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Maredata. Taller EUDAT

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Pablo Rodenas BSC

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Maredata. Taller EUDAT

  1. 1. EUDAT services Pablo Ródenas Barquero HPC support and application consultant @ BSC 21/Jun/2018 MareData (València)
  2. 2. Index: • BSC brief introduction • EUDAT overview • EUDAT services suite
  3. 3. BSC in brief
  4. 4. Barcelona Supercomputing Center Centro Nacional de Supercomputación Spanish Government 60% Catalonian Government 30% Univ. Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) 10% BSC-CNS is a consortium that includes BSC-CNS objectives Supercomputing services to Spanish and EU researchers R&D in Computer, Life, Earth and Engineering Sciences PhD programme, technology transfer, public engagement
  5. 5. People and Resources Data as of 31st of December 2017 2017 executed budget
  6. 6. Mission of BSC Scientific Departments Earth Sciences CASE Computer Sciences Life Sciences To influence the way machines are built, programmed and used: programming models, performance tools, Big Data, computer architecture, energy efficiency To develop and implement global and regional state-of-the-art models for short-term air quality forecast and long-term climate applications To understand living organisms by means of theoretical and computational methods (molecular modeling, genomics, proteomics) To develop scientific and engineering software to efficiently exploit super-computing capabilities (biomedical, geophysics, atmospheric, energy, social and economic simulations)
  7. 7. BSC & The Global IT Industry IBM-BSC Deep Learning Center Intel-BSC Exascale Lab BSC-Microsoft Research Centre NVIDIA GPU Center of Excellence
  8. 8. Collaborations with Industry Research into advanced technologies for the exploration of hydrocarbons, subterranean and subsea reserve modelling and fluid flows Research on wind farms optimization and wing energy production forecasts Collaboration agreement for the development of advanced systems of deep learning with applications to banking services BSC’s dust storm forecast system licensed to be used to improve the safety of business flights. Research on the protein-drug mechanism of action in Nuclear Hormone receptors and developments on PELE method to perform protein energy landscape explorations Simulation of fluid-structure interaction problem with the multi-physics software Alya
  9. 9. The MareNostrum 4 supercomputer Total peak performance: 13,7 Pflops/s 80% Access: prace-ri.eu/hpc_acces 16% Access: bsc.es/res-intranet 4%
  10. 10. MareNostrum is managed by the Operations team that takes care of its availability, security and performance. An important task of this team is to support scientists in the usage of MareNostrum, as well as to help them in the improvement of their applications getting better research results. – System administration area: includes MareNostrum’s pure system administration, security, resource management, networking & helpdesk. – User support area: includes direct user support with knowledge in programming models, libraries, tools, applications, etc. Operations teamOperations department
  11. 11. • The main objectives for the HPC-Support team are : – Solve the request of researchers using the BSC HPC-Resources – Installation and debugging applications – Enabling and porting codes to the new architectures. – Assisting users for efficient use of supercomputing resources – Optimization and scalability studies – Parallelization assistance – Benchmarking – Manage accounting information and users accounts – Specific support for scientific codes HPC Support tasksHPC support tasks
  12. 12. EUDAT overview
  13. 13. • A pan-European initiative building a sustainable cross-disciplinary and cross-national data infrastructure providing a set of shared services for accessing and preserving research data • Close collaboration with research communities to optimally support their data management needs and deliver the appropriate technical services EUDAT - European Data Infrastructure
  14. 14. A truly pan-European Infrastructure EUDAT offers common data services, supporting multiple research communities as well as individuals, through a geographically distributed, resilient network of 36 European organisations Our vision is to enable European researchers and practitioners from any research discipline to preserve, find, access, and process data in a trusted environment, as part of a Collaborative Data Infrastructure
  15. 15. EUDAT Vision & Mission ● Vision: Data is shared and preserved across borders and disciplines thereby enhancing the value and quality of research at large. ● Mission: To enable data stewardship within and between European Research Communities through a Collaborative Data Infrastructure, a common model and service infrastructure for managing data spanning all European research data centres and community data repositories.
  16. 16. What is the EUDAT CDI? • The EUDAT CDI is a collaboration between Service Providers and Research Communities working as part of a common framework for developing and operating an interoperable layer of common data services • Generic Service Providers have regional, organisational or national mandates to support scientific research, usually from different disciplines. • Thematic Service Providers are (discipline-specific) organisations mandated to support a well-defined scientific community or group of users.
