson.  He  could  be   pretending  to  struggle   reading  it  or  hold  it  upside   down.  This  shows  the   audience  that  he  doesn’t   have  an  education  and  that   he  wants  to  learn.  It  also   gives  him  something  to  do  as   well  if  he  is  just  standing  like   a  rock  on  stage.          Figure  9  -­‐  http://www.dimensionsguide.com/frying-­‐pan-­‐sizes/           This  pan  could  be  used   for  junior  to  eat  out  of   in  the  final  scene.  It   serves  as  a  plate,  so  he   can  eat  out  of  it  but  it   is  also  shows  that  he  is   still  not  living  the  way   that  people  normally   live  by  eating  out  of  a   pan.  It  could  be   comedic  and  ironic.                
  6. 6.  Figure  10  –  http://allthingschristmasnigeriainnerpages.blogspot.com/2010/11/hampers.html           This  last  prop  is  a  basket.  This   basket  could  be  used  by  one   of  the  characters,  maybe   Annie  to  not  only  look  cute   and  add  character,  but  it   could  hold  some  of  the  props   not  needed  at  the  moment  so   she  can  pull  them  out  faster   later.  This  will  help  a  lot  when   changing  a  scene  very  quickly   and  needing  to  change  props.