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Why You Need to Add Video to Your 2018 Demand Gen Strategy

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  • Lizzy

    Let’s talk about a few video best practices before we get started.

    Length is important as our attention spans as humans is decreasing, we want to make sure we are capturing our audience’s attention and not boring them with too long of videos. That being said, depending on the type of video you are producing, optimal video lengths can vary. Posting to social should be 15-30 seconds but if you’re showcasing your product, they can be a little longer.

    You’d be surprised by how many videos are viewed on mobile. I don’t have a stat but I’d be it’s more on mobile than on desktop! So making your video mobile friendly is one of the most important things you can do.

    When you are making a video, decide what your goal is (whether it’s brand awareness, invite to an event, showcasing a new product, etc..) and align your CTA of the video with that goal.

    And finally – a video is a statement of your brand, so make sure you aren’t veering away from your brand and tell your story
  • Lizzy

    Next we are going to get into how to utilize videos across channels for demand gen – we’ll go into…
  • lisa
  • If I was going to break down everything you need to build a winning social strategy, I’d touch on a few key points.

    Focus on providing value, Not Sales
    Be informative
    Keep it short and simple
    Include text overlay as will be watching on mobile devices
    Go live and have fun!
  • Mobile friendly
    Tweets with videos are six times more likely to be retweeted than tweets with photos, and three times more likely to be retweeted than tweets with GIFs. 

    3 Seconds Counts as View

    Really highlight who you are.
    Quick pace, fast moving
    Show you are in the know
  • Product updates-fun and visual
    Informational updates
    Invite with lots of movement
  • With the new algorithm changes, content and engagement will be more relevant than ever before as a Facebook video receives, on average, 135% more organic reach than a Facebook photo (Socialbakers, 2015)

    Facebook is a great channel to give a broader perspective of who your brand is.
    Present more extended content
    “Video is largely underutilized on Facebook.” ~Buffer
    Video gets 3x engagement and images see 2.3x more engagement than posts without images. - BuzzSumo

    Events: Carousel, albums, Livestreaming

  • Examples:
    Company Culture, why it’s a great place to work. Tell your brand story.
    Social campaigns, giveaways. Have fun!
    Blog- How to, tips and tricks.
  • There are three places you can use video on LinkedIn: your profile, LinkedIn Publisher, and updates
    Share news that’s top of mind
    Post succinct, tips and tricks
    Include thought leadership content
    One thing we’ve found works well on LI is posting company culture posts, showing what it’s like to work at Marketo.
    This is a great channel to encourage your executive staff to engage and share on. When I’m working with execs, we encourage LI first, Twitter second.
  • Here’s a look at LinkedIn’s latest #InItTogether campaign they’re highlighting video

    Fun,general quick helpful information

    Informational tips and tricks/how to’s-
  • Instagram drives the most engagement per post compared to any social network–84 times more than Twitter, 54 times more than Pinterest and 10 times more than Facebook. Sprout

  • Product highlights, User generated content
    Tell a story through quotes and visuals.
    Behind the scenes. Highlight company culture
    Bright, visual, fun visuals

    Use hashtags (be cautious not to use too many)
  • Stories
    Share behind the scenes
    User generated content
    Fun facts
    Highlight your brand’s personality…have fun!
  • The equivalent of 110 years of live video is watched on Periscope every day. 
    Facebook users comment 10X more on live videos than they do on regular videos (Facebook, 2016).
    Allows audience to engage organically
    Ask real questions in real time
    Be human
  • Square/vertical videos have a +67% higher view completion rate – Mari Smith
    It’s also a great opportunity for you get organic reach- you don’t have to pay to get impressions
  • trilby
  • Lizzy

    Content you can produce yourself and share across channels without paid
  • Lizzy
    Many benefits of adding video to your emails
    Increase click through rate / conversion rate: Get your message across easily (one less click when it’s embedded)
    Increase amount of time of engagement – since they’ll be viewing a video rather than reading
    Increase sharing – especially if you have a social share CTA within the video
    Overall increase in ROI
    Coding can be tricky to make mobile friendly (test, test, test) – embedding video via HTML
  • lizzy
    Add video to your webpages:
    Web page examples: product videos, customer testimonials, invites to events
    Why? 52% of consumers feel more confident about making a purchase after watching a video of a product
    Landing page examples: publishing new content asset,
    Why? Video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80% or more
    Vlog – making your blog into a vlog cuts your work in half
    Filming what you would say in a blog to a vlog takes less time to speak to it than write it
  • trilby
    TOFU – establishing yourself as a thought-leader, sharing best practices, trends, etc…
    MOFU – moving leads through the funnel to start driving engagement with your product
    BOFU - Today, more than 90% of your target audience will conduct significant research on your product or service before purchasing. Webinars are no longer only for Top of the Funnel leads – they’re a great way to engage and rank suspects, prospects and nurtured leads at different levels in your sales funnel. In fact, webinars are a fantastic way to influence decision makers as they make their final purchase decision.

    Video + webinars – increases engagement, interactive
  • Social paid
    What are some ways you can measure success with video? – ROI, engagement rate, compare it to a baseline w/o video