  17. 17. Community-Driven Solutions PHYSICAL SCIENCES & ENGINEERING SOCIAL SCIENCES & HUMANITIES MATERIALS & ANALYTICAL FACILITIES ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES MAPPER BIOMEDICAL & MEDICAL SCIENCES EUDAT services (the so called B2 Service Suite) are designed, built and implemented based on user community requirements.
  18. 18. • EUDAT started in 2011 as an initiative to face the data deluge and the increasing complexities and costs of isolated solutions • EUDAT initiative funded by EC projects • EUDAT 2011-2014 25 partners 16ME • EUDAT2020 2015-2018 37 partners 20ME • Participate in European Open Science Cloud: • EOSC-hub 2018-2020 100 partners 33ME A bit of EUDAT history
  19. 19. EUDAT services suite
  20. 20. • EUDAT offers a complete set of research data services, expertise and technology solutions to all European scientists and researchers. • These shared services and storage resources are distributed across 15 European countries. • Data are safely stored alongside some of Europe’s most powerful supercomputers. EUDAT Services Suite
  21. 21. EUDAT Services Suite http://www.eudat.eu/services
  22. 22. Secure Access to Services b2access.eudat.eu www.eudat.eu B2ACCESS B2ACCESS is an easy-to-use and secure authentication and authorization platform which can be integrated with any service and supports different methods of authentication.
  23. 23. • The federated cross-infrastructure Authorisation and Authentication Framework • Enables single sign-on access to the EUDAT services • Easy to use and secure • Developed on top of the Unity Open Source security framework What is B2ACCESS? b2access.eudat.eu
  24. 24. • EUDAT users to authenticate themselves using a variety of credentials. The following log-in options are supported: • User's Home Organisation Identity Provider • Social account • B2ACCESS ID Using B2ACCESS In order to support a wide range of IdPs we have joined the EduGain federation! b2access.eudat.eu
  25. 25. • End users can access the portal via this link https://b2acc ess.eudat.eu/ • This portal allows the user to log in using one of three different methods Account Registration b2access.eudat.eu
  26. 26. • In order to register with B2ACCESS, you need to first log in • After log in, you can register with the B2ACCESS system, to create your unique B2ACCESS account • If you log in with a credential not associated with your B2ACCESS account, you can choose to associate it with your B2ACCESS account, or create another one Registration is a two-stage process b2access.eudat.eu
  27. 27. • Use the search bar to seek, then click the name of your home organisation in the Log in with your Organisation ID tab and click Authenticate • You are then redirected to the login page of your home organisation. • Provide your credentials and login. • After successful login, if you are not registered yet with these credentials, you will be offered two possibilities: • Register an account: a new local account will be created • Associate an account: an existing local account will be associated with your external identity • Fill in the registration form presented • Agree to the Terms of Use and Data Privacy Statement and submit • B2ACCESS will send you an email confirming that your registration request was accepted Registering-Home Organisation Identity Provider b2access.eudat.eu
  28. 28. • Click the Google Account link in the Google Authentication tab and click Authenticate • You are then redirected to the login page of Google. • Provide your credentials and login. • Give Google permission to publish your attributes to B2ACCESS • If you are not registered yet, you will be offered two possibilities: • Register an account: a new local account will be created • Associate an account: an existing local account will be associated with your Google identity • Fill in the name of your home organisation and (optionally) apply for membership in one of the presented groups • Agree to the Terms of Use and Data Privacy Statement and submit • B2ACCESS will send you an email confirming that your registration request was accepted Registering – Social Account b2access.eudat.eu
  29. 29. • Click on the Register a new account link • You will be offered three registration forms to choose from: • OAuth Client Registration Form (not covered in this tutorial) • Create B2ACCESS Account (username only) • Create B2ACCESS Account (certificate + optional username) • Choose Create B2ACCESS Account (username only) - here you have to fill in the required data • Or choose Create B2ACCESS Account (certificate + optional username) – for this a valid X.509 certificate installed in your browser can reduce the amount of typing required • Example DN: CN=joe user, O=Example University, OU=students, C=TV • Agree to the Terms of Use and Data Privacy Statement and submit Registering – B2ACCESS ID b2access.eudat.eu
  30. 30. Logging In • After registering you can log in with your B2ACCESS ID at https://b2access. eudat.eu/ • You can log in using either your organisational ID, social ID or B2ACCESS ID. b2access.eudat.eu
  31. 31. • Click the name of your Home Organisation in the Log in with your Organisation ID tab: • Scroll through the list to find your Home Organisation • Or type the name of your Home Organisation in the search box • After selecting your Home Organisation, click the Authenticate button • You are redirected to the log-in page provided by your home organisation. Provide your credentials and login. Log In - Home Organisation Identity Provider b2access.eudat.eu
  32. 32. • Click the Google Account link in the Google Authentication tab and click Authenticate • Provided that you have previously registered, you will automatically login Log in – Social Account b2access.eudat.eu
