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IT and Higher Education: Where are We Headed?

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IT and Higher Education: Where are We Headed?

  1. 1. ITIT and Higher Education:Where Are We and Higher Education: Where Are WeHeaded?Mark Roman Headed? Mark Roman
  2. 2. Internalizing systems governance as a thoughtful practice at all levels
  3. 3. WHO WHERE WHAT • StrategyVPs, AVPs, Deans, Information Systems • GovernanceExecutive Directors Steering Committee • Enterprise portfolio • Policy • Student labsDeans, Faculty, Working Educational Technology • Learning management Working WorkingAVPs, Learning & Groups Advisory Committee • Audio Visual Groups GroupsTeaching Centre • Classroom technology • Data centresResearchers, Working Research Computing • Capability & capacity Working WorkingFaculty, AVP-R, & Groups Steering Committee • Storage Groups GroupsResearch Office • ProposalsStudent, Finance, • SchedulingHR, Advancement, Working Priorities Administrative Systems • Resource allocation Working WorkingFacilities, Research Groups Groups Operating Committee • Project oversight Groups ObjectivesAdmin, & Systems • Prioritization Inform New Projects Project Review Monitor Committee
  4. 4. FitUtilityBalance
  5. 5. Rank Initiative 1 Project A 2 Project B • Base funding of notional allocation 3 Project C Base funded • Recommended through working groups • Largest component of work underway at a given time 4 Project D Approved 5 Project E bygovernance 6 Project F Project funded • One-time project funds process 7 Project G • Example: Research Administration System fund 8 Project H • Ancillary department funded Ancillary funded • Example: Housing System 9 Project I 10 Project J Fee for service • Client sponsored and funded 11 Project K 12 Project L 13 Project M Waitlist • Beyond capacity of functional units and IT at this point in time 14 Project N 15 Project O
  6. 6. Shedding the sheer weight of the past
  7. 7. Fix Plan Do Check Vision DECISION GOVERNANCE RECOMMENDATIONS Annually evaluate strategic success Strategy STRATEGIC PROGRAM PLANNING INITIATIVES Measure goal progress quarterly ANNUAL SERVICE INTEGRATEDOperations PLAN PROJECTS Assess personal achievements PERFORMANCE ASSIGNED Tactics TASKS PLAN
  8. 8. Does Privacy Matter?
  9. 9. Cloud-onomics
  10. 10. Infinite Data
  11. 11. Manufacturing is the new agriculture
  12. 12. Commercializing R&DSuccess Time Research Development Commercialization
  13. 13. Applying organization-wide discipline to extract value from technology
  14. 14. Organizations only do two things … Processes Projects … projects execute change.
  15. 15. Initiation Planning Execution Closure Asset Maintenance Revisions Project Needs Develop Implement Plan Shutdown Maintain Project Flow Charter Project Plan Project Asset Document Document Progress Final Product Support Work Approval Approval Approval Steering Review Review Monitor Review BenefitCommittee Charter Plan Status Deliverable Realization Accepted Role New Project Not Needed Not Sufficient Not Successful Not Accepted Work Continue Initiate Reject Reject Cancel Execution Next Phase Status reporting Portfolio assessment Fiscal budget Base budget • Priorities Risk plan • Risk Scope Support resources • Strategic fit Control Resource plan Schedule Benefit measuresMechanisms Quality plan Communication plan Vendor management Issue log Change control
  16. 16. All institutions manage systems through these stages – knowingly or not. Theymay do them well or they may do them wretchedly, but they always do them.