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Source Ouest 20111003 English

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Source Ouest 20111003 English

  1. 1. Company  profile     Ac5vi5es  &  services   Selected  cases     September  2011  1
  2. 2. Source  Ouest  –  Interna/onal  Logis/cs  Consul/ng   Strong  Growth   An  experienced  team   •  Founded  in  April  2009,  Offices  in   •  Consultants  originated  from  a  range  of   Versailles  -­‐  France   different  horizons   •  Revenues  2009  :  180  K€   •  Management  roles  in  logis5cs  &   •  Revenues  2010  :  600  K€   supply  chain   •  Network  of  opera5ng  partnerships   •  Over  100  significant  projects   covering  France,  Germany,  Italy,  UK,   managed   Spain  and  Benelux,  Singapore.   •  Wide  skillset  available     •  5  consultants   •  Management,  development     •  Opera5ons,  Engineering   •  Focus     •  Sectors  :  Retail,  Life  science,  Out  of  home  dining,  automo5ve,  building  materials   •  Interna5onal  :  Europe,  Asia,  Middle  East   •  Focus  on  clients  with  a  high  value  chain  crea5on  poten5al     •  Sa5sfy  a  limited  number  of  core  clients  :  >50%  of  revenues  is  «    repeat  business  »     •  Our  mission   •  Advise  by  integra5ng  innova5ve  supply  chain  solu5ons  into  businesses  value  chains   •  Develop  a  unique  partnership  based  on  customer  in5macy   •  Develop  customer  teams  exper5se  through  day  to  day  collabora5ve  work   •  Transfer  current  industry  prac5ce  know  how  and  an5cipate  on  future  standards   •  Our  values   •  Engagement,  excellence,  team  work  for  tangible  results  2
  3. 3. Our  business  spans  from  incep/on  of  supply  chain  concepts  to  their   effec/ve  implementa/on  into  services   Discover   Design   Develop   Deploy   •  Business  vision   •  Network   •  Transport  modes   •  Change  issues   •  Customer  service   Architecture   decisions   integrated  into   ambi5on   •  Organisa5on  &     •  Inventory   Implementa5on   •  Supply  chain   workflow     efficiency   ramp  up  strategy   value  crea5on   •  Concep5on,   modelling   •  Build  and  deploy   poten5al   sizing  and   •  Tender,  evaluate,   teams   •  Sustainable   opera5onal  setup   contract  &   •  Troubleshoo5ng   development   of  logis5cs  sites   monitor  3  PL/ •  Monitor   agenda   •  Budge5ng  &   carriers  contracts   performance   •  Integra5ng  the   COGS  modelling   •  WMS/TMS  tools   against  plan   heritage  into  the   •  Make  or  buy  »  :   specifica5on   •  Bug  iden5fica5on   next  model   strategic   •  Technology   and  fixes   •  Supplier  mapping   appraisal  of  the   •  Detailed  process   •  Repor5ng   &  evalua5on  on   opportunity  to   manual   •  Post  mortem   supply  chain   outsource   •  Project  planning   analysis   capabili5es   logis5cs   •  Budget  control   opera5ons  3
  4. 4. Our  difference  :  we  operate  across  Europe  and  Asia     Ownership  &   Exper/se   Culture   accountability     •  Source  Ouest  leverages  the   •  Supply  chain  &  logis5cs   •  At  Source  Ouest,  we  are  all   exper5se  of  a  network  of   exper5se,  acquired  in   too  aware  of  the   proven  partners     opera5ons  and  in  the   importance  of  the  cultural   •  Source  Ouest  manages  the   boardroom  alike,  is  the   dimension  in  making  a   assignments  and  remains   common  denominator  of   success  of  interna5onal   accountable  for  the  quality   the  extended  team   projects     of  its  deliverables   •  We  provide  exper5se  in  all   •  All  Source  Ouest  partners   aspects  of  logis5cs  bricks   have  a  proven  experience   in  managing  mul5  na5onal   transforma5on  projects  in   supply  chain   McKinsey  es*mates  that  85%  of  worldwide  GDP  will  be  sold  across  interna*onal  borders  in  20  years.     Geographies  covered:  UK,  Germany,  Czech  Republic,  Hungary,  Spain,  Italy,  Poland,  Russia,  Ukraine,  Turkey,  South   East  Asia,  China  4