  33. 33. • Click the Login with native B2ACCESS ID  • Fill in your username and password in the two input fields and click Authenticate • Provided that you have previously registered, you will automatically login Log in – B2ACCESS ID b2access.eudat.eu
  34. 34. • You may not get a “Registration successful” message. • This is a known issue; registrations are successful irrespective of that. • Sometimes the captcha appears only partially on the screen. • Cancelling and retrying seems to work. • B2ACCESS requires certain attributes provided by your Home Organisation Identity Provider. If these attributes are not provided, login / registration will fail.  • You can inform the EUDAT support team via this link http://eudat.eu/support-request?service=B2ACCESS Possible Issues b2access.eudat.eu
  35. 35. Profile Management • To access your user profile page, please log in https://b2access.eudat.eu/ • You can see details about your account • You can schedule to immediately remove, or disable and in the future deactivate your account. b2access.eudat.eu
  36. 36. Temporary Account Deactivation • If necessary, accounts can be temporarily deactivated for a chosen number of days. • To do so- • Log in to B2ACCESS- Profile management page - Click Remove account button. • Select the option Disable immediately and remove after a grace period. Choose the number of days you want the account to be suspended. • Confirm your choice. • The account  will be automatically removed if the user does not log in during this deactivation period. Account Deactivation and Removal b2access.eudat.eu
  37. 37. Permanent Account Removal • To remove an account: • Log in to B2ACCESS. - Profile management page. Click Remove account button. • Select the option Remove immediately. • Confirm your choice. • Removing or deactivating an account with one of your identities does not affect accounts registered with other identities. E.g. if you remove your account registered with your Google identity you are still able to use your native B2ACCESS account.   • You can register a new account with the same identity and same data (e.g. membership in the groups) after removing the old one. Account Deactivation and Removal b2access.eudat.eu
  38. 38. Profile Management • To access your user profile page, please log in https://b2access.eudat.eu/ • You can see details about your account • You can schedule to immediately remove, or disable and in the future deactivate your account. • You can also manage your credentials b2access.eudat.eu
  39. 39. Credentials Management • Add or change your B2ACCESS password b2access.eudat.eu
  40. 40. Credentials Management • Add or change your B2ACCESS password b2access.eudat.eu
  41. 41. b2access.eudat.eu • An easy-to-use and secure authentication and authorization platform integrated with any services • The user may log in by using different methods of authentication: • Home organisation identity provider • Social ID • EUDAT ID • Allows group-, community- and service managers to specify authorisation decisions Features: • Easy integration in any service • Reliable and light-weight • Powerful management interface
  42. 42. b2drop.eudat.eu www.eudat.eu Sync and Share Research Data B2DROP EUDAT’s Personal Cloud Storage Service B2DROP is a secure and trusted data exchange service for researchers and scientists to keep their research data synchronized and up-to-date and to exchange with others.
  43. 43. b2drop.eudat.eu • Store and exchange data with colleagues and team members, including research data not finalized for publishing • share data with fine-grained access controls • synchronize multiple versions of data across different platforms An ideal solution for researchers and scientists to: Features: • 20GB storage per user • Trusted storage: data stays in Europe • Daily tape backups of all files Introduction
  44. 44. b2drop.eudat.eu What type of data can I store? • Any kind of temporary research data, uploaded from your local or departmental storage device as digital objects • Primary data or processed data • Both empirical and theoretical data • Data as the basis for a publication • Any kind of format and file: papers, spreadsheets, audio-visual media, provided the data source or purpose of the data has a scientific background.
  45. 45. b2drop.eudat.eu Terms and Conditions • For researchers and communities to share and store research data. • Not for personal, recreational, political or commercial use • No unlawful or inappropriate content • Potential sanctions: account suspension, termination, deletion of content or criminal proceedings • Availability defined by SLA – no guaranteed availability at any specific instance Complete text: https://b2drop.eudat.eu/themes/b2drop/terms-of-use.html
  46. 46. b2drop.eudat.eu Security • Your privacy is important to us. Only you and those you share your files with can see your data. In urgent matters an administrator could access your files • Data are stored at Juelich Supercomputing Centre • Daily backups of all files in B2DROP are taken and kept on tape in a different location at Juelich • User Information security • Also stored at Juelich • User info is not encrypted • Transfer to 3rd party (e.g. in case of moving the service to another partner): b2drop.eudat.eu would be moved to a different location
  47. 47. b2drop.eudat.eu Using the web interface 1/4 • Upload of a file (max. 10 GB) • Click the “+” button • Click the “Upload” menu • Browse your computer, select a file and click “Open”. • …or simply drag and drop onto the B2DROP window • Keeping versions • Files with similar names will be noticed by B2DROP: “One file conflict”. You can choose what version(s) you’d like to keep.
