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Sdumo Trust

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Sdumo Trust

  1. 1. SMARTER- STRONGER- FASTERwww.imison.com
  2. 2. In association withInnovative BuildingTechnologies40m2 RDP Building Units
  3. 3. Innovative BuildingTechnologies
  4. 4. Innovative BuildingTechnologiesWall Technology Cut-Away
  5. 5. Imison Technology
  6. 6. The FoundationsAny traditional foundation can be usedwith our technology.Raft foundations can be used for most soilconditions. The foundations are adaptedfor each project to cater for the local soilconditions.Foundations are power floated.Lighter walls mean lower foundationspecifications than houses that are builtwith bricks
  7. 7. OverviewImison™ is a patented construction systemIt uses Expanded Polystyrene (“EPS”), lightgauge steel, and a patented high densityplaster technology called Fibrecote™Imison™ is used across the full spectrum ofboth residential and commercial developmentThe first Imison™ house was erected inCape Town, South Africa in 1997.Imison™ is recognized as the evolution ofconstruction and a global solution forinfrastructure backlogs particularly due toits speed of quality construction.
  8. 8. Imison™ walls are constructed from ready madepanels.A 40 m2 (360 square feet) structure possible inless than 3 hours.The EPS in the walls provides insulation resultingin Imison™ houses being 6C (10.8F) warmer inwinter and 2C (3.6F) cooler in summer comparedto brick and mortar control houses in tests byAgrément.Due to the light gauge steel columns and thestrength and density of Fibrecote™ meansImison™ walls have a higher overall wall strength.The Walls
  9. 9. Fibrecote™Fibrecote™ not only has strength benefitsbut also:Reducing the risk of damp inside the houseReduced condensation build up inside thehouse.
  10. 10. The RoofsImison™ Houses can accommodate anytraditional roofing structure.Alternatively Imison™ builds a complimentaryroofing system which is lightweight and doesnot need any specialised equipment to lift intoposition.The roof is double insulated with EPS andSisalation 405 and is erected in conjunctionwith the walls
  11. 11. Superior StrengthThe strength of our materials allows our housingsystem to be engineered to withstand extreme lateraland horizontal loads.In addition to the light gauge steel, our patented highstrength industrial plaster, Fibrecote™, has an averagestrength in excess of 22Mpa, more than three timesthe strength of conventional plaster according toAgrément.Consequently, Imison™ has comfortably surpassedthe standards of some of the world’s most stringentconstruction accreditations.
  12. 12. Our Accreditations• Agrément Certification• Agrément South Africa is an internationally recognized, independentcentre for the assessment and certification of innovative, non-standardisedconstruction systems recognised in more than 21 countries around the world.• Agrément certification incorporates the requirements of:• The South African Department of Public Works,• Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR),• International Council for Building Research, Studies and Documentation(CIB)• South African Bureau of Standards (SABS),• World Federation of Technical Assessment Organisations (WFTAO),• South African Department of Housing,• South African National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC),• Council for the Built Environment (CBE)• The Independent Development Trust (IDT).
  13. 13. Hurricane Rating• Florida is the most hurricane-prone state in the USA.• Consequently structures there have a hurricane rating that measures theability of structures to withstand severe weather conditions.• Tests conducted on Imison™ confirmed that the Imison™ constructionsystem has the flexibility to be engineered to withstand winds in excess of160 miles/h, – a full hurricane rating in Florida.
  14. 14. Snowload 3 Rating• The Imison™ construction system can be engineered to withstand extremehorizontal loads.• Imison™ achieved a Snowload 3 rating in Sweden, which means that it couldsafely carry 3 meters (9 Feet) of compressed snow on the roof.• Once again the flexibility to tailor Imison™ to withstand extreme climaticchallenges was confirmed.
  15. 15. No Damp• Both the EPS and Fibrecote™ used in the wallsallows moisture to move from high pressureinside the house to the lower pressure areaoutside the house, a process commonly referredto as vapour diffusion.• This reduces condensation build up inside thehouse and helps to ensure that there are nodamp problems within the house.No Cracks• The construction materials used to erectconventional brick houses settle substantiallyduring the first post-construction months, oftenresulting in structural cracks.• EPS does not require any settling, whether it iswithin months or after several years. As a resultImison™ structures are free from structuralcracks.
  16. 16. FAQs• Do these houses feel different?This depends largely on the thickness of the walls but even atthe thinnest specification there is very little difference between abrick house and our house.• How long will they last?One of the many roles of Agrément testing is to ensure that thehouses will last longer than we will. There are many otherhousesaround the world that have been built using EPS – some builtmore than 50 years ago. Our oldest house is now 10 years oldand still looks like it did the day it was first built.• Can you renovate them?They can be renovated with both our technology as well as withtraditional bricks and mortar technologies. We will ensure thatsuitable support is implemented through our partners to provideongoing maintenance and renovation support.
  17. 17. • How do you maintain them?Our houses are maintained as you would any otherhouse. Unlike brick houses that settle a lot duringtheir first few months resulting in cracks, EPSdoes not settle and even after many years, ourhouses remain crack free. Therefore the extent ofthe maintenance is the occasional coat of paintmay be required as with any other house.Maintenance manuals can be provided with the tohouses show homeowners how to perform routinemaintenance functions.• Can you renovate them?They can be renovated with both our technologyas well as with traditional bricks and mortartechnologies. We will ensure that suitable supportis implemented through our partners to provideongoing maintenance and renovation support.
  18. 18. • Are there any design constraints?No there aren’t any.• Can you build double story?Our technology has been approved for doublestory construction by Agrément. Using engineeringapproved designs we can build far higher buildings.• Is EPS environmentally friendly?EPS is considered to be one of the mostenvironmentally friendly materials in the world.
  19. 19. 38Manufacturing and Delivery
  20. 20. 39Manufacturing and Delivery
  21. 21. Manufacturing and Delivery
  22. 22. Delivery
  23. 23. Hotel @ HatfieldConcrete frame : walls by Imison™Compared to brick/mortar:• Time saving : 70%• Weight saving: 65%• Direct cost saving: App 20%• Energy efficiency: ref slide 57• Healthier habitatKnock-on cost savings:• Lighter concrete structure needed• Tenant/owner occupation muchsooner• Running cost : air conditioning, nomoisture penetration, no cracking* Influenced by spec
  24. 24. InternationalLondon

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