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  1. What is Mass Media? • Mass media is communication whether it’s written, broadcast, or spoken that reaches a large audience. • Mass media is virtually a current awareness service informing people about current events and activities of human beings and also about every significant natural phenomenon and such other public interest.
  2. How does Mass media influence Socialization? • The consumption of media shapes worldviews and values such as political opinions and cultural, gender, or minority prejudices. Numerous studies have identified the media as potent political socialization agents, agents that shape political beliefs and voting behavior.
  3. The main Impact of Mass Media on Socialization • A child’s life is significantly impacted by the socializing process. According to the definition of socialization, it is a “continuing process wherein a person, develops a sense of self and learn the rules, values, behavior, and social skills relevant to his or her social position”. The media has a significant impact on our attitudes and behavior, which makes it a crucial part of the socialization process. The use of mass media occasionally be beneficial. By having more diversity, we can learn more about what is happening in other nations, which is beneficial.
  4. Examples of Mass Media • Newspaper and magazine articles, published photographs, recordings of television and radio broadcasts, sheet music and music recorded for mass distribution, advertisements, books, and magazines. These are the examples of mass media that can inform everyone around the world about this issue, even for the culture and races to give everyone vigilance.
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