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Mark Hughes Broker/Owner BFP Sotheby's

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Mark Hughes Real Estate Sotheby\'s Branded Agent

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Mark Hughes Broker/Owner BFP Sotheby's

  1. 1. Mark Hughes Branded For Success REAL edition mid atlantic M A G A Z I N E
  2. 2. H e's an active REALTOR®, broker/owner, published author and accomplished public speaker. And Mark Hughes isn't showing signs of slowing down. His signature drive and tenacity have evolved into the strong business traits that enable this successful b u s i n e s s m a n t o s h a re h i s k n o w l e d g e w i t h others. “My father was a coach, and early on, that was what I aspired to be,” reveals Mark. “Today, I'm incorporating leadership skills and setting the right examples so that other real estate agents may tap into their own resources and find success.” Laying the Foundation Mark's foray into real estate came after the University of Virginia graduate worked for JP Morgan in commercial lending. The position afforded him an understanding of the financial end of real estate, which has been an invaluable asset to his role as a real estate agent and consultant. A post-college real estate course piqued his interest in the sales side of the business, and Mark subsequently began purchas- ing properties and renovating them for resale. Both at work and as a hobby, Mark fell in love w i t h t h e re a l e s t a t e i n d u s t r y. H e b e c a m e passionate about the art of the deal and what the industry could offer to someone willing to create a career around it. And so Mark made the move to REALTOR®. Cultivating a Niche Specializing early on in the luxury market, Mark dedicated himself to learning the specific wants and needs of his targeted clientele. He became interested in the power of marketing and advertising, which led to the development of a strong personal branding campaign. Throughout h i s c a r e e r, h e h a s m a d e c a l c u l a t e d m o v e s designed to enhance his knowledge and skills, and ultimately to help him reach his profes- sional goals. After aligning himself with a Sotheby's franchise in Sarasota, Florida, he capitalized upon the opportunity to return to Mark Hughes: Branded for Success I'm committed to the business of marketing, selling and buying luxury real estate, and I'm passionate about the business of branding.
  3. 3. his home state of Delaware, where he is now a broker/ “I've attended many seminars and training sessions where owner of Brandywine Fine Properties Sotheby's Interna- the speaker was someone who hadn't been in the field tional Realty. for years, yet he was advocating worn out techniques and scripts, and sharing old theories on how to succeed,” Building a Business Mark recalls. “I've seen people get swept up in the “I've known for years that I wanted to own a broker- motivation, but I believe that long-term business help age,” says Mark, who notes, “I always thought (the comes from inspiring people, not just motivating them.” brokers) I worked for were great, but I've consistently had ideas to add to what they were doing. In addition “The purpose of Branded Cow is to get agents discover to understanding the technical side of the business, my and build upon their own authentic brand,” continues aim is to act as a leader who serves by example.” His Mark. “It's about finding what you're passionate about, brokerage is a growing firm, and Mark continues to uncovering the things that really inspire you. Many execute business expansion. “We would be comfortable people are surprised to discover that you really can mix with twelve to fourteen great agents, with a production what you love with the business of real estate.” His volume of two hundred and fifty million per year,” he objective approach enables agents to use mathematical states. And with his business, real estate and branding equations in determining the sustainability of their ideal experience, there's a good chance he'll achieve that goal market niche. “From athletics to single moms, from art in record time. “I'm committed to the business of to horses, there are unlimited demographics and groups marketing, selling and buying luxury real estate, and I'm of potential client bases to whom agents can market their p a s s i o n a t e a b o u t t h e b u s i n e s s o f b r a n d i n g ,” M a r k relevant services.” reveals. “This has allowed me to take on so many responsibilities.” By all accounts, he's flourishing in his Finding that target market, says Mark, is a key to building endeavors; since he joined Brandywine Fine Properties a real estate business. Oftentimes, it's also the most Sotheby's International Realty, Mark says the listings difficult step for agents to take. “Specialization is vital,” volume has increased sixfold. “It hasn't been easy,” he he asserts. “Most people are terrified to do it, but it's in acknowledges, “but there's a great satisfaction in seeing the best interest of a real estate professional's long-term the successful development of our projects.” success. Instead of looking at it as limiting the number of people they're marketing to, I encourage agents to A Professional Legacy consider that they may be limiting their focus but they Perhaps his greatest accomplishment to date is the are actually expanding their influence.” creation of the industry specific company, Branded Cow Real Estate Marketing. “After twenty years of working He's spent years thinking outside the box, and now Mark for other people on their terms, I am really excited to has combined his knowledge and experience and put have a company that I have created from the ground up,” says Mark. “There's nothing like the feeling of taking an idea and bringing it to fruition; it's incredibly exciting.” The company is designed to offer authen- t i c m a r k e t i n g s o l u t i o n s f o r re a l estate professionals who, all too often, are taught by individuals who are removed from the daily workings of the business. by Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa K.C., Dean, Mark and Judy
