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The Future Is Here: How Social Affects Lead Generation

Social for lead generation has finally stepped into the limelight, and for good reason. The question of whether or not it can be an effective B2B marketing strategy has been answered with an astounding yes. But now the question remains, “how do I successfully implement social into my overall strategy?”
For those who continue to ignore this question, social will remain in a silo along with a growing list of missed opportunities. For the rest of us, it’s time to drop the philosophical approach and get down to some tactics and metrics that drive revenue. The SlideShare deck above is a goldmine for social marketers. It’s a self-guided visual journey that will enlighten and layout a blueprint for success. Developed over several months and through a tremendous amount of trial and error, we have done the homework for you and laid the groundwork. From building a foundation, to combining inbound with outbound and finally fully integrating social with marketing automation, this is the one stop shop on the road to finally breaking social out of its silo and welcoming it to the revenue table.

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