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Marcela Kane Lantrip - 15 Years of International Tax Planning and Accounting

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Marcela Kane Lantrip spent the first half of her life in Latin America; an experience she is forever grateful for, and that has helped to inform her decision-making and career over the past 15 years. Marcela Kane Lantrip was born in Peru, though she spent much of her childhood living in Bogota, Columbia. For more than two years, Marcela Kane Lantrip worked as the Regional Tax Manager for Talisman Energy in Texas. Her responsibilities focused on the international tax issues for the firm in Latin America, and it involved extensive interaction with the head office for the consolidation of regional results for reporting purposes.

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Marcela Kane Lantrip - 15 Years of International Tax Planning and Accounting

  1. 1. Marcela Kane Lantrip: 15 Years of international tax planning and accounting Marcela Kane Lantriphas workedinthe fieldof international tax planningandaccountingformore than 15 years.Currentlyaninternational tax professional withHalliburton,Kane hasaccumulatedher experience inthe service of fivedifferentglobalcompanies. MarcelaKane Lantripisvaluedforher considerable global insightandexpertise. Figure 1 Marcela Kane Lantrip
  2. 2. Marcela Kane currently works as a Senior Manager of International Tax for well-known Multinational Corporation. A proven international tax expert and team leader, Kane provides guidance, advice and trainingtoprofessionalsthroughoutthe globe. She has been a tax professional for more than 15 years. Figure 2 Marcela Kane Lantrip
  3. 3. Figure 3 Marcela Kane Lantrip Figure 4 Marcela Kane Lantrip
  4. 4. Figure 5 Marcela Kane Lantrip Marcela Kane Lantrip successas an international tax professional hasbeenaresultof hardwork and dedication.Italsohelpsthatseveral membersof herfamilyare topachieversinvarioussectors.Her grandfather,CarlosVillar-Borda,wasarenownedjournalistandwriterinLatinAmerica.She isthe niece of LuisVillarVillarBorda,a Colombiandiplomatandlawyer,andhercousinisMaurice Alberto"Mo" Rocca, an Americanjournalist,humoristandactor.
  5. 5. Figure 6Marcela Kane Lantrip Figure 7Marcela Kane Lantrip
  6. 6. Figure 8 Marcela Kane Lantrip
  7. 7. Figure 9 Marcela Kane Lantrip Figure 10 Marcela Kane Lantrip Currentlyaninternational tax professional withHalliburton, MarcelaKane Lantripisresponsibleforboth managing and coordinating the tax accounting requirements of entities throughout the world. She provides technical guidance and training on foreign tax accounting issues to teams throughout the globe.
  8. 8. Figure 11 Marcela Kane Lantrip
  9. 9. Figure 12 Marcela Kane Lantrip FollowMarcela Kane Lantrip at belowSocial MediaProfiles: https://www.behance.net/marcelakanelantrip http://dropr.com/marcelakanelantrip http://marcelakane-lantrip.deviantart.com/ https://www.wattpad.com/story/94364493-marcela-kane-lantrip https://angel.co/marcelakanelantrip