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Should kitchen faucet match cabinet hardware mixing metals

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Should a kitchen faucet match cabinet hardware? Great question right? This cheat sheet will help you whether you should match your kitchen faucet to your cabinet hardware or not.

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Should kitchen faucet match cabinet hardware mixing metals

  1. 1. MYDECORATINGTIPS.COM Mixing Metals Cheat Sheet Should a Kitchen Faucet Match Cabinet Hardware?   by Marina Klima 
  2. 2. Mixing metals  works if:  MYDECORATINGTIPS.COM 1. You have a bohemian inspired kitchen. Then you can have many different elements united with one common theme. It can be inspired by organic living or different ethnic cultures. Bottom line: bohemian style welcomes different colors and metals. 2. If your kitchen is stark white or monochromatic and you crave a pop of color. 3. If your kitchen cabinet pulls and knobs are black or very dark bronze (almost black) you have nothing to worry about. Who says that kitchen cabinets hardware has to be only finished in one color? You can find great cabinet pulls and knobs that don’t have to match the faucet. For example, if your faucet is chrome, you can pick a two-tone chrome and gold color cabinet pulls. If you prefer crystal to dress up the kitchen, go for it and don’t worry about matching at all. For more examples hop over to mydecoratingtips.com  Still hesitant? I have a different solution: Use two-toned metals for your cabinet hardware or an alternative to metal hardware, such as crystals.