  5. 5. Selected  cases  –  Strategy  &  organiza/on   Client   Stakes   Objec/ves     Results   Healthcare  at   •  Reduce  procurement  costs  (40  M  €)   •  Structured  tendering  for  medical  devices  leading  to  a   home   •  Create  &  organize  a  supply  chain  dept.   3  M€  anual  saving   •  Leverage  group  size  under  LBO   •  Design  network  of  plamorms,  central  stocks  &   •  Sales  forecast  &  inventory  planning    implementa5on   •  Logis5cs  performance   regional  outbases   (processes  &  tools)     opera5ons   •  Recruitment  &  coaching  of  the  supply  chain  team   •  Op5mise  inventory  loca5on  against  service     levels     •  Ra5onalisa5on  and  reduc5on  of  fleet  by  12%   •  Shrink  the  van  fleet  (>500)   Frozen  CPG   •  Devise  commercial  strategy   logis/cs   •  Structured  partnerships  with  3  major  European   •  Formulate  and  develop  service  offering   players     •  Under  u5lised    deep  freeze   including  pan  European  refrigerated   •  Vendor  managed  inventory  concept  successfully   storage  warehouse  (24,000   transport     introduced  to  major  retailers.   pallets)   •  Develop  strategic  partnerships  with   •  Full  and  marginal  cos5ng  tool  to  allow  dynamic   refrigerated  carriers       •  Build  a  cost  and  pricing  model   gross  margin  management   Hospitality   industry   •  Design  and  implement  processes  with  clear   •  Implemented  a  new  supply  chain  organisa5on  from   •  Too  high  inventory,   responsibili5es  over  sales  forecast,   merchandise  products  managers  to  shop  back  office   obsolescence  on  seasonal  items   replenishment  rules  and  inventory  planning   •  Implemented  a  specific  sooware  suppor5ng  the   over  wide  range  of  SKU’S   •  Reduce  inventory  by  25%   collabora5ve  workflow  for  store  replenishment  via   •  Out  of  stocks  on  the  sales  floor   •  Improve  availability  to  95%  on  top  100   automa5c  reordering   runners   •  Inventory  and  availability  on  target   Hospitality   industry   •  Review  inbound  logis5cs  organisa5on   •  Improvement  plan  of  web  based  ordering  tools  at   •  Focus  inbound  logis5cs  on  value   performance  (cost,  quality/safety,  service)   hotel  level     delivered  to  hotels     •  Propose  improvements  to  suppliers   •  Based  on  hotel  logis5cs  requirements  extensive   •  Improve  service   (wholesalers  )  logis5cs     survey,  focus  logis5cs  on  genuine  expecta5ons   •  Reduce  inbound  logis5cs  cost   •  Economical  evalua5on  of  an  integrated   •  Opera5ng  cost  improvement  poten5al  within  8%  to   inbound  logis5cs  system   18%  depending  on  op5ons  5
  6. 6. Selected  cases  –  Global  supply  chain   Client   Stakes   Objec/ves     Results   Sourcing  for  Retail   •  Take  control  of  supply  chain  from  China  to   •  SOP’s  designed  and  agreed  with  2  appointed  3PL’s   •  Global  Sourcing  Asia  poten5al   export  to  Carrefour  countries  worldwide   •  Purchase  order  track  and  trace  system  implemented   under-­‐u5lised   •  Implement  control  tower  model  based  on   •  Solu5on  rolled  out  intra  Asia  and  ROW   •  Logis5cs  in  hands  of  suppliers   SOP’s  and  Track  and  trace  systems   •  Increased  volumes  by  50%  over  2  years  :  France  share   •  Increase  internally  sourced  volume     dropped  from  70  to  40%   Sourcing  for  Retail     •  Design  a  mul5  countries  hub  based  system  to   •  Mul5  country  hub  (16,000  Sqm)  implemented  in   •  High  cost  of  inbound  logis5cs   consolidate  freight  in  Asia   Malaysia  (PTP)  to  deconsolidate/reconsolidate  18,000   from  Asia  to  Europe  for   •  Eliminate  merge  in  transit  opera5ons  in   Teu’s  from  