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3 things you should never do with interactive e books

Interactive eBooks can be really impactful if properly created. Read to know what all you should avoid to get best results.

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3 things you should never do with interactive e books

  1. 1. Though digitization excited everyone, the trend of people shifting from printed text to eBooks gained pace only with the arrival of interactive features. Businesses these days rely on the services of professional eBook conversion companies to educate and entertain their audience with interactive eBooks. The way to create interactive eBooks differs a lot from other types of conversions; entirely different approach is needed. This is vital to take complete advantage of its storytelling capabilities. There are many things that you must not do while developing interactive versions. Top three among them are under mentioned. Don’t PDFs in fact was earlier the means to merely transform print content to digital versions. When it comes to web-based content, there were many limitations. Companies have professionals trained to create whitepapers, e-brochures and other types of content with the limitations of PDFs but with interactive options, this discomfort can be escaped. PDFs normally follow a routine structure. It starts with an introduction followed by the list of sections, main texts and designs to conclude with a summary. This may seem
  2. 2. weird for web and you should never stick on to this for interactive eBook creation. Use creativity and think how you can tell the story or concept in maximum interesting manner by optimally utilizing the elements like images, audio, animations and video etc. Don’t Interactive eBooks are not just about the text. It is not what such digital versions are meant for. The very purpose of interactive books itself is to communicate the intended message within the shortest possible words and in most enticing manner through proper incorporation of interactivity features. However the content length can increase if the topic, audience and industry demands so, but again lesser words are better. Most of the companies offering professional conversion services insist on choosing a topic very carefully after properly understanding the interests or challenges of your
  3. 3. audience. If you can frame a creative theme to tell your story and complement it with proper and least words, it would be really helpful. Don’t Like anything else, the real catch lies in the call to action made towards the end. This has to be done in a professional manner without pushing the reader too much. Create a sense of urgency but in a diplomatic manner. Speak about the benefits your products or services can offer to him rather than simply promoting your stuff. Enjoy the creative freedom of interactive eBooks. Always take time for proper market research if you are outsourcing your requirements to a professional digital conversion services provider.