  48. 48. b2drop.eudat.eu On B2DROP Versioning • Automatic file versioning • Access to the previous versions is straightforward on the web GUI and the desktop client • The latest file gets overwritten by the selected version, with other versions retained. • To preserve disk space, B2DROP preserves a subset of the versions, progressively reducing the number of retained versions as time goes by. Note that B2DROP removes older saved versions and/or stops maintaining versions when the user exceeds 50% of their quota.
  49. 49. b2drop.eudat.eu Using the web interface 2/4 • Create a folder • Click “+”, then “Folder” • Name folder + enter • Create a new text file • Click “+”, then “Text file” • Name file + enter • Use the pop-up editor to edit the file • Exiting the editor saves the file • Rename, delete and download files and folders • Select the object to operate on • Click the “…” button • Select the desired option
  50. 50. b2drop.eudat.eu Using the web interface 3/4 • Create new contacts • Click dropdown menu next to “Files” • Select “Contacts” • Click “+ New contact” • Or import from Variant Call Format file • Click on “Settings”, then “Import” • Create new groups • Select a contact • Add a Group name in the “Groups” field
  51. 51. b2drop.eudat.eu Using the web interface 4/4 • Sharing files and folders • Click “Files” from “Contacts” dropdown • Select object to share and click the share icon • Via contact or e-mail address • Add password protection, allow upload access, set an expiration time on the sharing • Unsharing: by clicking the ticked box ‘Share link’.
  52. 52. b2drop.eudat.eu Installing the B2DROP client • To install the desktop app: • Click on your username on the right • Select “Personal” • Click “Sync clients” on the left • Click on the appropriate app. You will be directed to the ownCloud website. • Select Windows, Mac or Linux as needed and follow the instructions • After installing you need to configure the program by entering the address https://b2drop.eudat.eu/ • Please log in using your B2DROP username (email address) and password • ownCloud will now appear on your file browser Note that using this client allows you to work on your files while offline, and synchronise when you reconnect to the network. My Username
  53. 53. b2drop.eudat.eu Mount your folder • You can mount B2DROP as a drive to your desktop machines via WebDAV • Your B2DROP folder then appears in your file browser • You can work on files, which will synchronise automatically with the B2DROP server on save • Supported for • MacOS • Linux Distributions • Windows Note that mounting your folder through WebDAV only works while you are connected to the network.
  54. 54. b2drop.eudat.eu Mount your folder - MacOS Mount B2DROP in your “Finder”: 1. Click on “Go” on the drop-down menu and then “Connect to server” 2. Enter https://b2drop.eudat.eu/remote.php/webdav/ when prompted 3. Log in with your username (email address) and password. You can also mount B2DROP with Cyberduck by providing the above-mentioned information to the client.
  55. 55. b2drop.eudat.eu Mount your folder - Linux You can mount B2DROP with NAUTILUS: 1. Select “Go to File → Connect to server” 2. Type in: davs://b2drop.eudat.eu/remote.php/webdav 3. Log in with your username (email address) and password. Mounting via davfs is also possible, but it requires sudo access. Log in with your username (email address) and password To unmount use the following command: The instructions above have been tested on Ubuntu but they should work for every Linux distribution supporting the NAUTILUS or GNOME file system.
  56. 56. b2drop.eudat.eu Mount your folder - Windows Map B2DROP as a network drive: 1. Enter https://b2drop.eudat.eu/remote.php/webdav/ as a folder 2. Log in with your username (email address) and password. Note that you may need to set your computer to allow Basic Authentication; please follow the Microsoft instructions for this. Because B2DROP is available under https, Option "1 - Basic authentication enabled for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) shares only" should suffice for Windows Vista and later.
  57. 57. b2drop.eudat.eu Support https://eudat.eu/support-request?Service=B2DROP
  58. 58. Store and Publish Research Data b2share.eudat.eu www.eudat.eu B2SHARE B2SHARE is a user-friendly, reliable and trustworthy way for researchers, scientific communities and scientists to store and publish small-scale research data from diverse contexts.
