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How you scale your marketing smarter - Pandemic or not

  1. How you scale your marketing smarter - Pandemic or not Segolene Finet - CMO @SegoleneFinet
  2. 2 100% SaaS player: need to acquire market share fast Sales-driven organisation Marketing drives majority of the sales pipeline Highly competitive market with LARGE competitors Talentsoft context 7,8 14,4 21,5 27,3 37,1 51,5 65,5 80 100 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 FY 12 FY 13 FY 13 FY 15 FY 16 FY 17 FY 18 FY 19 FY 20 Invoicing in € millions
  3. 3 Growth isn’t linear, and isn’t a nice series of steps either TRADITIONAL MARKETING DEMAND GENERATION INTEGRATED PIPELINE REVENUE MANAGEMENT How it really feltWhat the slides will show
  5. 5 o Scope: one main market o One or two brave souls start the marketing function Growing your team - Phase 0 – MARKETING NEEDED What’s good about this period: - It’s a bit like “playing house” - You can experiment a lot What’s difficult about this period: - Feeling of constant firefighting - Not easy to measure success - No specialisation of team What I recommend: -  Hire good trainees early -  Hire a CMO early
  6. 6 o Scope: one main market, and some emerging markets o 5 marketers + CMO o A few brave marketing professionals try to deliver a bit of every marketing function Growing your team - Phase 1 – MULTIPLE HATS What’s good about this period: - Everyone is a generalist so they learn a ton -  Everyone is very flexible: you can move projects around What’s difficult about this period: -  High risk of burnouts -  Hard to focus and deliver on with consistency -  People can’t imagine their future clearly -  You can only afford junior people What I recommend: - Clarify ASAP what’s Demand Gen versus what’s Branding and get people to focus
  7. 7 o Scope: 5 countries o 10 marketers + CMO o First major capital increase o Field marketing function emerges o Clarification of lead gen/ branding o Deployment of marketing automation Growing your team - Phase 2 – SPECIALISATION What’s good about this period: -  People are happier as they specialise in their strength -  Marketing becomes more professional -  Higher productivity What’s difficult about this period: -  Risk of burnout for the CMO (too many direct reports and operational responsibilities) -  Deployment of marketing automation tools drains time and resources before paying off -  Old timers have trouble with reduced scope What I recommend: -  Don’t wait to bring seniority in
  8. 8 o Scope: 15 countries o 17 marketers + 3 managers + CMO o 2nd major capital increase o Central and field marketing functions get defined o Branding in international markets o Content marketing strategy o Corporate marketing automation expertise center o France is just “a market” and doesn’t take over corporate resources Growing your team - Phase 3 – GLOBALISATION What’s good about this period: -  CMO can now breathe because added layer of managers -  Org is very scalable – easy to add countries -  Internal mobility is possible What’s difficult about this period: -  Harder to obtain team cohesion & alignment -  Market have very different maturity levels → tensions What I recommend -  Put effective reporting in place ASAP -  Structure internal communication -  Harmonise processes ASAP
  9. 9 o Scope: 15+ countries o 26 marketers + 3 managers + CMO o Focus on customer engagement o Focus on building European brand o Focus on ROI, metrics, overall efficiency o More sophisticated use of Marketing Automation: ABM, dynamic content, etc. Growing your team - Phase 4 – NEW AMBITIONS What’s good about this period: -  Everyone can grow their skills -  Brand equity = easier to recruit What’s difficult about this period: -  Need to fight marketing silos -  Need to redefine FMM roles vs central ones -  CMO has to let go and manage differently What I recommend: -  Get tools to help with marketing planning, budgeting, ROI analysis, etc. It’s a big machine now. -  Structure team vision, mission, values, etc.
  10. 10 o Scope: 9 countries o 27 marketers + 4 managers + CMO o Working 3 days a week and 100% remote o With lots of young kids (!) o Focus on 3 key projects : •  User conference •  Digital lead gen •  Customer Satisfaction And keep marketing tech + reporting going Growing your team - Phase 5 – Global Pandemic What’s good about this period: -  Everyone is super engaged -  There is lots of kindness and solidarity -  People are super flexible about jobs and duties -  We have to work differently What’s difficult about this period: -  Difficult to address any deeper HR issues -  Workload “equity” impossible to obtain -  We have to work differently (!) What I recommend: -  Get collaborative tools in place BEFORE the next crisis. -  Never wait to address performance issues. -  Invest in experienced managers.
