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Lancaster Solar

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Lancaster Solar
Town of Lancaster

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Lancaster Solar

  1. 1. Lancaster SolarLancaster Solar
  2. 2. Presentation OverviewPresentation Overview• Background Information• Why Solar?• Site Selection• Site Details• Ownership model• Management• Next Steps
  3. 3. Background InformationBackground Information• Lancaster – Worcester County; population 7,026• Lancaster becomes a Green Community in 2010- Reduce energy consumption by 20%• Additional Goal: offset 100% non-enterpriseconsumption- 680,000 kWh/year• Many innovative measures already taken toimprove efficiency
  4. 4. Why Solar?Why Solar?• No wind!• Incentives Available for Solar- Net Metering- SRECs• LandAvailable
  5. 5. Site SelectionSite Selection• Feasibility Study- All rooftops- All Municipal land• Rooftops- Not enough load capacity• Landfill was best Municipal Land- 72 acre parcel- Abutters are far- Zoned Appropriately
  6. 6. Site DetailsSite Details• 72 acre parcel• 10 acre cap• Capacity: 0.5 MW- 610,000 kWh/yr (Goal was680,000 kWh/yr)
  7. 7. Ownership ModelOwnership ModelREVENUE: $173,000 /yr (SRECsales at $285)- SRECs paying the bond• Net metering avoided cost isprofit (est. $85,400 /yr)• Taking advantage of lowhanging fruitCOST: $2.5 Million• Received Congressionalearmark of $0.5 Million• Town voted to borrow $2 Million- Bond Cost: $171,000 /yr(Principal and Interest)
  8. 8. • Renewable Energy Enterprise(MGL c.44, SS 53F1/2)• Separate budget & accounting:• SRECs• Net Metering• Isolate debt service from generalfund• Isolate revenue from Townoperating budgetManagementManagementResults: project accountability & simplified success and failure tracking• Town is authoring guidance on allowable enterprise expenses andrevenues
  9. 9. PROCURE• Equipment• Installation Services• PermitsNext StepsNext StepsBUILD• Site Preparation• Panel Install• Interconnection
  10. 10. Questions & DiscussionQuestions & Discussion