  4. 4. them right back in...literally! “We offer a brand in a box, One- and two-day branding workshops address the with seven components that agents must put into play specific branding components that all successful agents to develop their personal brand,” he says. “We take use, from basic concepts to networking and PR, to their style, which includes their appearance, photogra- maximizing Internet exposure. Also available are branded phy, color themes, imagery, logo and tagline, copy and blogs and self assessment tests, which enable agents to put it all together into personal brand specific templates evaluate their current branding efforts to identify for advertising, newsletters and direct mail pieces.” Mark strengths and areas of improvement. The focus is always teaches real estate professionals to effectively use the on the individual, says Mark, who notes that the goal isn't Internet, networking opportunities, advertising and PR in to use a common “winning” format for advertising and order to become what he calls “the agent first in mind.” marketing, but to incorporate an agent's unique story and He explains, “Statistically, most buyers and sellers only perspective into his or her presentation and collateral. call one agent when they need a real estate professional. How do you become the one that they call first? That's A Drive to Succeed what the book and workshop are all about.” Mark's own story reads like a fast-paced contemporary novel: a classic story of success through hard work, Mark's book, Branding the Real Estate Agent: The Complete talent, and a dash of serendipity. His personal appeal is Guide to Making it Big in Real Estate, is a step-by-step undeniable; he effortlessly blends a natural charm with guide designed to help agents distinguish themselves professional acumen. Perhaps this mix was the deciding from “the herd,” to become distinct and recognizable factor when HGTV approached him to host a four- among the masses of similar agents. “Every successful episode series about Florida's Gulf Coast Realty for their real estate professional knows that to do really well in hit show “National Open House.” An accomplished this business you must market yourself first, and list and orator, Mark has shared his talents as a speaker at the sell homes along the way,” he RE/MAX International Conven- asserts. “Buyers and sellers tion where his lecture “Platinum should feel that they are our and Beyond Breaking Through Mark Hughes first priority, but our primary Yo u r I n c o m e C e i l i n g ” w a s a n Brandywine Fine Properties mission should be to market and immediate success. Sotheby's International Realty brand ourselves all the time.” 5806 Kennett Pike Not only does that marketing Among Mark's many professional Centreville, DE 19807 help agents acquire new busi- accomplishments are consistent 302-654-6500 ness, explains Mark, but it also ranking among the top 1% of real MarkHughes@BFPSIR.com sets the tone for collegial rela- estate agents worldwide, as well tionships. “When other agents as a bevy of production and cli- www.BFPSIR.com k n o w t h a t yo u ' r e s u c c e s s f u l , ent satisfaction awards. Perhaps www.BrandedCow.com they will seek you out. They'll his most important achievement, trust you and what you have to though, is his ability to step out Brandywine s a y. T h a t h e l p s f a c i l i t a t e of the business suit and assume Fine Properties smoother transactions, and leads his cherished role as a father and to win-win dynamics.” husband. Mark's wife Judy is a luxury real estate specialist serv- His workshops are designed to help agents put the ing southeastern Pennsylvania. The couple has two book's principles in actions, and they often challenge children, aspiring actress K.C. and Dean, who hopes to participants to step outside of their marketing comfort one day play pro-football. “I'm passionate about my zones. “Successful agents take certain steps in network- work, but my family is and always will be my priority,” ing, direct mail, advertising and Internet exposure,” Mark says Mark, who is also an avid sports enthusiast. says. “The majority of sales associates, though, are still doing things that don't work. Many people are still Mark's future goals include a calculated expansion of his coached on techniques: using scripts, making cold calls, brokerage, and he continues to build his own base of and hitting the proverbial pavement. I've never been one repeat and referral clients. He also plans to pen more for cold calling; that's not how to became successful. b o o k s a i m e d a t h e l p i n g a g e n t s i n c re a s e t h e i r o w n Understanding that people want to be sold on some- business. He says he will always challenge himself to body, not by somebody, has made the difference, we all acquire more knowledge and better skills to best serve live in a no spin zone these days” Relationship manage- as his region's luxury home market expert. He remains ment, says Mark, is the key to a successful and long real committed to practicing his business in the manner that estate career. “Through being authentically unique, has earned him the respect of his colleagues and clients relevant to your target market, and consistent in with low pressure, and an unwavering dedication to everything you do, agents create branding relationships meeting and exceeding expectations. And he is willingly with their clientele. This fosters a sense of trust, sharing his industry knowledge with his colleagues, so respect, credibility and ultimately earns business loyalty.” that they may find their own brand of success.