  12. 12 Growing the Technology stack TRADITIONAL MARKETING DEMAND GENERATION INTEGRATED PIPELINE REVENUE MANAGEMENT Emailing software salesforce All data in Marketo Optimise entire funnel scoring nurturing campaigns 100+ landing pages lead-gen optimised corporate website Salesforce Go to Webinar ABM pilots A/B testing on website Content marketing 700+ landing pages at Internet Salesforce community for customer engagement ON 24 ABM for all countries Focus on speeding up sales cycle & BOFU content Leverage Marketo for cross-sell Campaign-level ROI analysis Planning & Calendar DAM deployment
  13. 13 LEAD GEN IS A TECHNOLOGY BATTLE ▶ invest is your technology stack early on MARKETING AUTOMATION IS A MINDSET ▶ hard to know who has is and who doesn’t GROWING SKILLS IN-HOUSE IS NO GUARANTEE OF KEEPING COMPETENCIES ▶ have a mixed model with expertise both in-house and outside NEVER ASK YOUR IT TEAM TO CHOOSE BETWEEN SUPPORTING YOU OR SUPPORTING CLIENTS ▶ keep control of budget and tool DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE COST OF INTERFACES ▶ buy as much tech as you can from a single vendor YOU ARE IN IT FOR THE LONG HAUL ▶ pick vendors who can challenge your team & processes for a long time THIS IS NOT AN EXACT SCIENCE ▶ accept that sometimes you will have to unbuild what you have built Lessons learned
  14. 14 o The tools that we invested in to manage growth are the tools that are helping us respond to the crisis and show resilience. o Having people autonomous on marketing automation is critical for pivoting fast. o Very important to have fully trained backups for any “technical jobs” and give them the proper licences/rights on the system. o The “painful” areas are the jobs we didn’t digitalize enough (like content production and management). o Thank God for collaborative tools – we couldn’t have done this just with email. o But I do wish we had put Trello in place before. Lessons learned during Covid19 crisis
  15. POLL
  17. 17 And first came demand gen 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 4500 Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Demand Generation Brand Awareness Customer Engagement
  18. 18 o  Leverage digital tools to look bigger than you are o  Segment your audience precisely o  Be ruthless about evaluating new events or programs o  Create thought leadership (starting small is OK) o  Invest in AR instead of PR Brand Awareness on a budget
  19. 19 o What your brand conveys during a crisis will BE your brand after the crisis. o It’s better to be a bit too silent than to be tone-death. o Branding is a team sport – especially during a crisis. o Pivoting content strategy (ebooks, etc.) is slow going – we had better luck with thought leadership (co-founder blog posts). Lessons learned during Covid19 crisis
  20. 20 Customer engagement – online and offline Club Talentsoft brings 1000+ customers and key stakeholders together every year Talentsoft Community brings together 4000 customers every week
  21. 21 Customer engagement – how marketing brings it all together ONBOARDING ENGAGEMENT ADVOCA CY EXPANSIO N Go live Award Project question Engagement Phase Enablement Survey Business Review Anniversary Wishes Thank you Card Welcome Emails Welcome Kit Onboarding Video Project Kick Off Call Run Ticketing Access Access TS Community Reward Program Cross-SellNPS Sales & project Customer Care, Premium, CSM, Account Manager & Marketing
  22. 22 TO IMPACT CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT, MARKETING HAS TO DEEP DIVE INTO PROCESSES OUTSIDE OF MARKETING ▶ no more comfort zone IMPACTING CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT MEANS BREAKING ORGANISATIONAL SILOS ▶ it takes change management skills & advocacy CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT (LIKE LEAD GEN!) IS A DATA BATTLE ▶ First questions to ask: where is customer data? What quality is it in? And does it provide a 360 view of the customer? CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT PROGRAMS REQUIRE INTERNAL TRUST ▶ Marketing impact is harder to measure, success is 100% collective Lessons learned
  23. 23 o Even the least “digital” customers are very happy to go digital when there is nothing else. o Communication with customer during a crisis is EVEN MORE a data battle. The more you know about them, the more you can segment your messaging – and that’s critical in highly emotional times. o Ideally you would want only 1 to 1 communications to customers – but that’s hard to scale. o More than before it’s time to open up and ask them what they want from you. Good response rate from satisfaction survey! Lessons learned during Covid19 crisis
  24. 24 1 Plan for non- linear growth of your team Stay in touch? 2 Build a strong base for your marketing Tech stack 3 Revisit Marketing missions at each major growth phase
  25. The European leader in Cloud-based Talent Management and Learning Present in 15 countries France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Canada, Singapore, Mexico, Israel