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Quick Resources: Bay Window Curtain Rods

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Here I provide some resources where you can find quality curtain rods for your bay windows.

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Quick Resources: Bay Window Curtain Rods

  1. 1. MYDECORATINGTIPS.COM  Bay Window Curtain Rods  Quick Resources Marina Klimaby
  2. 2. Bay Window Orion Ornamental Iron  http://www.ironartbyorion.com MYDECORATINGTIPS.COM Bay window is a generic term for all protruding window constructions with angles, regardless of height. The most common inside angles are 90, 135 and 150 degrees. 
  3. 3. Bow Window A bow window is a curved bay window. Bow windows are designed to create space by projecting beyond the exterior wall of a building and to provide a wider view They typically combine four or more casement windows, which join together to form an arch. This is a sketch of a bow window from the outside. As you can see there are no visible angles but rather a continuous curved line. MYDECORATINGTIPS.COM
  4. 4. The curved rod is bent in a continuous manner- you don't want angles. The rod is mounted with special brackets to the ceiling rather than the wall to avoid the drapery trapping. As a result,  the windows will be opened and closed effortlessly. Design: Barry Dixon Design Bow Window MYDECORATINGTIPS.COM
  5. 5. Arched Rod  An arched rod, aka radius rod, creates a dramatic effect and it looks like the window itself is curved instead of plain.    Orion Ornamental Iron http://www.ironartbyorion.com MYDECORATINGTIPS.COM
  6. 6. Le Fer Forge http://www.leferforge.com/ MYDECORATINGTIPS.COM
  7. 7. Resources 1. Continental Window Fashions  https://www.continentalwindowfashions.com/ Online company. They can bend wrought iron rods of different styles, finishes, and diameters. You can choose round, rope, twist, hammered rods.If you don’t find what you’re looking for, they also distribute other companies’ products. You’ll need a designer to place an order for you. 2. Ona Drapery Hardware https://www.onadrapery.com/ Quality manufacturer of windows hardware since 1962. Everything is made locally in Boulder, Colorado. They offer over 50 finishes for every taste and style. 4. Orion Ornamental Iron  http://www.ironartbyorion.com/ They have several exotic options for curved rods as part of their Tropical Collection. I worked with them and was quite happy with their service but your designer has to specify everything to the dot. 3. Le Fer Forge http://www.leferforge.com/ In addition to regular and curved rods, the company is manufacturing quality drapery hardware for outdoors. You don’t want a bay window curtain rod to rust, right? So, they use special coated metals to solve this issue. Check out my post on arched windows if you want more inspiration and crave something different for windows. MYDECORATINGTIPS.COM