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21 ways future of management

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A cross-industry inspiration set for brainstorms, 
new business development and strategy sessions. Note this a preview of what we make customised for our clients.
Created by Marc Heleven & Ramon Vullings - www.crossindustryinnovation.com/21ways

21 ways future of management

  1. crossindustryinnovation.com/21ways A cross-industry inspiration set for brainstorms, new business development and strategy sessions. Created by Marc Heleven & Ramon Vullings 21 ways The Future of Management
  2. Pro-tips: - use an iPad / tablet to navigate through the 21 ways set PDF - the links at the bottom are clickable to the source! - use the house icon to flip back to the index!
  3. What is a 21 ways set? 21 ways to strategise and innovate is a set of critical questions, checklists and examples from all over the world to help you innovate. 21 ways sets provide cross-industry inspiration for: product and service ideas, product development, process and service innovations, government innovations, business model innovation new business development and defining strategic directions. Based on a client’s question, we extract important trends, successful innovations, principles or evolutions. The list of 21 principles changes per question. 21 ways sets are useful in individual or group brainstorms, in new business development and strategy sessions. Combining the input with an interactive engaging presentation and/or workshop clearly helps to come up with new connections, great ideas and enriched concepts. This set is created as example/preview by Marc Heleven & Ramon Vullings. Visit crossindustryinnovation.com to download more cross-industry tools and see more examples of 21 ways sets.
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  5. How to use a 21 ways set? 1. Investigate the principle / examples(s): What is the essence? 2A. Make a direct association (copy-paste) for your situation 2B. Make two conceptual associations (copy-adapt-paste) for your situation 3. What (elements) should we use? How can we make this fit and test this quickly? It’s not survival of the fittest, it’s survival of the most fitting. This 21 ways set refers to insights & tools from the book: not invented here cross-industry innovation
  6. 1. Selling your culture insights 2. The book in 5 questions 3. Transparency 4. Intrapreneurship 5. Best practices 6. Lessons from other sectors 7. Visual brainstorming 8. Internal communication 9. Gamification 10. Culture proof for the future 11. Cross-industry leadership 12. Happy employees 13. Bottom up 14. The art of questioning 15. The corporate tribe 16. Do the opposite 17. Management and leadership labs 18. Next practices 19. What if … 20. … 21. … 21 innovation principles for the future of management crossindustryinnovation.com/21ways Click the titles or the ‘home’ button to navigate this interactive PDF !
  7. Selling your culture insights 1
  8. 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4vzhweOefs How can you be a pioneer in organisational culture? Selling your culture insights Ricardo Semler
  9. 1 https://www.zapposinsights.com/ Make a (virtual) offering of your leadership lessons Zappos culture is an offering Selling your culture insights
  10. 1 https://www.zapposinsights.com/about/holacracy Structure your organisation as a city Real organisation charts Selling your culture insights
  11. The book in 5 questions 2
  12. 2 Overview http://www.slideshare.net/jurgenappelo/management-30-in-50-minutes/41 The book in 5 questions 5 extra slides for triggering logical thinking on management
  13. Transparency 3
  14. 3 https://www.virgin.com/richard-branson How to share our insights on leadership, management …? Transparency Richards Blog
  15. http://ir.tesla.com/contactboard.cfm Look for 5 actions that increase transparency Contact the Tesla Board3 Transparency
  16. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/christmas/2016/12/06/ikea-staff-will-given-1200-bonus-christmas/ Imagine 3 press releases of your organisation that are going viral World news … No matter what their jobs or how senior they are … 3 Transparency
  17. Intra- preneurship 4
  18. Best practices 5
  19. 5 http://www.slideshare.net/HubSpot/the-hubspot-culture-code-creating-a-company-we-love Make a culture code (max. 7 bullets) Best practices Short and strong
  20. http://www.slideshare.net/Frontapp/11-culture-hacks/ Select 3 culture hacks and make them fitting for your organisation 11 tips and examples5 Best practices
  21. https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/249174 Describe your way … 10 examples5 Best practices
  22. Lessons from other sectors 6
  23. 6 https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20141123150423-13518874-formula-one-7-leadership-lessons-for-ceos How would you run a Formula One team? Or the other way around? Lessons from other sectors Formula one
  24. Visual brainstorming exercise 7 Tip: each participant chooses and argues one visual
  25. 7 http://enviableworkplace.com/tribal-leadership-and-your-company-culture/ Visual brainstorming
  26. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20141115142945-72390292-what-is-meant-by-the-culture-of-an-organisation 7 Visual brainstorming
  27. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/32088216073856573 Horizontal or vertical organisation or… diagonal? 7 Visual brainstorming
  28. http://www.thepost.co.ls/opinions/what-is-organisation-culture/ 7 Visual brainstorming
  29. 7 Visual brainstorming
  30. 7 Visual brainstorming
  31. 7 Visual brainstorming
  32. Internal communication 8
  33. 8 http://www.pinterest.com/dreamsandritual/manifestos/ Make an inspiring culture manifesto (for internal use) Internal communication Internal manifesto
  34. Make it visual on one page http://qaspire.com/2016/08/31/six-rules-to-simplify-work/ 8 Internal communication Your organisation in 2030: use only symbols and graphics for your vision (very limited text)
  35. Gamification 9
  36. 9 http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-34066941 Create an online culture test for recruiting the right people Gamification Online test
  37. Culture proof for the future 10
  38. 10 https://www.pinterest.com/pin/68961438024879601/ How can you make your company more YZ-proof? Culture proof Future colleagues
  39. 1 http://mccrindle.com.au/the-mccrindle-blog/generation-alpha-mark-mccrindle-q-a-with-the-new-york-times What can you learn from the Alpha kids? Culture proof Generation Alpha
  40. … 11
  41. crossindustryinnovation.com/21ways In a full custom 21 ways set, you’ll get 21 principles and way more cool examples, links, etc… tailored to your innovation / strategy question. Get your own fully customised 21 ways set ! Contact us today!
  42. Products / Services Business Models Partnerships Leadership Processes Strategy Culture Learn from other domains on the following levels… crossindustryinnovation.com
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