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Student Discipline Rights And Responsibilities

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student created presentation on TX school student discipline rights and responsibilities

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Student Discipline Rights And Responsibilities

  1. 1. Stephen N. McCormick
  2. 2.  A teacher can remove a student:  If the student interferes with the Teacher’s ability to teach  OR if the student engages in disruptive or abusive behavior FreeFoto.com  Sec 37.002  Document, Document, Document!
  3. 3.  If Removed:  Suspended ▪ Because- Conduct punishable as a felony ▪ Within 300 ft of the school or at a school event ▪ For 3 days and a meeting with the Placement Review Committee ▪ Under the age of 6 can’t be suspended  Expelled ▪ Because- Serious stuff ▪ Under the age of 10 can’t be expelled  DAEP or JJAEP ▪ Disciplinary Alternative Education Program ▪ Title 5 of the Texas Penal Code. ▪ Students status review every 120 days ▪ Juvenile Justice Alternative Program
  4. 4. 1. Under what circumstances can a teacher remove a student from the classroom? 2. What type of violations can a student be expelled for? 3. What is the difference between DAEP and JJAEP? Clipart For more info: http://www.tcta.org/publications/survival_guide/StudentRights.htm