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Ask Marketo Anything about Active Sales and Marketing Collaboration

  1. © 2019 Adobe. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential. ASK MARKETO ANYTHING Active sales and marketing collaboration 5th June 2020
  2. HOUSEKEEPING • This session is recorded! Slides and recording will be sent via email once the session concludes. • Have a question? Use the chat box on the right and we’ll pull some questions out and answer them live • Posting to social media? Use our hashtag #mktgnation
  3. James Eyles Senior Solutions Consultant Tom Danks Senior Solutions Consultant
  4. 38% 209% 79% 30% ALIGNING SALES AND MARKETING higher win rates increase in revenue of marketing leads do not result in closed won revenue of CMOs have clear actions to bring sales and marketing closer SOURCES: Marketo, 2020; Internal Results, 2019; Review42, 2019; Aberdeen Group, 2018.
  5. Sales focus on the hottest leads COMMON ISSUES LEADS ARE NOT FOLLOWED UP MARKETING HAS REVENUE TARGETS SEPARATE STRATEGIES ACCELERATING LEAD TO REVENUE Marketo silo + Sales silo = Hard to build shared goals It’s sometimes tough to measure impact Connecting your channel mix with sales activities
  6. DEFINE THE COMMON GROUND Lead? MQL? SQL? SAL? When is sales hand-off? What are the rules?
  7. AGREE YOUR SHARED GOALS Volume? Quality? Qualification ? Velocity? Upsell? Cross-sell?
  8. BE TRANSPARENT AND ACCOUNTABLE Feedback loop Communication Learn and iterate Pipeline? Revenue?
  9. ALIGNING SALES AND MARKETING SOURCES: Gartner, 2016; Harvard Business Review, 2017; Bizible, 2018 Awareness Explore Compare Purchase 5-7 people 20-30 people SALES PROCESS BUYING PROCESS 17 months (150-200 touchpoints) Sales 7 months
  10. LEAD SCORING IS KEY Awareness Explore Compare Purchase Lead nurturing drives people along the buying process Time Buyingstage Scoring enables effective hand-off to sales at the right time High score = Qualified and ready for sales Time Buyingstage Low score = Recycle with lead nurturing
  12. Q&A
  13. Thank you! Join our next session on Account-based Marketing (Friday 19 June)