6  Asian  countries  into  NL  and  Germany  for   seasonal  products   Europe   direct  container  delivery  into  stores   •  Insufficient  reliability  in  supply   •  Minimize  inbound  logis5cs  costs   •  92%  of  deliveries  within  the  week  of  due  date   Sourcing  for  Retail   •  Reduce  system  inventory  from  120  days  to  less  than   •  Too  high  inventory  of   •  Design  a  «  shared  services  »  supply  chain   70  day  by  implemen5ng  a  a  consolida5ons  solu5on   permanent  range  held  in   organisa5on  servicing  12  european  retail   into  mul5  BU  FCL  and  weekly  increased  shipping   european  warehouses  and   brands     frequency  ex  Chinese  ports.     stores   •  Prove  the  economical  trade  off  obtained  via   •  Iden5fica5on  of  key  opera5ng  processes  between   •  Import  logis5cs  controlled  by   mul5  BU  consolida5on  in  sourcing  area  by   European  BU’s  and  sourcing  office.  Organisa5onal   chinese  supplier   changing  incoterms   alignment  and  preliminary  selec5on  of  3PL’s  to   operate  the  solu5on.      6
  7. 7. Selected  cases  –  Opera/onal  performance   Client   Stakes   Objec/ves     Results   Retail  DC  ops   •  Losses  for  the  3PL  opera5ng   •  New  local  management     •  Restore  sustainable  service  level  to  stores     na5onal  NDC  in  Hungary   •  All  processes  audited  &  improved  through  IT  best  use   •  Restore  Opera5ng  Profit  to  Group   •  High  turnover  in  site   •  Restored  quality  of  service  aoer  3  months       expecta5on   management   •  Restored  sustainable  posi5ve  EBIT  aoer  6  months     •  Rebuild  customer  confidence  in  long  term   •  Service  to  stores  below   •  Renego5ated  tariffs  and  extended  contract  with   ability  to  serve   contractual  KPI’s   client   Retail  DC  ops   •  3PL  not  working  proac5vely   •  Won  the  contract  for  a  3PL  (design,  nego5a5on  &     •  Design  alterna5ve  warehouse  &  distribu5on   enough  towards  customer   implementa5on)   process  enabling  late  cut  off  5me  for  store   service  development   •  Extended  the  ordering  cut  off  5me  by  2  hours   orders   requirements   •  Upscaled  the  rate  of  X-­‐dock  from  45%  to  60%  and   •  Increase  the  rate  of  X-­‐docked  products  at  DC   •  Contract  renewal  situa5on   reduced  pick  faces  at  DC  by  1,500  Sku’s   Logis/que  &   •  Sucessfully  implement  Import   •  Engineer  a  flexible  lease  on  warehousing  site   Distribu/on   warehouse  in  Bucarest   •  Retain  key  talented  staff  in  a  highly   •  Successful  implementa5on  managed  in  3  months     •  Variabilise  opera5ng  costs  in  a   compe55ve  and  turnover  labor  market   •  Extended  range  to  locally  sourced  CPG  products  in     strong  growth  environment  and   •  Deliver  from  day  one  high  service  levels  to   year  2     increasing  requirements  for   sa5sfy  an  aggressive  hypermarkets  opening   •  Controlled  staff  tunover  :    <15%  over  12  months   Roumanie   warehouse  space   programme   Medical  products   •  Opex  reduc5on  in  semi   distribu/on   •  Opex  reduc5on   automated  distribu5on   •  Process  mapping  &  Reengineering   centers     •  On  going   •  Nego5a5ons  with  industrial  rela5on   •  Delivery  round  op5misa5on   counterparts  prior  to  go  live   using  market  leader  sooware   •  Iden5fica5on  and  management  of  economic   •  Insufficient  cost  control  on  3rd   subordina5on  cases   •  Renego5ated  all  300  contracts  at  local  level  and   party  transport   •  Formal  tendering  process  at  local  level   control  processes  and  tools  implemented  centrally   •  High  variability  on  cost  per  mile   implemented  for  central  monitoring   •  Opex  reduced  by  5,5  %   •  Reduc5on  in  opex  budget  7
  8. 8. Our  team  brings  significant  interna/onal  experience  8