  59. 59. b2share.eudat.eu • Store data safely at a trusted and certified data centre • Preserve data to guarantee long-term persistence • Publish data and make it findable and accessible A winning solution for researchers, scientists and communities to: Features: • Metadata management • Permanent PIDs • Open Access support
  60. 60. b2share.eudat.eu What’s the B2SHARE added-value? Your data is ... • Hosted so there are no hardware or network worries on depositor side • Assigned a permanent ID which means it is always retraceable to you • Stored alongside queryable & findable metadata and automatically available via the B2FIND metadata catalogue • Managed and stored by a trusted and certified data centre
  61. 61. b2share.eudat.eu What can users do? • Users can … • Search for data sets that are publicly accessible • Deposit and share data (only registered users) • Download data (only registered users) • What happens to data once users have deposited it? • EUDAT has no claim over the data deposited in B2SHARE and depositors remain entirely responsible for the data they deposit. • EUDAT retains the right of archiving, i. e. creating replicas at trusted centers to take care of long-term persistence.
  62. 62. b2share.eudat.eu What data can users upload? • Research data • Primary data • Processed data • Data as basis for a publication • Empirical data • Theoretical data In virtually any kind of format.... •Papers •Spreadsheets •Audio-visual media, Just a note... Make sure that you are allowed to upload your data and are compliant with all data protection laws regarding sensitive data and restrictions on where this data is stored. Unrelated personal data should not be stored on B2SHARE. • Data source or purpose of the data is scientific • Unlimited file uploads. • 2GB per file (for larger files then contact EUDAT via http://eudat.eu/support-request?Service=B2SHARE )
  63. 63. b2share.eudat.eu Search for data sets • Click on “Search” at https://b2share.eudat.eu
  64. 64. Data Collections and PIDs
  65. 65. b2share.eudat.eu Register to deposit and share data • Easy and quick registration at https://b2share.eudat.eu
  66. 66. b2share.eudat.eu How do I deposit data? (1/2) • Click on “Deposit”
  67. 67. b2share.eudat.eu How do I deposit data? (2/2) • 3 simple steps: 2. Select a domain or project specific metadata set to describe the resource(s) 1. Select and upload one or several data resources either by dragging and dropping from your file browser 3. Fill in the metadata form: the more information you add the easier your data will be to find for others Open Access: • Select “ON” to make your data accessible to registered members only • Select “OFF” and everyone can see your data
  68. 68. Find Research Data b2find.eudat.eu www.eudat.eu B2FIND B2FIND is a simple, user-friendly metadata catalogue of research data collections stored in EUDAT data centres and other repositories.
  69. 69. b2drop.eudat.eu What is B2FIND? B2FIND • is the metadata service of EUDAT • is based on a comprehensive joint metadata catalogue of research data collections stored in EUDAT data centres and other repositories • provides a powerful and user-friendly discovery service on metadata covering a wide range of research communities b2find.eudat.eu This image is licensed under the Creative Commons CC0 Public Domain Taken from http://res.publicdomainfiles.com/pdf_view /60/13534595416502.png
  70. 70. b2drop.eudat.eu Where is B2FIND in the EUDAT suite? B2FIND • stores metadata through other EUDAT services such as B2SHARE to provide access to data objects within the EUDAT CDI • is used in inter-service use cases, e.g. to identify links to data collections, which will be transferred to HPC platforms through B2STAGE
  71. 71. b2drop.eudat.eu With B2FIND you can... B2FIND – Find Research Data • Browse through the large amounts of data that EUDAT stores from a broad range of disciplines • Search the whole catalogue, which comprises collections of scientific data, irrespective of their origin, discipline or community • Carry out faceted searches for • geospatial or temporal coverage and • textual properties, such as ‘Creator’ or ‘Publisher’ and many other facets • Find and access scientific data objects relevant for your work
  72. 72. b2drop.eudat.eu Data from a great selection of subjects B2FIND has a truly cross-community approach • Metadata are harvested from a wide range of research areas • From Climate Research to Social Sciences • From Biodiversity to Linguistics • From Archaeology to Seismology • This necessitates the transformation and homogenisation of the diverse metadata to achieve the usage of a common vocabulary for the whole catalogue This image is licensed under the Creative Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-ND 2.0), taken from https://www.flickr.com/photos/denverjeffr ey/304220561
