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Different Weather Conditions

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Different Weather Conditions

  1. 1. Day 1 (Weather Song)
  3. 3. ________ is the general condition of the atmosphere at any given time. WEATHER
  5. 5. It is a FINE WEATHER during sunny day.
  6. 6. The sun is shining bright. The sky is clear. There is no rain. FINE WEATHER
  7. 7. It is a FAIR WEATHER when there are clouds in the sky.
  8. 8. The clouds cover the big part of the sky with occasional rain showers . FAIR WEATHER The wind blows gently.
  9. 9. RAINY WEATHER has rain most of the day.
  10. 10. The sky is dark. RAINY WEATHER The wind is moderate. It may feel cold. The sun is covered with dark clouds.
  11. 11. STORMY WEATHER has very dark clouds, strong winds and heavy rain.
  12. 12. There is lightning and thunder. STORMY WEATHER Streets may be flooded due to heavy rains. The strong wind can destroy houses and building.
  13. 13. What is the weather today? It is very important to know the weather from day to day. Weather tell us when to work or play. We plan our activities according to the kind of weather.
  14. 14. Day 2 (Weather Song)
  15. 15. Playing in the Rain It was raining hard. The streets were flooded. But Ana and Marie were outside playing. “Don’t play outside. Come inside now,” Mother said. Ana and Marie did not obey their mother. They went on playing in the water. That night, Mother stayed in bed with Ana and Marie. “I will call a doctor,” Father said.
  16. 16. Answer the questions: 1. What happened to Ana and Marie? a.They had stomachache. b.They had headache. c. They got sick.
  17. 17. 2. What would have happened if they obeyed their mother? a. They would not be sick. b. They had headache. c. They would not be happy.
  18. 18. EFFECTS OF WEATHER (Day 2)
  19. 19. 1. Weather affects what we do during the day.
  20. 20. When the weather is fine and sunny, we can do outdoor activities.
  21. 21. We go on a picnic with our family.
  22. 22. We hang clothes to dry.
  23. 23. During rainy day, we stay indoors. It is not good for children to go out. They will get wet in the rain.
  24. 24. We play or study inside the house.
  25. 25. We use umbrella or raincoat if we need to go out.
  26. 26. 2. Weather affects what we wear.
  27. 27. During sunny day, we wear thin clothes to feel comfortable. We use umbrella or hat, when the sun is very hot and bright.
  28. 28. During rainy day, we use umbrella, raincoat, and boots to keep us from getting wet. We also wear thick clothes.
  29. 29. During stormy days, we use sweaters and jackets to keep our body warm.
  30. 30. 3. Weather affects what we eat.
  31. 31. On warm day, fruits like watermelon and pineapple, are refreshing to eat. Ice creams and other frozen foods can make us feel cool.
  32. 32. Hot soups and foods rich in carbohydrates are good for cold weather. They are good sources of heat and energy.
  33. 33. 4. Weather affects our health.
  34. 34. Many people get sick when there is bad weather. Exposure to cold weather can weaken the body. Floods make the surroundings very dirty. The water can carry wastes.
  35. 35. COLD People with colds have runny nose. They may find it difficult to breathe.
  36. 36. FLU OR INFLUENZA Flu is a contagious disease. A person with flue has a runny nose, sore throat, fever, and muscle pain.
  37. 37. DIARRHEA It is a disease caused by dirty water. Water must be boiled to make it safe for drinking. A person with diarrhea has loose, watery stools that occur more than three times a day.
  39. 39. Avoid staying too under the sun use umbrella or hat to protect yourself from heat.
  40. 40. Don’t play under the rain or wade in the flood. You may get sick.
  41. 41. Quiz # 2
  42. 42. ________ is the general condition of the atmosphere at any given time. 1.
  43. 43. What kind of weather do we have if the sky is clear and there is no rain? 2.
  44. 44. What kind of weather do we have if there are thunder and lightning? 3.
  45. 45. What kind of weather is this? 4.
  46. 46. It is a ___________ when there are clouds in the sky. 5.
  47. 47. 6. Weather affects what we eat. true false
  48. 48. 7. Weather affects our health. true false
  49. 49. 8. It is good to play under the rain and wade in the flood. true false
  50. 50. 9. During rainy day we can wear thin clothes to feel comfortable. true false
  51. 51. 10. During sunny days, we use sweaters and jackets to keep our body warm. true false