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Architecting big data solutions in the cloud

The session covers how to architect big data solutions in Azure. Azure provides different Hadoop clusters types. The session covers the basic understanding of Lambda Architecture and how to build end to end big data solution using Apache Hadoop HDFS, HBase, Hive, Storm and Spark. The session covers how to integrate by building apps using any programming language such as Java, Python, or Scala with HDInsight clusters using various Hadoop integration frameworks and libraries. The session is a jump start for Architects, engineers and DBAs with RDBMS experience who are looking for starting building big data solutions based on Hadoop. The session is a demo driven and will cover the basics of Hadoop open source products.

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Architecting big data solutions in the cloud

  1. 1. Session Objectives And Takeaways
  2. 2. Lambda Architecture http://lambda-architecture.net/ 1.All data entering the system is dispatched to both the batch layer and the speed layer for processing. 2.The batch layer has two functions: (i) managing the master dataset (an immutable, append-only set of raw data), and (ii) to pre-compute the batch views. 3.The serving layer indexes the batch views so that they can be queried in low-latency, ad-hoc way. 4.The speed layer compensates for the high latency of updates to the serving layer and deals with recent data only. 5.Any incoming query can be answered by merging results from batch views and real-time views.
  3. 3. Lambda Architecture
  4. 4. Linux Windows What is HDInsight
  5. 5. C# Java .NET HDInsight clusters on Azure
  6. 6. HDInsight clusters on Azure
  7. 7. What is HBase
  8. 8. Order No Customer Name Customer Phone Company Name Company Address 12012015 Mostafa 101-232-2345 Microsoft Redmond, WA Customer Company Order No Customer Name Customer Phone Company Name Company Address 12012015 Mostafa 101-232-2345 Microsoft Redmond, WA
  9. 9. Create Select Update Select What is HBase
  10. 10. data warehouse system What is Hive
  11. 11. distributed fault-tolerant open-source analytics solutions templates What is Apache Storm
  12. 12. Topologies topology Stream Tuple Spout Bolt streams tuples streams Apache Storm Components
  13. 13. 100x 10x What is Apache Spark
  14. 14. complexities of ingesting and storing all of your data batch streaming interactive analytics Azure Data Lake (ADL)
  15. 15. Azure Data Lake (ADL)
  16. 16. Azure Data Lake Analytics
  17. 17. http://mostafa.rocks