  73. 73. b2find.eudat.eu Metadata Ingestion Workflow MD Generation MD Harvesting MD Mapping and Validation MD Uploading and Indexer Data Provider on Community site Service Provider on EUDAT site MD Repository and Provider • The transformation process is part of the metadata ingestion (MD Mapping and Validation) shown in the diagram • The individual workflow steps are described in detail in the related presentation ‘B2FIND Integration’ • Note: While the original metadata are restructured, re-formatted and indexed to allow discovery and faceted search there is no change to the content
  74. 74. B2FIND communities B2FIND – Find Research Data • B2FIND initially indexed metadata • harvested from EUDAT core communities (such as ENES and CLARIN) and • stored through the B2SHARE EUDAT service • EUDAT extended and is extending the service to other external and reliable data and metadata providers • The list of currently integrated communities is available at http://b2find.eudat.eu/group/
  75. 75. b2drop.eudat.eu B2FIND MD Catalogue Ingestion status • > 470000 records • 17 communities • (16 external + B2SHARE)
  76. 76. b2drop.eudat.eu B2FIND Discovery Portal Search and browse datasets • Search and browse all data sets via Keyword searches • Results displayed in easy to read format and listed in order of relevance to your search
  77. 77. B2FIND provides ‘faceted’ search for • Free text • Location • Temporal coverage • Publication year • Textual facets: • Communities • Tags • Creator • Discipline • Publisher etc. B2FIND Discovery Portal Faceted Search Dataset view provides • Display of metadata • Geo spatial extent • Title and abstract • Associated tags • Table of field-value pairs • Links to data resources
  78. 78. b2drop.eudat.eu Data Access Resolved link to data object Link to (another landing page of) the data object View of originally harvested metadata record
  79. 79. b2find.eudat.eu • Seek data objects and collections using powerful metadata searches • Catalogue community data by means of selected metadata • Browse through multi-disciplinary data collections filtered by content, provenance and temporal keywords A metadata catalogue service to: Features: • Simple to use • Standards-based • Comprehensive catalogue
  80. 80. Replicate Research Data Safely eudat.eu/b2safe www.eudat.eu B2SAFE B2SAFE is a robust, safe and highly available service which allows community and departmental repositories to implement data management policies on research data that can be distributed across multiple administrative domains in a trustworthy manner.
  81. 81. eudat.eu/b2safe • Replicate research data into multiple secure data stores • Preserve research data in the long term • Steward distributed data via policy-driven workflows • Co-locate data with different communities • Benefit from economies of scale The ideal solution for repositories and archives to: Features: • Large-scale storage • Robust, resilient, highly available • Policy-driven workflows • Permanent Persistent Identifiers
  82. 82. Get Data to Computation eudat.eu/b2stage www.eudat.eu B2STAGE B2STAGE is a reliable, efficient, light-weight and easy-to-use service to transfer research data sets between EUDAT storage resources and high-performance computing (HPC) workspaces
  83. 83. eudat.eu/b2stage • Move large amounts of data between data stores and high-performance compute resources • Re-ingest computational results back into EUDAT • Deposit large data sets onto EUDAT resources for long-term preservation Facilitating communities to: Features: • High-speed transfer • Reliable and light-weight • Manages permanent PIDs
  84. 84. Data Discovery and Identification b2handle.eudat.eu www.eudat.eu B2HANDLE B2HANDLE provides an abstraction layer to a physical location of a data object allowing researchers to reliably cite and refer to data in the long term.
  85. 85. b2handle.eudat.eu • Enables EUDAT services and user communities to assign PIDs to different kinds of managed objects stored in the EUDAT CDI. • Follows policies to register data and make it long term referable and citable • Provides lasting references to the physical location of data objects Features: • Reliability through mutual PID mirroring • Python library • Simple integration with any service
  86. 86. For more info: b2drop.eudat.eu eudat.eu/services/userdoc/b2drop b2share.eudat.eu eudat.eu/services/userdoc/b2share eudat.eu/services/userdoc/b2safe b2find.eudat.eu eudat.eu/services/userdoc/b2find b2access.eudat.eu eudat.eu/services/userdoc/b2access-usage eudat.eu/services/userdoc/b2handle eudat.eu/b2stage eudat.eu/services/userdoc/b2stage
  87. 87. Extra tools • License selector: • Helps you to choose the right license for your data • Accessible via b2share https://www.eudat.eu/services/userdoc/license-selector • Easy data management plan creator: • Allows the creation of data management plans https://easydmp.eudat.eu
  88. 88. Thank you! pablo.rodenas@bsc.es