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  1. ( v ideo o ver LAN te chnology) Designed & Manufactured by Bringing Clarity to Digital Video Technology! voLANte voLANte ™
  2. Mission Statement is an entirely digital ‘last mile’ multi-channel, multi-mode, HD media content delivery network. It’s cost-effective, easy to install, and supports unlimited displays over unlimited distances. SVSi’s innovative v ideo- o ver- LAN - te chnology truly represents the convergence of AV & IT” “ voLANte Andy Whitehead, Ph.D., CEO, Southern Vision Systems, Inc
  3. OR Unique Hybrid Technology Current technology for Content Distribution Media Player content is uploaded to a discrete player at each display voLANte sends content from a common source to all displays Narrowcaster the first hybrid content distribution system voLANte
  4. LivePlay LocalPlay HostPlay EMCast Multi-Mode Hybrid Operation voLANte
  5. Basic Implementation Audio USB DVI DVI/HDMI Audio VTC103 AV Transmitter Card VRR104 Digital AV Receiver GigE Network Plug-and-Play No Software Needed! voLANte voLANte 300’ max
  6. Daisy-chain Unlimited HDTVs Audio USB DVI DVI/HDMI Audio DVI/HDMI DVI/HDMI Audio DVI/HDMI Audio DVI/HDMI Audio Audio GigE Network
  7. Multi-Channel capability Up to 6 independent HD streams! Single CAT5e cable Audio USB DVI DVI/HDMI Audio Audio USB DVI DVI/HDMI Audio DVI/HDMI Audio voLANte ‘ Conductor’ s/w directs streams to assigned receivers
  8. Multi-Source capability PC / Laptop Media Player Satellite Rcvr HD Camera voLANte LAN
  9. Integrate other IP devices IP Camera Network Switch NAS Storage 100% Ethernet compatibility! GigE Network Audio USB DVI DVI/HDMI Audio
  11. ™ Southern Vision Systems, Inc 8215 Madison Blvd, Suite 150 Madison, AL 35758 (256) 462-7143 voLANte voLANte